Nice place to chill and drink

Nice place to chill and drink

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Li Ying
Li Ying

Been so long since i dined out!! their truffles carbonara tasted superb, pasta was creamy, the truffles taste was strong and the bacon was a little salty. Their triple cheese was worth the try, the sauce and cheese was well balanced.

Honestly quite a hidden gem i would say? there was only us when we came, and they close after we went? idky but do support them as its a cosy place to dine in and food is g000d!

Mentaiko Pasta was delish!!! I love how they used angel pasta and topped with a poach Egg. Would definitely come back and eat it😍 Ultimate Mac and cheese was good as well, not too gelat and with generous piece of salmon and juicy prawns.

I rly liked the vibe of the cafe too, they matched their coffee cups to their cat themed which is so cute haha.

Really really love the atmosphere here!! I love how they infuse ktv, gameroom and pool table in their cafe. The carbonara was not too bad with ample amount of bacon. Mac and Cheese took abit long to come and it was quite mehh and the portion was abit little considering the price. Salmon teriyaki was cooked till perfection and paired with the truffles oil mash potato!!Great!! However, the veggie at the side wasn't that fantastic, corn wasn't sweet nor crunchy , maybe they can use brocolli instead?

Nonetheless, it was still a great experience and I will definitely come back again!! 😊


One of the best Pork Ribs I have tried!! Everything about it is good, its marinated well, meat is tender and comes off the bone easily. Even the sweet potato fries and salad is damn g00d. As for the spicy crabmeat cappelini, its not bad, taste is light and there's a decent amount of crabmeat. Tried the Taisho brew white coffee as well, its quite gaoo and taste premium☕

Would definitely come again!!!

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Salmon Croissant was decent, I liked how crispy one part of the croissant is and salmon didn't taste fishy. Fling pasta is a definite go-to! The sauce is light and goes well with the pasta. It might get abit gelat if you were to eat alone though, so its good to share.

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Nice interior with a cozy setting! The braised beef cheeks was rly tender and together with the mash potatos and gravy its rly yummy. What surprised me was the steak as it is not only affordable and also taste nice. Ordered medium rare and it was not tough to chew on and there's abit of charred taste.

Went there around lunch timing and just nice it had a lunch promo going on so we ordered mains with it! I really really liked the carbonara, the cream is flavourful and makes me want to have second serving haha. The fish was ok only, slightly dry but the seasoning on the fries is good.

For the pizza, i think the truffles pizza really stands out. Truffles is quite strong and the crust is crispy. Pepporoni pizza was quite nice as well as there was a thick layer of cheese and sauce. Only downside is there's jalapenos on it :(

Good experience, pizza was served fast but mains took very long to come.

went on a saturday night and there was alot of people but we still managed to get a seat!! I really like the concept as it is open spaced and the staff there are very generous with their portions. Weekend was only $22.90 for 2 pax and u get to fill yourself up as much as you want. All the food was nice but some of them like the tofu and meatball was quite fishy? I think they left it out for too long.. But overall it was really an affordable and right atmosphere to have bbq buffet there!!

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Used the 1-1 burpple deal for the main and i must say both dishes were great. The portion for saikoro steak was pretty small for its price without discount but overall the sauce was very flavourful and the steak is not too tough. For a Mentaiko lover, i approve the taste of the pasta as the fish roe tasted fresh and the Mentaiko is the taste i always tasted.

And we got to enjoy 1-1 beer as it happened to be their happy hour i think. We got the grape and yuzu hite beer and it tasted light as compared to tiger beer. The fruit taste is just a light punch to the beer but it was still a nice drink.


Just a kiddo who likes to eat

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