Food journal

Food journal

Featuring Tanuki Raw (Orchard Central), The Coffee Academics (Scotts Square), Matchaya (The Cathay), Hvala (CHIJMES), Umi Nami, Maccha House (Orchard Central), Toss & Turn (ION Orchard), Acai Beach Club (Plaza Singapura), Haakon Superfoods & Juice (Holland Village), Dosirak (313@Somerset)
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Honestly, this was a super good deal, really quite a steal! 😍 Got it at just $8.60 after using Burpple's 1-for-1!

Was quite happy to see a big slab of salmon fillet well seared! Also, the mango salsa was yummy. Mashed potato was also good! Overall, a good meal.

P.s. it's not a bad study/chill spot either! The high chair & high table provided quite a good scenic sight! 🀩

This bowl was about $7.90 for their small bowl choice!

Didn't like that the Acai was missing that frozen texture when served, it melted really quick, and when it got served to me, it was already liquid-y 😟.

This was quite yumza (~ $11.90), and we had Burpple 1-1 😚😚.

It's a good way to satisfy my craving for something sweet since an Acai bowl really swings toward the sweet endddd 🀭.

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It was not bad (~ $9.50).

Quite yummers, and tbh vvv fillingπŸ˜‹!!! Enjoyed the bread, Cedele truly serves yummy, fresh bread 🍞! Makes me so happy because I'm a bread-lover 🀭.

Boo Boo, paid about $16.00, but I really didn't enjoy this bowl of Salmon Don πŸ˜”. There were only about 5-6 slices of Salmon slapped onto a bowl of plain white rice (was expecting sushi rice, or at least flavoured rice). But both the Salmon and rice were lacking in flavour ☹️.

This Don was (~ $8.00). I'd say they could afford a lot more generosity with the meat. Wasn't the most satisfying kind of Teriyaki Don I was looking for πŸ₯Ί

Apologies that this isn't a very flattering photo of their Salmon Kaisen Don (~ $16.90). But taste wise, loved it!

This Don falls under their "Rice So Nice" section. And I gotta say, I loved their Tanuki Raw's Signature Mixed Rice, it was fantastic! So uniquely flavoured. I like that they put so much thought and effort into the rice so that it went beyond just the consumption of white rice/sushi rice.

Loved the huge portions of Salmon, and the variety that these Salmon slices were cooked (Salmon Sashimi, Aburi Salmon Belly, Cubed Spicy Salmon, Mentaiko Seared Salmon Sashimi) topped with Ikura🀭🀩.

Also, was glad to be seated outside! It gets really pretty during dinner time, great ambience πŸ‘πŸ»βœ¨.

Had their Iced Matcha Latte (~ $6.00). T'was quite yummers! Liked that they allowed me to order the unsweetened version.

If I were to compare Matchaya to Hvala, I'd have to say that Matchaya is a place more suitable if you wanted to stay on and get work done! But Hvala is definitely more conducive for a chill hangout w your pals πŸ˜‹.

Ichiban Boshi's definitely inching toward the pricier end. Nonetheless, love their food quality!

Guess the difference between their Teriyaki Chicken Don and Chicken Teriyaki Ala Carte is in the tomatoes and veggies that's absent from the Don choice. Guess another thing good about Ala Carte is that you get to add on any set that you'd prefer to (think there's options like udon, chawanmushi, sashimi, just to name a few).

Added on their Agadeshi Tofu too😚.

This place, is a hidden gem! Priced at $12 nett (do note that this is even before Burpple's 1-1 deal). Super yummy salmon placed on the top of super well-seasoned Sushi Rice!

Added on their Tamagoyaki (cold) - 6 slices for $3 nett.

They're generous with their portions, and that's what makes their food such a steal! πŸ₯³

Super worth 🀭 (originally ~ $10.90, but Burpple offers 1-1). Despite the add-ons (Truffle Scrambled Eggs @ $1.50, Braised Mushroom @ $1.50), I only paid $7.65!

Chicken Teriyaki Rice Bowl consisted of Edamame/Cucumber salad, Pickled Daikon and well-marinated Chicken Teriyaki (it wasn't too salty for my liking). Rice bowl was served with Miso soup too!

All in all, enjoyed the ambience of the place too! Located opposite the fire station that's beautifully lit in the night, coupled with the cool breeze, it was nice getting a table outside!

P.S. my photo doesn't do the food any justice! I love Coffee Academics 😚. Their food is so good, and the ambience too!

I got the Sauteed Mushrooms on Toast (originally ~$19.30, but Burpple offers 1-1). I added Smoked Salmon (~ $5.40). T'was worth it! T'was a super filling meal for me. The Sourdough Toast was on point 🀀.

The only thing that I'd request for the next time I head down, would be for lesser salt sprinkled over my Sauteed Mushrooms! 🀭

It's quite a popular Brunch/Lunch place for many, so be sure to make a reservation before you head down πŸ₯³. Don't fret if you've redeemed all the Burpple deals for this place at their Scotts Square outlet, be sure to check out their second outlet at Raffles City!

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