"Ricotta cheese? I can get that in supermarkets for like 4 bucks," the auntie in me called out. But she was quickly smothered in a gratuitous daubing of truffle honey and thick cheese.

Not only does this pure ambrosia perform a perfect marriage of sweet and creamy, it also has playful morsels of salt that tickled my tastebuds when I least expected it.

Trust me when I say it's worth it to get a second helping of that deliciously grilled bread to scrape up every last drop of the cheese (+$6).

The slivers of pork was so dry and rubbery, it feels like it was cooked yesterday and warmed up in a microwave. The accompanying sauce tasted like oily dishwater, and the "roasted vegetables" were a meagre sprig of 3 cherry tomatoes?? Utterly pathetic. $5 of sao rou at a coffeeshop would have gotten you a bigger and fresher plate of meat.

The pasta was ridiculously tasteless. There was nary a trace of chilli crab sauce except for a hint of sweetness that tasted like someone squirted a packet of ketchup into some noodles. Wait no, scratch that. I wouldn't even insult ketchup that way. Just take a look at the photo to see how dry the noodles are. Giving 3 points because at least the soft shell crab was reasonably crispy (but not fresh).

1 for 1 with burpple beyond!

This platter came with a sausage, pork chop, and half a grilled chicken. The sides included a small piece of potato gratin (hiding under the meat) and very salty sautéed vegetables. I thought the sausage and chicken was nothing special but the pork chop was especially bad. The thick chunk of meat didn't have any hint of fat so it ended up being extremely dense and TOUGH.

Oh well. I still prefer their student meal and tea time set!

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Oh boy. Look at that gorgeous colour. The inside of the steak looks was so inviting that I didn't dip it into that bearnaise--at first. The tender texture and charred outside flavour was divine

The pasta was a bit too firm and the sauce was a bit too watery. Also, although the sauce was adequately flavourful, there wasn't enough of it so the pasta was rather tasteless as a result.

Yes I've been here before and raved about the beef cheeks bourguignon, but I was so impressed that I brought my family back to try more of their offerings!

In the same note as the highly impressive beef cheek bourguignon I've previously reviewed, this lamb shank could also be eaten with a spoon but was a little less tender. The meat was also paired with incredibly fresh veggies including cherry tomatoes that popped sweetly in your mouth. The only issue was that the sauce was made with pomegranate molasses but did not taste very sweet to me.

Overall ®️: 9/10 I love their casual yet delicious high quality food and my entire family agreed as well. Simply superb.

Despite being quite thin slices of jowl, the pork was so juicy and marbled -- it almost melted in my mouth with each bite. It was also topped with unique caramelised apple and drizzled with apple cider jus.

This wasn't actually very memorable but was definitely warm and comforting. The side of champagne vanilla ice cream tasted a bit strange to my tastebuds.

This dense treat included a small ramekin of caramel that tasted surprisingly burnt on its own. However, after pouring it all over the rum and raisin ice cream and persimmon pudding, it gave everything a scorched flavour that brought everything together so well!

This was my first time trying beef tartare, but it was fusion and had onions, soy sauce, sesame oil and other asian flavours my tastebuds couldn't discern. I have to say, it's AMAZING! I loved every nibble of it and the pungent asian flavours really helped balance the raw beef. I just wish there was more raw beef flavour.

This cauliflower was torched with gruyere cheese on top. It really gave it a nice smokey flavour that wasn't too bitter -- completely on point. Sadly, it was a tad dry inside and the cheese was a bit one-dimensional and insufficient.

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