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Recently rebranded from Just Because Creamery, @thebetterscoop just opened at Serangoon near NEX, with the famed niangao waffles and interesting ice-cream flavours.

Was pretty disappointed to find out that Nian Gao Waffles and their Orh Nee Ice-cream were Out of Stock when we reached, but we tried their normal ice-cream waffles anyway.

We got their Waffles ($6) with triple scoop ($12.50) - Bailey's Dark Choc Chip, Black Sesame Soy Milk and Honey Chamomile Blue Pea.

If you are a fan of Alcohol/ Bailey's, you'd love their ice-cream, because the alc flavour is pretty strong. Black sesame was decent, although I'd prefer an even stronger black sesame flavour. Honey Chamomile was pretty interesting - although not to my palette, but those who love Chamomile/ a floral tea flavour in their ice-cream would really like this.

Overall was not bad, but tbh felt there's nothing much worth raving about (?). Could just be that the icecream flavours weren't exactly to my palette, but it's a decent dessert place if you are nearby the area.

Overall Rating: 7/10

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Jaffa Chocolate ($6+)
Chocolate Cupcake, with Orange Frosting, Citrus Marmalade, topped with Dark Chocolate Buttons. Fans of Orange Chocolate would love this - it's slightly tangy from the citrus marmalade and orange flavour, although the flavour combination may not be for everyone 😆.

Japanese Sencha Cupcake ($6+)
This was sadly really mild in the Sencha (Green Tea) flavour, I could barely taste it. But it was still a decent "normal" cupcake if you'd ask me.

The Marmalade Pantry launched new cupcakes and I have to say, I loved that all their cupcakes were really soft and moist despite leaving them in the fridge overnight and consuming the next day.

Ondeh Ondeh Cupcake ($6+)
This was the best out of the 3 cupcakes I've tried! Other than being soft and moist, it was very strong in the pandan and coconut flavour! There's a mini chocolate ball inside which explodes extremely sweet Gula Melaka from within. Pretty good rendition of Ondeh Ondeh Cupcake, I loved it!

Orh Nee Cake ($7.90)
As a huge fan of Orh Nee, this piqued my interest, and although it's not as moist as the Ondeh Ondeh Cake because of the thicker sponge layers, the orh nee paste itself was quite to my liking. It depends on if you prefer smooth taro paste or those that are chunkier with taro chunks within - because if you are the latter, then yes you'd like the taro paste here.

Ondeh Ondeh Cake ($7.90)
Was told that the Lady Boss baked the cakes herself, and I was pretty impressed by the variety she offers! Quite enjoyed this cake, which was pretty fragrant in terms of flavour, from the coconut that's embedded within the cake layers, and also the coconut shavings on the outer layers of the cake.

Toasted Banana Bread ($15++)
The first thing that hit me was oof sour. The citrus and house-made yoghurt was really tangy, and although I'm not too sure if I like this flavour addition, it did help to provide some balance with the sweet banana bread and the really sweet sticky date pudding we had before. The banana bread was moist though, and there's macadamia nuts topping for added flavour. Was actually surprised the caramalised banana wasn't sweet at all tho.

Overall Rating: 7/10

Sticky Date Pudding ($10++)
Started with this and it was really sweet, although most Sticky Date Puddings I've had are pretty sweet. Personally enjoy the pairing of warm choc cakes with icecream, so this was pretty much a decent pairing for me. The vanilla icecream was quite smooth but nothing much to shout about, literally what you'll expect from Vanilla Icecream. Would prefer for the dessert to be "stickier" though.

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Opera Crumble Cake
If I were to use 2 words to describe this cake, it'd be "Tiramisu Cake". Basically sponge cake spiked with Kahlua (Coffee Liquour), layered with espresso-infused cream cheese, and dark chocolate ganache. It's also topped with chopped almonds and mocha crumble.

Love that there's so many layers to the cake, and you wouldn't get bored considering there's so many flavours in this cake.

[PS Cafe]
Chocolate Nut Doorstop
This is literally a crazy rich Chocolate cake worth getting a sorethroat for. Let's start with the top - malted milk chocolate balls (aka maltesers) on top of rich chocolate mousse that's actually slightly lighter to help balance the textures, but it's in no way light in flavour. Followed by an extremely hard layer of nuts that's almost impossible to cut through, but when you finally do, it's pretty worth it. The nuts (pecans, walnuts, almonds) are doused with some caramel sauce, and I loved how the flavours come together. Finally, you have the sponge cake layer that's pretty much supporting all the goodness above it. Definitely an indulgent treat I wouldn't mind having once - but don't forget to drink up because this choc cake is not just here to play.

Overall Rating: 8/10

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[115 Tang Shui]
Been hearing good reviews about this place, and finally visited them at Chinatown Complex.

The peanut paste was really fragrant, and makes you go for more with every spoonful. The sesame however was more muted in flavour - felt slightly more watery and it wasn't as nutty or strong as I'd have liked it to be.

Still a pretty good dessert, and I'd love to try their walnut paste next.

Gluten free Valrhona 70% brownie ($4.50)
This was extremely fudgey and gooey, and definitely not cakey. Would say that it gets jelak very quickly because of the rich chocolate, so would be best to share it with someone.

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