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Feature :
💕Lamb shank biryani $28.
The lamb was very tender and not gamey, the biryani was quite tasty and fragant.
💕garlic naan $5.20
💕butter chicken $18.
💕palak paneer $16
💕tandoori mixed grill $35
💕mango lassi $7.20

For place an order can visit https://zaffronkitchen.oddle.me.
$5 islandwide delivery fee with min spend of $50

They also have Father’s Day Set Menu for 4 pax will be launched on 15 June 2021, at $120++.


with Homemade Flourless Gluten-Free Cone
Flavors: Almond Brittle Fudge, Salted Chocolate Chip

Pictured bottom left.
Unfortunately, I could not adequately appreciate this pasta dish. It was difficult to make out the flavour of the sauce albeit looking rich and thick. It tasted rather flat - a thick consistency of tomato, and it did not even taste tangy. Meant to be garlicky, I was given a little box of garlic bits at the side. But even after mixing it, it did not complement the dish nor seem to elevate its flavour. The garlic flavour (which I believe I would have appreciated) was undermined by the overwhelming basic tomato flavour. I must applaud the generosity of fresh prawns - 6! As well as the pasta in general. They weren’t skimpy with the homemade linguine, which I appreciated. However, it might be the case of takeaway food, the linguine was a tad too thick to my liking, and may have been exacerbated by unavoidable sogginess in the takeaway box. While I am glad I tried it, I would be going for other options on their menu next time.

Pictured Top left.
Takeaway food calls for even more horrible food photography skills🤣 but the taste of this bolognese makes up for it. I adored the handmade tagliatelle for its texture, albeit being on the thicker side. The overall flavour of the sauce was balanced - tangy yet savoury with generous chunks of pork and beef. The thickness and consistency of the sauce still allowed the pasta to maintain its slurpy goodness. While on the pricier side, I am still surprised that an Italian restaurant would give such a generous portion for their pastas.

Loved the room and its characteristic designs. The staff were super prompt, helpful and friendly too. Not to mention, all the food was served to our room in tip top condition even though we cannot dine-in at their restaurants during this period of heightened measures. Thoroughly enjoyed my stay and will definitely be back!

It's decent but nothing to shout about - the crumble wase nice and crunchy, apples were soft but not soggy, was pretty cinnamony & sugary. Had this because it was part of the restaurant week set menu, but it's not something I would order ala carte.

Have tried this multiple times (but it's been a while since my last visit) and I'm glad that it's still good! They use catfish in this. The fish was soft and flaky, encased in thin layer of batter which had a crunch. The chips were hot and crisp. It's good and reliable fish and chips, this is something that we get almost every time we visit.

Found this okay only, I think we are just not fans of barramundi. But it was cooked well, pretty moist and the skin was mostly crisp. We liked the accompanying sides - the mash, coleslaw, zucchini and broccoli were good! Also, the sauce was very delicious, it's quite well-balanced. Would have loved for more of that sauce!

This was cooked well, the tail end was crisp & smoky, and the thicker parts weren't tough. We've had better octopus elsewhere though,

Pretty nice flavour profile, there's a nice balance of savoury & sweet. Prawns were succulent! We mopped up the sauce with the bread because the sauce was delicious :)

I really adore their 𝐁𝐚𝐜𝐨𝐧 𝐂𝐡𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐧𝐮𝐭 “𝐋𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐞” as it’s such a cute and creative concept! It’s a warm and hearty bacon chestnut soup served in a latte cup instead of the usual soup bowl.

Upon taking a mouthful of the warm soup, smooth and savory bacon flavor fills my mouth, followed by the creamy and robust chestnut flavor. Super shiok to dip the crisp toast into the warm and creamy soup!

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