This dish almost converted me to vegetarianism. Each sweet leaf of red endive paired exquisitely with the Tete de Moine cheese, cut to form the shape of a flower.

On top of all that, the dish was really elevated by bursts of sweetness from the grapes and caramelised pine nuts.

Upon ordering this, the waiter warned us that this was actually made of innards, not bread. Not to worry, H said. I had a nibble and was shocked to find that I could overlook my mental aversion to eating organs. That said, H said it wasn't very memorable and smokey for something that was grilled.

The marbling of this chacuterie was good but the star of the show was actually the moist sourdough bread. You could actually taste a tinge of sourness from the crispy and soft bread. Definitely recommend ordering another serving of bread.

Thought brotzeit would be able to deliver with their German classics but these fell flat. Some of the pork knuckle was crispy but most was chewy and stale, while the rosti was thick and under-done. I ended up only scraping the very top of the rosti, which was barely even crispy.

Not sure if this tasted better because the pork knuckle was fresher or just because it came in a bigger chunk than the rosti. Although there was a pile of piquant sauerkraut in the burger, it still turned out pretty dry.

Wouldn't really come back if not for the burpple deal tbh. The beers were quite pricey compared to other watering holes with happy hours too.

[Invited tasting] Stepping into @hardrockcafesingapore should have been a warm embrace with yesteryear -- but the government regulations on music in restaurants put a dampener on that. Nonetheless, the rock and roll memorabilia plastered around their cozy floorspace is sure to send any old soul into a sentimental mood. There's a reason why this good ol' cafe is a household name, and why this particular outlet has lasted for many years!

I was looking forward to tasting their hearty slices of pink steak in my fajitas but the steak ended up rather chewy. That aside, the refreshing toppings in the fajitas kind of made up for the shortcomings in the meat. I mean, there isn't much that a daubing of cheese and sour cream can't solve!

Thanks Hard Rock Cafe for the invite and Burrple for the eat-up!

Although this dish gets you a FULL RACK of ribs, it might seem a little pricey. However they score very high in terms of both quantity and quality. Each glorious piece of fall-off-the-bone meat was so tender you could slice them apart with a spoon. On top of that, the portion was so enormous, the ribs fell straight into the "American" portion of the spectrum.

Not only was the meat tender — each rib was well-seasoned in a heavy-handed serving of barbecue sauce, which pretty much perfected the delectable ribs. If you're a fan of ribs and/or meat, whether to order this should be a no-brainer. You won't be disappointed.

Thanks Hard Rock Cafe for the invite and Burrple for the eat-up!

Regrettably, I didn’t try this during my exchange in the Netherlands. I’m not sure if this version is authentic but I didn’t really like it. Yes it came with a weighty amount of beef within, but the meat was all so battered and one-dimensional that it tasted like a croquette of mushy baby food. You can try this for the novelty – some reviewers said they liked it, but I it was quite average for me


This carbonara comprised a generous serving of cream and bacon, and some spinach to freshen things up between mouthfuls of heavy cream. After a generous peppering of salt, this carbonara was a great way to satisfy my craving of thick creamy carbonara that day.

Really loved the alfresco ambience here as well at the Hollandse club!

The batter was quite thick so it's not as fluffy as I hoped. At least the squid was easy enough to bite through though the whole dish came across as being a bit stale.

Wanted to relive the feel of munching on crispy little nutella-covered dutch pancakes while walking through Albert Cuypmarkt but was a little disappointed with these. The pancakes were too soft and a bit cakey inside.

Came to Hooters to uh... 吃鸡 (cough) and was quite pleased with the fried chicken actually!

These buffalo wings were supposed to be medium spiciness but weren't actually very spicy. Heard their spicier sauces actually give you a kick so you could actually get a spicer sauce if you wanted.

They were really tender and juicy with a crispy but well marinated exterior! I had them with the blue cheese sauce ($1.90) and it really added to the experience. Would actually come back here again for the chicken 😉

1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond

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