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So warm. So soft. So fluffy. 🥞
Chew Sher Mein
Chew Sher Mein

This cute stack ($17) normally comes with a blueberry compote but they didn't have any so I requested a change to their house made vanilla yogurt, which was a bit more watery than I imagined but still really nice and tangy.

Gotta be real, I was really hoping for a fluffy, thick, pillowy pancake but these weren't that at all...? Their thinness aside (I usually have my pancakes super thick and fluffy), they're kind of stiff and dry. The maple syrup helped a little bit. I really liked the house made butter though. So super creamy and elevated the pancakes along with the maple syrup.


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This delicious stack of fluffy pancakes ($15) was cooked from a batter that was made in-house. It is topped with caramelized bananas, walnuts, blueberries and cranberry jam. There's also a strange sprinkling of sprouts for a reason. 😂

Anyway, these are really really soft, fluffy and steaming hot as my knife cut into the three-pancake stack. Which is why I thought they really shouldn't come in a huge pool of syrup because the pancakes soak it all up, which really makes it overly sweet.

They do have the flavors and textures on point though. The banana is soft and creamy, and the walnuts provide a nice earthy crunch. The blueberries give an acidic tang and a pop to the entire dish. Just a tad too sweet for my palate.


How can Sherms see pancakes ($20) on the menu and not order them?

They were still steaming hot when they arrived, and the ice cream kinda mixed with the refreshing blueberry compote and started flowing down the sides of the stack, creating this rich glaze that was heavenly to behold. It was finished off with a drizzle of golden syrup.

The pancakes themselves had a lovely texture, moist and fluffy and a slightly earthy, buckwheat flavor to them. I was certainly surprised, for I didn't expect them to do the pancakes as well as they did. And it's such a generous portion too.


I will literally dream of this pillowy pancake ($18.50) for the nights to come. Like a McGriddle on steroids, it's super thick and fluffy, served freshly baked from the oven with crispy maple-glazed cornflakes, sliced butterscotch banana and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It's got maple syrup by the side too, but the pancake is already glazed with syrup and sufficiently sweet.

The heat melts the ice cream, and the pancake soaks up all that creamy vanilla-flavored goodness like a sponge. The crunchy cornflakes and banana add an additional dimension of flavor to the dish.

The pancake has brown crispy edges yet the center remains super airy, moist and soft. It's so good, every bite was a heavenly delight to my pancake-craving taste buds.


The name is rather misleading as this dish is actually a single, large, supremely fluffy hotcake served in a pan. ($20) There's a mixed berry compote underneath that layer of cornflake crumb, drizzled with passionfruit curd and more fresh berries on top, for a delicious sweet fruity explosion as you put that first bite in your mouth. It comes with a nice big chunk of butter and a thyme-infused maple syrup by the side.

I loved the fluffy, kinda earthy, grainy buckwheat texture however it was too dry for my taste. But nothing that can't be rescued with maple syrup. And that soft, airy crumb along with the beautiful floral-themed presentation is just too delicious for me to be mad at the dryness.


These were so unique! I'm mad about pancakes so this is right up my alley. These were cooked right in front of us on the griddle and there was cheese sprinkled in the middle with a glorious golden drizzle of gula melaka sauce.

There is a nice brown crisp exterior and the center is foamy and fluffy without being too sweet and there isn't an eggy taste at all. The melty cheese gives that salty, slightly savory pop and the gula melaka truly shines with a rich coconutty flavor. It is truly the epitome of fuwa-fuwa. I got to flip my own pancakes and then eat it with tiny spatulas. It's just so cute and fun. ❤️

Not saying it's the best pancake I've eaten, but it was really about the experience. And I really enjoyed myself here.


Yoooo what is this sorcery. It looks so beautiful. I'm so glad I took a solo trip to this beautiful cafe (the natural light, bright colors and hanging plants are such a cheery combination)

Served with a dollop of whipped cream and butter, this was the wobbliest stack of pancakes I have had the privilege of eating, rocking back and forth as they were placed in front of me.

