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Wilson Foo
Wilson Foo

New cafe in Newest serving coffee and gelato but I came for their Philly Cheese Steak Burger. It is served up on a long sourdough bun that is grilled. The sliced beef is fried with capsicum and onions, seasoned with ground black pepper and cheese. With every bite, the combination of beef, cheese and capsicum together with bread was so comforting. You want to chew quickly, swallow and get into the next bite!

The best Philly Cheese Steak sandwich I ever had was in Philadelphia, near the Liberty Bell Center. It’s a food truck at the corner of South 6th Street and Chestnut. This one came damn close to beating it. My only regret is I ordered the Regular Sandwich instead of the Double.

Definitely coming back for more. Maybe as soon as tomorrow.

They have the most complete list of comfort food like Chee Cheong Fun, Curry Chicken, Fish Ball noodles, etc. But their Pork Trotters Bee Hoon is by far the best. And you can add on stuff like otah, fish cake, luncheon meet, even though it already comes with eggs, Chye Sim and load of canned pork trotters.


In a far flung corner in Changi, this cafe has a little of everything. All day breakfast, pizzas, Asian food like Hokkien Mee and Nasi Lemak, great coffee and nice cocktails. There is a nice collection of antiquated items like sewing machines, old telephones. Very Instagramable.

The food is surprisingly good although a little pricey ($25 for Hokkien Mee). But I’ll be back to try other items in their menu.

After more than a year of not being able to fly, chilling at a cool bicycle themed cafe next to Seletar Airport with views of private planes taking off was more than nostalgic therapy for me. The Ondeh Ondeh Cake and Layered Rainbow Cake was passable. Coffee was okay.

I’ll come back to try their hot dishes on of these days.

I am not sure what all the hype on My Awesome Cafe is about. The decor of the place comes across as a cross between a Chinese wishing tree and a temple. We choose to have drinks only and ordered their Awesome Bulb. Interesting concept of using a cup made to look like a light bulb (you get to keep the bulb). The drink tastes like coconut with pieces of water chestnut and wolf berry seeds. As strange as how the place looks.

Not sure if I’ll come back to taste the food.

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This cafe located in Paya Lebar limits customers to 90 mins. The second level of the cafe is no longer accessible due to “safe distancing” measures. The food was so so and yet more pricy than most cafes. If you are there for good food, don’t. If you are there to take in the decor and post on Instagram, you will not be disappointed.

Won’t be back any time soon.

Strictly for Instagram foodies and that’s if you request for special seating in their “bird cage” area. The dim sum is only so so.

Don’t think I will come back anytime soon.

Interesting cafe that has walls decorated with silver painted paper plates, cups, styrofoam lunch boxes and plates, etc. Ordered their Tomyam Spaghetti. Not outstanding in anyway. The pasta tasted like the garden variety from Sheng Siong. Coffee was 3 in 1 type.

Will not be returning to this place.

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Nice with a cup of coffee. Those who do not like sweet stuff should skip.

Certainly one of the most Instagramable cafes n Singapore and one that comes with great food. Ordered their All Day Brunch, Balsamic and Cheese Ravioli, Savoury Pancakes plus some hot coffee. Just for more fun we ordered Mermaid’s Tears but we really should for breakfast. It was a squeal to see the Butterfly Pea drink turn from Blue to Purple.

Will be back for lunch and then for dinner as there are still so many items in their expansive menu to explore. And artisanal drinks.

Aglio-olio pasta with fresh prawns and bacon, peppered with deep fried dried shrimps. Heavenly!

Understated French Bistro. I personally think their Eggs Benedict is the best in Singapore. The duck confit was mediocre. Croque Monsieur good.

I’ll be back.

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