Featuring The Assembly Ground (Cineleisure), WANTON Seng's Noodle Bar, Tamoya Udon (Plaza Singapura), Shake Farm (Robinson), Wursthans Switzerland (PLQ), Chong Qing Grilled Fish 重庆烤鱼 - Singapore, The Assembly
Daphne Cheong
Daphne Cheong

First time trying this dish, it was a recommended dish on the pasta section.

Wasn’t as good as the other pasta options even though it was recommended. The linguine has japanese sauce on it and it was pretty thick so mid way it felt quite gelak to finish it

Ordered 3 pizzas - mushroom truffle, seafood and margarita.

Must order: mushroom truffle

Ordered 2 pastas - prawn linguine, truffle carbonara

Not to order: truffle carbonara
Worth trying: prawn linguine

Pretty good place to chill :)

Note: this picture is taken at the end of the meal. (Long and detailed review!!)

Paid $25.70 each after burpple discount for two pax. Do note that on top of the cost per pax, there’s $10++ per soup base and it doesn’t include drinks.

Firstly, the queue was long in-spite of the coronavirus so you would think it’s worth waiting and all that.

Next, burrple deals only eligible for seabass which is alright.

Soup - black bean and mala. Very oily, spicy (mala) and SALTY.

Quality of food - because it was salty, we had to order drinks (ploy alert!!) and even good dishes like beef and prawns felt meh because the soup was salty

Quantity of food - very filling! We couldn’t finish

Service - pot was burning our food and the staff didn’t regularly come and check to see if more soup is required but to be fair, they seem short of staff

I would recommend you to go just ONCE to give it a try because I was really excited about wanting to try the raved fish dish but now that I have, I don’t think I’ll come back.

Till the next review as I drown myself with water to get rid of the salt that will puff my cheeks tomorrow~

Triple egg udon was real good!! Not the most fantastic tempura unfortunately but really can’t get over the udon cause it’s delicious!! $15.60 for two people is a truly great deal :)


Soooo goood 😍
A little milky but defo with a try, even better deal with burpple deal 💪🏼

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The menu described it to be a lot better than it tasted. The radish are hidden underneath the eggs but it was too mushy than the normal radish cake which made eating it a little gelak after a while. We had the roast pork and the Sichuan dumplings as well. The roast pork is a must have, too busy eating that no picture was taken 🙈

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Chose the veal sausage, baby spinach and egg pasta. Sausage was average, egg pasta was quite weird... just tasted like small pieces of flour to me. Not sure if this is what its supposed to be like. Tried the rosti as well (not photographed) - I think that was the best out of all the dishes.

Average meal overall. Honestly fee like I can ownself make... Only worth it due burpple beyond.

Restaurant is quite small too so can get crowded/noisy.

Just here to save some money lol

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