The glutinous rice had a thick consistency and was not overly sweet. The rice grains were firmer than usual, which would suit those who prefer to have more texture in their glutinous rice. It was fragrant and enjoyable, but we were hoping it would be served hotter as it was only lukewarm.

Unfortunately, the coconut ice cream was underwhelming as you could barely detect any coconut flavour. However, this would still be a decent choice for diners who are not a fan of their signature durian desserts.

The durian mousse caught me by surprise, as it was more like a durian ice blend than the typical mousse consistency one might expect - however, it was very refreshing in the afternoon heat. Highly recommended to top up the additional $1 for the double shot of durian flesh, which was rich and creamy with a bittersweet flavour characteristic of quality durian. I may have gotten a sore throat afterwards, but no regrets.

I read that this was voted the best carrot cake in Singapore and after trying it myself, I could see why. This was such a moist slice of cake and was generously spiced. The cake itself was not too sweet, and it went really well with the rich and tangy cream cheese frosting. The fragrant shredded coconut on top was a nice addition, providing more sweetness and adding another contrasting texture to the cake.


The panna cotta was nice and smooth, albeit firmer than other panna cottas I’ve had. It had a light vanilla fragrance too. The red wine berry soup was sweet, and had some unsuspecting savoury notes as well. It was flavourful and complemented the light panna cotta.

However, the price is rather steep for this small portion so I would recommend you focus on the mains on your trip here instead.

Pretty decent soufflé that was light and airy with a slight crisp crust. Flavour-wise, it was not anything spectacular as I felt the chocolate flavour could have been more pronounced. The accompanying pistachio gelato though, was delightful creamy and full of nutty flavour. Bits of chopped pistachio nuts added some contrast in texture in the gelato too.

Had it previously at Atlas Coffeehouse and this was equally good. Served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzled with salted caramel sauce. The buttermilk waffle was light and crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside.

Looking at the burnt cheesecake with it’s molten centre, one might expect the dish to be warm, so it was a pleasant surprise that the cake was actually served cold.

This cheesecake was so good. Each bite starts off with a delightful mouthful of sweetness, and towards the end you can detect a hint of saltiness from the addition of blue cheese. The blue cheese was not overwhelming, just sufficient enough for you to pick up on its saltiness and slight pungent flavour. It also prevented the rich filling from being too cloyingly sweet. The burnt top had just a little bit of bitterness if you were to taste it on its own, but it was not detectable when combined with the rest of the cheesecake.

Texture-wise, the centre of the cheesecake was almost liquid, but it took on a more creamy texture towards the outside of the slice. The crust itself was crumbly and mildly sweet, making for a good accompaniment to the flavourful cheesecake.

Definitely worth a try if you haven’t, and definitely worth a return trip back if you have.

It was hard for me not to pick my favourite double blackout chocolate cake for dessert, but I decided to try something new and the sticky date pudding did not disappoint. The dish is indulgent in its own way, but gentler on the throat as compared to their very rich chocolate cake. The pudding itself was moist and spongey with pieces of dates, and the texture reminded me of Chinese steamed cakes. The flavour was subtly spiced and with a hint of sweetness. The pudding paired well with the toffee sauce, which was a nice balance of sweetness and bitterness. And well, any dessert served warm goes great with vanilla ice cream. Definitely a dish I would order again.

The staff were really sweet too and added a piece of chocolate to commemorate Valentine’s day.

An apt name for the dish, this dessert was full of citrus flavour. From the konatsu (a Japanese citrus fruit) aerated cheesecake and chiffon cake, to the scoop of yuzu sorbet, to the white miso yuzu sauce, the dessert was tangy and with a good balance of sweet and sour flavours. The addition of Bergamot cheese to the dish added a hint of saltiness which made the dish even more refreshing. Overall a good choice of dessert for people looking for something lighter on the palette but without compromising on taste.


This dish comprised several strong flavours. The aerated frozen chocolate and salted caramel sauce it was covered in were sweet, while the Kochi yuzu sorbet was tart and refreshing. The accompanying chocolate soil was gritty and bitter. These components came together really well for a bite that was full of chocolate flavour but not overly decadent.

I wish I could identify what the remaining components of the dessert are, but to be honest, I don’t know. I just know that everything is really good.

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The mochi donut arrived to our table freshly-fried, evident from the already melting soft-serve. Inside this crispy donut was a thick slab of mochi that made each bite of the donut extremely soft and chewy. It was glazed in a sticky salted caramel sauce. In the centre of the donut (hidden under the soft serve and butter waffle biscuit) were bits of what they called “almond crunch”, which were crumbles that tasted strongly of peanut butter and were more savoury than sweet. The cookie butter soft serve itself was not outstanding as it tasted more like a generic vanilla soft serve than cookie butter, although its creamy texture went great with the hot mochi donut.

Consisting of 4 layers of moist chocolate cake and chocolate ganache, the cake was sweet but not overwhelmingly so. True to its name, the cake was served warm and definitely fudgey - although I personally feel that the cake could use just a little bit more of that delicious chocolate ganache.

My heart still belongs to PS Cafe’s Double Blackout Chocolate Cake, but this is a solid alternative that is worth a try.

Couple of gal pals eating our way through Singapore

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