The pancakes were super soft, fluffy and thick. They passed the fork test, easily cutting open and steaming with the press of a fork. They were perfectly sweetened with the dusting of icing sugar and tiny jug of whipped cream.

Even the butter and cream were delicious. The butter was just salty and rich enough to contrast the sweetness of the pancakes, while the whipped cream was smooth and cold, waiting to be sweetened with maple syrup. Perfect with the cup of hot sweet ginger tea ($5.90) I ordered with my pancakes.

Definitely on the pricey side at $17.90. But oh boy it's worth it. Especially on weekday afternoons when the cafe is empty.

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Three jiggly, wobbly souffle pancakes served with creamy mushroom sauce, scrambled eggs and a petite salad. ($16)

The souffle pancakes looked a tad foamy and undercooked but thankfully that was not the case. They had a mild eggy flavor and retained that beautiful fluffy texture. Souffle pancakes don't pair very well with savory foods though unfortunately. Just a clash of flavors that don't seem to go together. And they didn't pass the 'fork test', where the soft pancake can be cut with a fork.

The mushrooms and eggs tasted really good though! The eggs were so creamy and delicious. They definitely would have been better on toast compared to pancakes.


This stack of fluffy cakes ($17.50) were originally supposed to come with a berry compote but it wasn't available that day so it's replaced by maple syrup instead. They also have some candied nuts, poached pear, fresh berries and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

I really, really want to like these because I just love pancakes so much. But while really airy and fluffy with a nice crumb, they were just so dry. I needed the vanilla ice cream to make them a bit more palatable. Even the maple syrup didn't help much. And there were but a few measly blueberries embedded into the cake.

The toppings were nice though! The candied nuts were really good haha. And the poached pear was soft and juicy and full of fruity flavor. I was just slightly disappointed by the overall dryness of these beautiful brown cakes.


Look at this beauty. Okay slightly expensive at $24, I was expecting at least 2 hotcakes for that price.

But we got a thick, fluffy, perfectly browned pancake drizzled with cardamom-infused maple syrup with mixed berries. The pancake is made with Hokkaido milk and ricotta cheese and the rich dairy flavors managed to shine through. It's topped with vanilla bean ice cream and some kind of fruit crisp like a hat. They really put a ton of effort into the presentation, which is appreciated. 👍

Taste-wise, I really liked the airy texture (like a McDonald's hotcake on steroids) and the ice cream melted slightly, making a delicious temperature contrast between the warm pancake and the cold ice cream. The ice cream was of really good quality too; I could actually taste the vanilla bean flavor. The attention to detail is apparent. :)



Ahhhh, such beautiful, gorgeous, fluffy clouds. ($12.80) Served with a drizzle of caramel and extra maple syrup on the side, with a sprinkle of nuts, whipped cream and peaches. These are pretty comparable to the amazing ones I had in Japan.

They have the most fabulous airy texture and the perfect jiggle; they cut perfectly with a fork and are not too sweet. The whipped cream and caramel provide most of the sweetness. The peaches are obviously canned peaches but they go really well with the maple syrup. I really enjoyed this dessert and can't wait to try other flavors! :)


$12.90 for what is literally just a big pile of heaven. So good. 🥞

Four warm, impossibly fluffy pancakes were stacked in a jiggly pile, drizzled with caramel and topped with apple, sliced almonds, whipped cream, ice cream and a few shakes of cinnamon. The pancakes were just barely cooked and oozy in the center, with a gorgeous airy texture. They weren't too eggy or sweet. Just perfect. Cutting the entire pile in half and watching the steam and the smell escape...heaven on a plate indeed.

The caramel drizzle had hardened on the top of the pancake due to the ice cream, and was crunchy and sweet, providing lovely textural contrast. The apple slices were kind of miserable though.

This was literally the best pancakes I've eaten so far in Singapore. Goodness gracious me. Can't wait to come back and try the rest of their delicious-looking menu.


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I lift 💪🏻 I eat 🍩 I science 🤓

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