Featuring Ninethirty by Awfully Chocolate (East Coast), Genki Sushi (Orchard Central), Morganfield's (Suntec City), Din Tai Fung (Paragon), Arnold's Fried Chicken (City Plaza), Ginza Lion (Suntec City), Brewerkz (Singapore Indoor Stadium), 4Fingers Crispy Chicken (orchardgateway), % Arabica ([email protected]), Ajisen Ramen (Junction 8)
Ayumi Murakami
Ayumi Murakami

Had their Truffled Scallop Pasta ($25) which came with scallops aburi, caviar-tobiko medley, and sakura shrimp. All I can say is wow. It was sooo good and the smell of the truffle just hits you the minute the dish is served. The flavours all just go so well together and I’m so glad I chose that as my main!! Do note that it’s a cold pasta dish! I also had their Margherita Pizza ($22) which was on the sweeter side, but still good nevertheless and came with thick crust. The portion was pretty huge as well! I also had their Chocolate Lava Cake ($14) for dessert and it came with Passionfruit Sorbet which really balanced out the sweetness of the chocolate cake. I expected Vanilla ice-cream but the Passionfruit one was so much better and refreshing!!

HAD to try this place as a barista and see what all the hype was about... and I’m glad it lived up to all the expectations I had!! The milk was super thick and creamyyyy, paired with the nuttiness of their espresso shots👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 I go back to this coffee place everytime I find myself at 313 because its just that good. Only downside is probably their high pricepoints,$8 for a small cup of iced latte? :(

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I didn’t enjoy this. The chicken was dry + the sauce didn’t go well with it, somehow felt like 2 separate components of a meal 😞 The corn salad that came at the side was good though, but that’s all

Tried R&B Tea for the first time as my friend works there! I got the Peachy Crystal with Golden Pearl in Medium while my friend got the Mighty Luffy in Large. I must say I was super impressed with this as the pearls were soooo chewy and good. And the right amount of sweetness. Also their large is..... SOOOO HUGE i was mindblown. 100% worth the $$

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Tried this once and I don’t think I would go back again. I just feel like there are other ramen places that are affordable and have better quality ramen? Anyways I got the Original Tonkotsu Ajisen Ramen ($10) and their Original Gyoza ($3.90). Ramen was average, mediocre. Gyoza was quite dry as well. Only saving grace is probably their cheap prices 🥴

4Fingers has a special place in my heart!! I work at Plaza Singapura and I will buy 4Fingers during my break hehe. The chicken is soooo well marinated (I get the soy) while being a perfect kind of crispy. Their fries are to die for as well. (Personal preference? I like thin cut fries☺️) Can easily say that this is one of my favourite chicken places in SG👍🏻😋🤤

Shared this with a group of friends! My go-to at Krispy Kreme has always been their Original Glazed. Can never go wrong with it😍👍🏻

Finally tried Arnold’s after seeing many of my friends rave and swear by it. And I finally understand why!! The chicken was so juicy and tender, and the skin was the perfect kind of crispy without being overly oily. I didn’t expect much from their buns but I reallllly enjoyed it!! It was very soft and savoury, I think it was fried? Gives me mantou vibes and I looove my mantous😋 Thick-cut fries are not my thing but I enjoyed it as well! Oh and the portion of the coleslaw....😍😍 I’m not sure if thats their usual size or I upgraded it, but it was super refreshing and goes well with the fried chicken👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Loveeee love love Din Tai Fung’s Pork Cho Fried Rice! $13.80 is pretty pricy for just fried rice but it is soooo fragrant with the right amount of wok-hei, and comes with crispy and tender pork chop slices!!!! Definitely a must get when I’m dining in at Din Tai Fung😍👍🏻

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Tried other dishes from this bar, and it was pretty ok! I got the Margherita Flatbread Pizza ($20), Caesar Salad ($19), Harry’s Spiced Fries ($13) and their Signature Wings (half dozen for $17). Everything was pretty average although I would say that everything on the menu was abit on the pricier side. Good for a night out with a group of friends!

First time trying out this place and it was pretty good! I got the Prawn & Seaweed Aglio Olio ($26) which came with pretty big and succulent prawns😍 They added Furikake on top of the entire meal which gave it a more fusion-ish vibe? Wasn’t a fan of that and felt like it could have been spicier. The pasta was quite dry as well. Would consider trying other dishes!!

We got the Hei Ice Cream (single scoop for $4.90), the Chocolate Praline Cake ($9.90/slice) and the Super Stacked Chocolate Cake ($7.90/slice). SO GOOD. The ice-cream was perfectly creamy + very GAO, and the cakes were super moist and denseeee🤤 Apart from desserts, they also serve super good brunch foods as well! I would recommend their Mac & Cheese ($18). The portion is quite small but its soooo good. It comes with al-dente rigatoni and super thiccccc bacon omg. Their truffles fries ($13) are not bad as well, and it comes with truffle mayo by the side! But seriously come here for the Mac & Cheese, I can never get enough😭


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