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Order this lunch set for $34.9. It comes with soup and drink. The ribs is good.

Nice prata and sausage $9.90 for a set ! yummy! 😍Do try and grab yours! nice deal and super crispy texture

Chose the raspberry flavour, not overly sweet

The chocolate come was affordable at an add on of $1.20. The hardened chocolate was thick and the cone remained crispy. V satisfying.

The seafood aglio oglio ($21.90+) is probably my favourite of all their pastas! I didn’t find this as flavourful as that in other outlets, but the seafood is fresh and succulent. Love the generous hand of chilli and garlic!

The pasta with mushrooms in cream sauce ($20.90+) is nothing to shout about. While of a good consistency, we found the sauce a little lacking in flavour - perhaps from the lack of meat components? Sprinkled a good portion of cheese on to boost its flavour! Fusilli was al dente and and there was a variety of mushrooms. Probably wouldn’t return for this specifically or pay full price - we scored this with Shopback’s 1 for 1!

The Truffle Carbonara didn’t fail to disappoint in terms of flavour and portion size 🍝 The Carbonara cream sauce was tasty and not ‘jelak’. Portion size was slightly bigger than a normal Carbonara dish outside so that made it worth every cent spent! Good for sharing with other sides 👍🏻

Hands down one of the best Matcha Latte’s I’ve ever tried - and I have tried a lot. Just the right amount of sugar to matcha to milk ratio. Just give it a little stir and you’re good to go! The matcha latte is smooth and silky 🍵

Wildseed’s Truffle Curly fried was tasty and served as a generous portion. It was paired with a truffle mayo of some sorts. A bit too fried and oily for my liking.

Was very disappointed with this as the beef was very tough and lacked flavour. The pastry shell above was not flakey nor warm just there for show. The cafe also knew their lack of seasoning skills as we had to reach out for the salt and among other condiments displayed by the water refill. This shows how common it is for diner to have to ask for extra flavour.

Brunch things at @wildseedsg ! Over-ordered as usual 🤪, but here’s what we tried:
🥯 Bagel Eggs Benny w/ Smoked Salmon ($14++)
🥯 Truffle Carbonara ($18++)
🥯 Wagyu & Pork Ragout Linguine ($19++) .
🥯 Loaded Mac and Cheese
☕️ Iced Café Mocha ($7.50++) .
☕️ Iced Matcha Latté ($7.50++)
☕️ Strawberry Smoothie ($8++)
☕️ Mango Smoothie ($8++) .
Overall, really enjoyed our meal there and needless to say, we were damn stuffed 🤧 Will definitely be back for more chill brunch dates!

Pasteis de Bachalau ($13.50++) is basically Portuguese salt cod fritters. Salt cold is mixed with potatoes and fried in batter. I love Bachalau and haven’t had it since my holiday in Portugal. This dish certainly brought back wonderful memories.

Eurasian cuisine is one of the most under the radar cuisines in Singapore. But their food has always intrigued me as I’ve heard many things of how spicy Devil’s curry is. Quentin’s is one of the very few establishments in Singapore to serve Eurasian cuisine.

It was an obvious choice for me to try the Curry Debal, commonly known as Devil’s curry ($20.80++). Traditionally eaten on Boxing Day, it’s a dish that’s cooked with leftovers from Christmas. The curry includes mustard seeds, chilli padi and vinegar. Quentin’s version can be served with either chicken or oxtail, bacon bones, cocktail sausages, potatoes, cabbage and cucumber.

It may not seem to spicy at first bite but you’ll only feel spice effect several mouthfuls later. So err with caution. As my spice tolerance is rather high, I would request for the dish to be made spicier the next time to see if this version truly lives up to its name.