Slice Hoijicha Burnt Cheesecake ($8)
You could choose to have it slightly reheated or to have it chilled, and I picked the former. This was really soft and gooey after being heated up, altho it might be a little too soft for some - but I didn't really mind! Hoijicha flavour was evident, but as a Hoijicha fan, I'd defo love for it to be even stronger!

Overall Rating: 8.5/10
(really worth with Burpple, and I'd totally head back for their Tiramisu/ other Icecream flavours!)

[Celine's Gelato Cart]
$10 for Icecream Waffles & 1 drink?!

@Burpple 1-1 Icecream Waffles Set ($20)
Extremely worth it because for $20, you get 2 Icecream waffles and 2 drinks, so we literally had 1 full icecream waffle to ourselves each 🤭.

Waffles w/ Pistachio Icecream ($9.50)
People had been raving about the Pistachio Icecream - and this was really pretty strong, nutty and really smooth. I personally prefer icecream that's slightly more sticky and "chewy", but this rendition is pretty good and those who love icecream that's really smooth would love this. The waffles were crispy on the outside, and came with a nice buttermilk flavour.

Waffles w/ Black Sesame Icecream ($8.50)
Black sesame icecream had this strong raw black sesame seed flavour, which may or may not be for everyone.

☕ Cafe Crème Brûleé ($15)
Dark espresso gelato, caramelised vanilla custard, coffee jelly, plain strusels, served with double shot of Paramount.

For coffee lovers, you got to try this for yourself. It's full-on coffee, with a nice crispy caramelised layer. Although the coffee overpowered the vanilla custard, it was still a fragrant and good coffee dessert I just couldn't stop helping myself to more 🤭.

Located a few minutes walk from Botanic Gardens MRT, Asia's first standalone affogato concept, @theaffogatobar really impressed me with their new series "Affogato Round the World".

🍵Banira Uji-cha ($14)
Madagascan vanilla bean gelato, Matcha cake, azuki red beans, matcha streusels, served with @craftteafox Uji Matcha.

The cup of Matcha was definitely potent - extremely rich, thick and bitter, meant to pair perfectly with the other sweeter components. Really loved how everything came together so well, with the streusels adding good texture and sweetness from the icecream and red bean to balance the Matcha's bitterness, and helping to add flavour at the same time. Only qualm is I'd have loved the Matcha Cake to be a tad less dry!

Yam Sago (Small - $4.50)
This was surprisingly quite thick, with a strong taro flavour! Not really similar to orhnee, but it's not too bad and something interesting to try! Only qualm is it's slightly too sweet for my liking!

Sesame Cream Tang Yuan ($4.50)
As a fan of tangyuan, I definitely couldn't give theirs a miss, so I picked a mix of Black sesame and Peanut, which came with 2 of each flavour. Personally would enjoy a thicker consistency and stronger black sesame flavour, but that's also because I'm a huge black ssm fan 🤭.

[NEW] Coconut Bowl (Regular - $5.30)
Picked their Pudding as base, and it was pretty flavourful! The coconut milk that was given made it really fragrant too, albeit overall a little too sweet. The white coconut jelly came with a good bite tho, which I really liked!

Signature Bowl (Regular - $5.30)
Chose their Grass Jelly as base, and this came with a generous amount of ingredients, including Sweet Potato & Yam Cubes, Boba, Red Beans, and QQ Balls. The creamer added a good flavour too, so overall was pretty enjoyable! is probably a hidden gem because their Fudgey Mochi Waffle was soooo good I'd love to head back again, and especially because the icecream is 1-1 on @burpple which makes it even more worth it!

Seasonal Waffle w/ 4 Scoops of Icecream
Fudgey Mochi Waffle - what you find inside is mochi and molten dark chocolate and fudgey goodness I wouldn't mind having 1 waffle to myself. Definitely can't expect the fluffy texture, these are softer because of the molten Choc but I'm really not complaining here.

56% Dark Choco
No regrets getting this because it pairs so well with the choc waffle?? It's literally chocolate on chocolate I loved it!

Banana Honey Roasted Nuts
This was pretty good! Quite strong in the banana flavour, albeit being a little too sweet.

I recall this being quite strong, except that my focus shifted on the waffles instead to properly savour this, altho this is usually supposed to be my favourite Icecream flavour 🤭.

Tie Guan Yin
You gotta try this alone first, because it easily gets overpowered by all the other stronger flavours here.

We spent a total of $19.50 which is seriously pretty worth it for the quality, and for a total of 4 good scoops?! Do also head there soon if you want to try these flavours because they tend to change up their seasonal Icecream & Waffles flavours!

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Affogato ($7)
If you're up for some Icecream with your espresso shot, they have this option for you as well!

For Icecream Waffles lover, here's a hidden neighborhood Icecream place to check out, 10 minutes walk from Aljunied MRT!

Classic Waffle ($5) with Triple Scoop
• Single Scoop ($4.20), Double Scoop ($7.80)
• Flavours we tried: Salted Caramel, Hoijicha, Teochew Orh Nee.
Salted Caramel was our favourite of the 3, with it having a good amount of saltiness and slight sweet caramel flavour. Hoijicha was evident, and Teochew Orh Nee had frozen Gingko nuts within which were pretty hard and bitter, so we much prefer to have it without! The flavour was also similar to "artificial" yam flavour, which will be up to personal preference to try!

Personally q liked the Waffles here, as they are pretty fragrant on its own, and although not the airy kind, it's still slightly crispy and chewy, which I enjoyed!

Eat Well, Travel Often.

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