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This is twice the cost of a Ya Kun Set A (and without coffee!) but the kaya jam is really something unique that is worth trying at least once. It’s very coconutty and you can taste the lumps of kaya curd which is great fun for me. The Hokkaido bread was all right and soft-boiled eggs were nice, but nothing out of the ordinary. The kaya is really the star of the show here. Too bad they don’t sell the kaya as a standalone item!

This platter was very hearty and certainly filling, though no standouts for me save for the creamy scrambled eggs and vine tomatoes!

Service was excellent, though. I appreciated that the waitress made casual small talk with us when checking into SafeEntry etc. – these light touches go a long way!

For some reason, they only served this to us after having the sandwich sitting on the counter under a heat lamp for 4-5 min? I didn’t ask why, though I probably should have.

In any event, the sandwich was delicious even when lukewarm. The thick pork meat, fat and well-seasoned crispy skin came together to create a lovely bite. The sauerkraut added the perfect acidity to counter all the pork, and honestly that’s all I needed from the sandwich. I thought the ciabatta was boring but my friend really liked it. All things considered, I would definitely order this again, but perhaps to share. Otherwise, all the fatty meat might be too indulgent!

This humongous platter consisted of 2x ricotta hotcakes, scrambled eggs, 3-4 strips of bacon, 3 chicken (I think) sausages, scrambled eggs and a whole lot of tater tots. The first couple of bites are impressive, especially the crispy-yet-fluffy-inside tater tots, but after a while the law of diminishing marginal returns kicks in and it felt too greasy to finish. I was also not a fan of the ricotta hotcakes but it is a personal preference as I don’t like soufflé pancakes in general. We finished it, though. But it will probably be my last time ordering this – it taught me the important lesson of portion control and I will stick to their sandwiches next time!

The marmite flavour was quite mild, and the slab of chicken thigh seemed to have more batter/fat than meat. However, the waffles were very tasty and blended with the savoury dish well.


I loved the combination of honey and paprika -- it was a good complement to the thick, juicy and expertly-fried chicken wings!

The reviews are accurate -- angel hair pasta is delightfully al dente, with strong truffle mushroom cream infused in the sauce. The poached egg was done perfectly, exposing a runny yolk upon my gentle cut into it. Sausage was thicc and well-grilled, and probably the only underwhelming aspect of the dish was the bacon which I felt didn't add much value. Overall, a very decent dish of pasta in a quaint neighbourhood café.

Service was excellent as well. Do make a reservation if you intend to come during peak hours as indoor seating is quite limited. We came on a rainy afternoon so it wasn't too crowded, but the café quickly filled up as the rain subsided.

The brekkie burger is fantastic!! The sesame bun was sweet and fluffy, and the scrambled eggs + meat combination was sooo indulgent and completely satisfying for a weekend brunch. However, it comes on its own, with no side salad or fries so it is a rather pricey burger, even more so if you pimp it up with their hollandaise hash browns (+$4) as we did.


This café was PACKED on a Saturday late morning, and they do not take reservations so do expect to wait a while if you're not lucky enough to catch a seat. Anyway, service is very fast and our food arrived within 5 min or ordering even though the cashier informed me there may be a waiting time of 15-20min.

On to the food, the truffled scrambled eggs were unfortunately overcooked and not as runny as I would have liked it. The truffle scent was too strong for my liking as well. The mushrooms and sautéed spinach was forgettable and the rye sourdough was too dense and was weighed down by everything else on the plate. I really wanted to like this but sadly it didn't impress.

This was an overall pleasant dish. The onsen egg added a richness to the sauce, which the angel hair pasta mopped up very well. However, one gripe would be that it is a bit too watery and not as cheesy as I would have liked. Nevertheless, a satisfying bowl of pasta for a normal weekday lunch.

The salad included your standard mix of salad greens, couscous, walnuts and a passionfruit dressing. I expected the dressing to be served separately but unfortunately without requesting it, it came all mixed together. I felt the passionfruit dressing overpowered everything else in the salad bowl. However, the chicken breast was cooked and seasoned perfectly with rosemary. I would order this again, but with dressing on the side.

I really liked the tom yam cream sauce that accompanied the salmon, so it was a pity that there was very little of the sauce. That aside, I thoroughly enjoyed the combination of salmon, mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts and red chillies. It sounds really strange at first glance but it works!!

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