Good For Groups

Good For Groups

Featuring Wimbly Lu (Jalan Riang), Platform 1094, Lou Yau (Junction 8), Two Bakers (Serangoon), Tuk Tuk Cha (NEX), Tamago-EN (Velocity), Moments', Old Street Bak Kut Teh (NEX), London Fat Duck (PLQ Mall), PS.Cafe (Great World)
Khng Choon Yen Wendy
Khng Choon Yen Wendy

This is part of their lunch time cheaper range. I ordered the mapo pork chop bowl. The rice is a huge portion. The combo of lean pork chop, boiled kailan, tofu over a bed of hot rice with a dash of black pepper sauce is actually pretty healthy. It has all the food group and isn't oily. But I think the pork chop rather tough. Can't be help if it's their cheaper range. The restaurant is huge and you can eat in a nice ambience peacefully. Ah if only the pork chop is more tender.

This mains comes with a side of salad too. I think it's ok. The beef is of good quality and juicy. The fries are probably the normal frozen supermarket type. Ah it would have been much better if the fries are homemade or cajun style. The burger would have been so much better if there is a killer sauce or cheese oozing out. This cost 24plus so I expected more.

For a theme restaurant I am really surprised that the cakes are pretty good. The blackout is a must other and this red velvet with cheese frosting didn't disappoint too. Cake is moist and pairs well with the cheesy frosting. It's pretty filling and best to be shared.

The cake is chocolatey and really moist. I highly recommend plus its pretty affordable at 7plus. The butter scotch ale is surprisingly refreshing. It not exactly butter, more like a cream soda. But it's pretty refreshing.

This chocolate dessert is made with dark chocolate and not too sweet. The taste is good and would be so much better if they can add more texture such as some cake or something crunchy inside. But it's probably because I love textured chocolate desserts. It would be totally yummy to those who love pure chocolate mousse.

I forgot the full name but this cheese cake part is quite nice. The biscuit part is ok and abit hard. The staff were also very attentive and made sure we were comfortable and have everything even though we were seated outside the restaurant

We ordered the Earl Grey raspberry chocolate cake. The frosting is creamy and chocolatey enough if you prefer milk chocolate frosting. The cake itself is dense and moist for the most parts with some dry parts at the corners. I don't really taste the strong hints of Earl Grey. The other reviews are right, the coffee is ok ok lah. The kinako latte is also average. But this cafe has a pretty nice ambience to just sit and chill. I did read on Google that some of them have experienced bad service. I am happy to say they are pretty nice and friendly today and took the time to introduce their donuts and cakes. Quite a pleasant experience.

I am happy to discover that coffee bean is now 24hrs over here. Let's review this drink. I like the strawberry whip cream. I like whip creams in general. I the green tea latte part is milky and cold. Its not too bad. I would prefer it to be more bitter but I see what they are going for. It's like a melted ice cream concept abit like junk food. People who like sweet drinks and milk shakes will like it. Probably not those who prefer the more adult taste. Sorry I know I sound so biased 😜 but it's kinda like comparing coffee bean drinks vs starbuck. It's kinda apples and oranges becasue it's like different market groups.

Great if you love ginger. Please don't get if you really dislike ginger because the taste of ginger is really obvious. I don't like ginger it's not for me at all. Even the ice cream cannot mask the ginger.

This cake is rich and moist. I love it but pls share because its really big and rich. It definitely cannot be eaten along.

The eggs and sauce is creamy and nice. The chicken meat is average. Pricing is quite ok for a mall restaurant.

The parts that have then truffle bits are quite tasty. The grilled char siew is nice. The only draw back is that the parts which only contain oil is abit tasteless and the dish can also get quite heavy if you are someone who prefers light foods.

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