💸: $5

💬: Deviated away from my usual order of dry ban mian because my friend said the tom yum soup is better but 🤡🤡

Still a bloody good bowl of noodles, but just - dry for life, dry for wife


💬: My brother said the chicken was 'too soft'???? How is that a valid complain lol next-

Nothing THAT special, but we love it because of how comforting and satisfied it leaves us

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💸: $3.50

💬: Bring back the OG DAIM cake pls!!!!!! Not a fan of peanut and/or caramel so I was very on the fence about this, but I mean almond cake - can't complain much

💸: $10.50

💬: Only started eating it together with the jam recently and I gotta say, that combi is LIFE CHANGING

💸: $6.50

💬: Never had a thing for their pastas so I skipped that and went straight for the veggie balls but 😳😳 the beans-y taste was too strong for me, PASS!

💸: $-

💬: Don't like most sweet & savoury food combis but this one I will make an exception for....
The sweet sauce goes super well with the curry and the fish is super well-fried and thick - what's not to love!


💸: $-

💬: Finally found another outlet of my favourite spinach soup 🤤🤤🤤
Ordered what I usually get at Bukit Merah - salted egg & century egg spinach soup with koka noodles - still as good as I remembered it to be

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💵: $8.10

🤔: First time at Chesters but I gotta say, it definitely did live up to my expectations! Got the chicken chop and it was slathered in an aromatic mushroom sauce which was saltier than I'd like, but still really bloody good!

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💸: $8

💬: There was a diesel smell to it which was kind of a turn off 🥴🥴, the egg was yummy despite being on the oilier side, and came with quite a bit of prawns

💸: $8

💬: Got 1 frog to share between 2 and though it was hardly enough, just sauce and porridge would've sufficed for me

💸: $7

💬: Not spicy enough but woah they really just spam the garlic LOL but ok no complaints i even brought some home and my brother had it for supper and said it was good

💵: $3.30

🤔: New favourite item there...
Why is this only my first time trying it??
Kinda like a roti prata but denser and chewier, woah mad love

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doing this so u won't have to waste ur calories on bad food

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