Featuring Omoté, Ramen Nagi (Suntec City), Kogane Yama (Jem), Waa Cow! (Marina One), Gochi-So Shokudo (Westgate), Ippudo (The Star Vista), Tsukiji Unagi Daioh, Ippudo Ramen Express, Donburi Ya (NEWest), Sakuraya Fish Market @ West Coast Plaza
Wilson Foo
Wilson Foo

This is another new Japanese Restaurant at Newest. The place is fast becoming like the old Hong Leong Gardens where a lot of Japanese restaurant and Izakayas were located.

They do not have a lot of different menus to offer. For now, there are just 6 different bentos to choose from but owner says the idea is to offer bentos for lunch and run as Izakaya in the evenings.

Ordered their Grilled Saba Fish set. This is the largest piece of mackerel fish I have ever been served for a $12 set. The fish tasted fresh and smacks of fish oil. And because of the size, the skin is gelatinous and chewy. Nice.

But everything else is a fail. The menu supposedly has 6 bentos, but Unagi Bento was not on the menu. For set meals, one would expect a chawanmushi or at least a bowl of miso soup. None was coming. And they can only serve two bentos at a time, so if there is three of you or more, two persons get to eat first and two will have to wait. And Ocha is not free nor refillable. Or at least when I finished my lukewarm ocha, there was no offer for refill.

The owner is a Japanese who helms the kitchen. One man show. They need to get their act together and decide what they really want to do and review their menu. And their plating. And their kitchen help.

Not coming back anytime soon….which is a shame cause I do like their Saba fish.

You can build you own Ramen here with choice of thin or thick noodles, hardness or softened, how salty, how spicy, add black fungus or Cha Siew or braised pork, spring onions or cabbage. Then choose add on extra egg, meat, or even more noodles. Kind of like Ippudo but more choices.

We didn’t manage to get their black garlic ramen. Sold out. At 12.15pm. The Butao Ramen was so so. Can also pass on the gyoza and karaage chicken.

But judging from the queue, I’ll be back to try the black garlic ramen.

New bento restaurant in Newest. Their one for one bentos are really value for money. I ordered the Unagi-don (Double). For $19.90, the amount of unagi you get is really value for money. Taste wise it’s much better than the frozen unagi you get on sushi and unagi bentos. The unagi is really plump and the chewy skin gives it different texture with every bite. The rice as a little too soggy though.

Lots of Japanese restaurant opening in Newest including a new Izakaya. It’s really returning to the good old days of Hong Leong Gardens.


This one’s located in JCube Don Don Donki as part of their Japanese shokuji or food court. I ordered the Premium Mabushi Bento at $16.10. Well worth the hefty price for a simple lunch because you get large pieces of fresh unagi freshly grilled and a bowl of miso soup. One bite of the unagi transporter me back to Aichi Prefecture near Toyota head quarters where I had the best unagi bento in my life. Straightaway you can tell this is fresh unagi, not the pre-grilled and frozen stuff common in local Japanese restaurants and fast food stalls. The eel is very fat and the meat is tender. The skin of the eel is left on the cuts and it provides a different texture.

Very good. Must go back soon, if only to eat and reminisce about the visits to Japan during this global pandemic that makes travel prohibitive.

Manned by a Japanese and a local, the two man team in this brand new ramen shop in Newest serves up ramen and bentos. I ordered the Yakiniku Beef Bento while my daughter ordered the Ajitama Egg Tonkatsu Ramen. The beef in my bento tasted sour. Hmmm…. But the ramen was good . Broth had ump! in it. Amd the ramen still al dente by the time we ate.

This one I’ll come back just for Ramen.

This new stall located in Eng Kee Kopitiam in West Coast sells Japanese Ramen and Don. I ordered their Teriyaki Chicken Don. At $6.80, it is really value for money because you get a large piece of teriyaki chicken cut into 5 strips,an onsen egg and a bowl of miso soup. The chicken was very crispy but meat a little on the dry side. Overall it’s okay.

I’ll bring the kids with me next time. They love Japanese bentos

Not as good as Waa! Cow! But maybe because it is missing Foie Gras and the egg is onsen egg and not sous vide? But price wise this is value for money. You get 5-6 pieces of thick cut wagyu, nicely grilled giving the meat a smokiness fragrance and yet tender enough.

I’ll be back to try their sashimi bowls. I heard they had a negitoro bowl promotion before....

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Unpretentious Japanese restaurant with down to eart prices for good quality Iberico pork. Ordered the special promotion Pluma Pork Chop for 21.90++. The meat was grilled over Binchotan coals to give it a smokiness not possible from electric grills. The meat was juicy and flavourful, almost like a pork version of hanger steak without the chewiness.

I’ll be back to try their Dons and Tonkatsu.

Arrived at 6.15pm and already the queue was 7 tables ahead of our group. Waited for 25 mins before a table was ready. Next time I’ll just reserve a table but I notice you must still just wait in a separate queue.

Ordered Sashimi, Beef Bowl, Kurobuta Bowl, Grilled Unagi and Tempura Moriawase. Everything was presented well and fresh tasting. But more pricey than Sakuraya or any of those common sushi joints.

I’ll be back to try their Chirashi Bowls next time.

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Came to try the ramen at this new place located at Newest. Ended up ordering their Yaki Shintama Don. This is a donburi with grilled piece of flank steak and onsen egg. Flank steak is more flavourful but if you over cook it, it can become very chewy. Nakama managed to get the doneness correct. And so when you mix the onsen egg with rice and the sprinkling of pickles, coupled with a generously portioned piece of flavour flank steak. You’ve got a winner.

But this means I must come back again to try their Ramen. The Aka Miso Katsuoboshi Ramen with variable spicy levels looks interesting....

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Today’s thin slices of wagyu beef came with a little charring which give it a smoky taste. Not bad. The Foie Gras was an add in item and you can make it into a set that comes with a drink and salmon sashimi as appetiser. At $38, not exactly cheap but well worth the money.

I’ll be back. Again.

Somehow, the Akamaru Ramen at this outlet is not as good. I order the “Hard” noodles because I enjoy al dente noodles. My ramen was at best between Soft and Medium. Maybe that’s why this is no queue at this outlet.

I’ll skip this outlet in future.

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