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Iris Lim
Iris Lim

🚀 @tonkatsuenbitonsg ‘s Hokkaido Shirakaba Pork is available now starting from $22++ per set with free flow rice, salad and soup!

The pork source is from the cooler part of Hokkaido that feeds on Shirabaka (white birch), which is said to have stress-relieving properties 😳 don’t we all need some 🫣

distinctive difference between Enbition and other tonkatsu places is the attention to their sides! added arugula into the usual shredded cabbage and swap out basic miso with premium tonjiru soup with hint of medicinal touch ✨

Highly recommend their Rosu Katsu, Salmon Katsu & Ebi Fry Combo Set ($25) comes with deep-fried Hokkaido pork loin, ebi, salmon katsu ‼️ which is super duper filling 😂

They have new plant based menu using Truffle plant-based tonkatsu ‼️ which i will love to try next time! also shoutout to their:
KATSU SANDO SET starting from $11 and 1 for 1 Highballs👍

Value for money with high quality ingredients and attention to details and consistency 💗


✨First Plate Reveal of my New Home 🏠💗✨ took away @tonkatsuenbitonsg newest Supersized katsu cutlet (100g each) , with chicken ($6.90 nett) and pork ($7.90 nett) options, and is available in 5 different flavours – Mentaiko Mayo, Ichimi Togarashi, Nori, Furikake Mayo and Cheese 💯

paired them with some fresh japanese cucumbers and you are set for a late-night snack or after work dinner ✨ fast, affordable and convieniently available at all their outlets ✨

✨Limited Specials at @sushirosingapore and $1.90++ tuna and salmon sushi at their newest outlet at @tasteorchard ‼️

must get their mount kaisen ($6.90++) which is a mini sushi version of a kaisendon ✨ quite filling for the price and generous assorted seafood on top👍

Ongoing special at their new outlet👀‼️
April 24-30: Toro Tuna at $1.90++
May 1-7: Toro Salmon at $1.90++

Get their ongoing seasonal promo for month of April (Mount, Heap, Stack!) & upcoming May (Uni, Maguro Festival)! Must get their toro tower ($3.90++) which comes with minced tuna and albacore tuna 🍣 so is their Shiba Shrimp Mountain Wrap ($2.30++) which is an exclusive item✨

so much to choose from🤪 but don’t forget dessert which omg i absolutely love their sorbet ✨ tried their grape 🍇 before and now they having apple 🍎 so so so refreshing and satisfying to end off a meal 😋

go check out their new outlet now at the same time grab some mochi downstairs 😉

For dessert, sticking to the theme, they are tempura-ed as well💗 the strawberry mochi is 💯 and for sweet potato lovers - say yes to it being paired with houjicha - fried and roasted taste 👅

The Makino Cold Tofu ($5.90) is even better than my last visit💯‼️ highly recommended - the unami broth is so addictive with the soft tofu 😍 needed one plate for myself 🫢

Tokubetsu Tendon ($14.90) is the signature classic to get where you get the best of everything from squid, chicken to prawn fried light and crispy with japan imported flour 🇯🇵💯

Tontendon Tendon ($17.50) for meat lovers - quality sliced hokkaido pork collar battered and fluffy okinawa fried onsen egg is a delightful bowl to look at 😛✨ huge portion as well!

Got their signature Grand Tonkatsu ($17.50) which comes with full-bodied pork broth yet still clear (not too rich) comes with thick succulent toroniku (braised pork cheek), cha shu (braised pork belly in cha shu sauce) and buta kakuni (braised pork belly in special sauce) 💯 and of cos ajitama egg 🤤

Portions are quite filling!👍 Can check out their lunch sets and specials as well for better deal

packed with soft silken tofu, generous amount of fresh prawns and chopped vegetables ✨ blended into thick rich mapo tofu sauce ✨ not too spicy for regulars but even to make you breathe smoke 💨 The ramen noodles are thicker than their usual.

💡: literally next to the golf pitch ⛳️ you can play golf while munching on your izakaya sticks😂 chill place to avoid the crowds!✨
📍: 60 Punggol E, #02-01, Singapore 828825
💰: ~ $20

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food💯 doesn’t lose out to popular izakayas in the cbd!👍 They use specially formulated in-house “tare” teriyaki sauce charcoal-grilled over Japanese binchotan which you can try through their curated platters eg Buta platter 🐷 ($15.50) my favorite is the enoki and crunchy asparagus pork-wrapped ✨

The smoked duck soba ($15) is served cold and refreshing for the weather ✨ topped up some sides like tempura kani 🦀 which is soft and crisp at the same time! eat it whole 👍 top it off with Fresh kirin beer 🍺😉

truly a perfect spot to chill and relax away from the hustle and bustle while watching ppl fire some balls off into the horizon 🙂☀️


💡: get reservation no. through their app first to speed up your queuing time!

💰 : ~$20-30 

⭐️ : 5/5 ( Sushiro > Genki

Food —— OMG the sashimi platter is super worth! from $9.90 to $5.80 promo price - got sweet shrimp and scallop! premium items! it’s like $1 each 😍😍😍 The Whisky soda is 👍 got the kick! Triple aburi shrimp for $2.90. Everything is just so affordable with the promos for your sashimi and sushi satisfaction ❤️
Service —— Fast and efficient!!!!

Iris Lim

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Foodies unite!~ ^^ @nomninjas (check my page on Instagram too:) )

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