Middle Eastern Food

Middle Eastern Food

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Gerard Lim
Gerard Lim

Top left: fried feta @ $8
Top right: roasted vegetable quinoa salad @ $17
Middle left: eggplant (special menu of the day, can't recall how much)
Middle right: Mediterranean pizza @ $27
Bottom left: spanokopita @ $29
Bottom right: absolut pasta @ $28

Overall the food tasted ok, there's really nothing special. It's supposed to be Mediterranean food but didn't really feel like it, more like a mixture of things here and there. The cooking, ingredients and all also seem quite basic, didn't feel like anything was really worth the price.

Top: cheesecake shots @ $7.90
Bottom left: combo (beef & chicken) overrice @ $13.90
Bottom right: overrice fries @ $7

There isn't much to describe except that they all taste not bad. We first tried the overrice without the fiery red sauce, and then dipped a bit of it, and then mixed all of it in. We like it all mixed in the best.

Saw other photos of the overrice fries and they seem to come with quite a bit of the house sauce but ours was very little so the fries was a bit plain.

The cheesecake shots came with strawberry, blueberry and yuzu flavours, 2 each. But it's a bit gimmicky and when we first tried it, it feels like we couldn't get to the bottom of the shots, which was mostly the flavoured jams (?). So we tried stirring it and it was better. But I think it should be made without having to stir?

Overall was not too bad and price point is okay. Wasn't very crowded on a Sunday afternoon even though it's not a big place. Might be back to try the other small bites.


Tavuk sote @ $22

Something like a chicken stew dish. A bit on the salty side and the taste is quite monotonous after a while. Bread texture wasn't great, could be made softer and fluffier and there's also not much taste to it.

Used 1 for 1 on burpple beyond.

Unlikely to be back to try even other dishes when there's other and better Turkish food options in town.

Musakka (chicken) @ $20

The food was okay, a bit liquidy (probably the sauce) on the inside, maybe can bake a bit longer. Bread was a bit tough. Taste was quite monotonous after a while.

Used 1 for 1 on burpple beyond.

Unlikely to be back to even try other dishes when there's many other and better turkish food options around town.

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Mixed grill @ $110 (4pax)

It says is for 4pax. But probably that's only if you dont order anything else. Super huge portion!

We asked for it to be served without beef, so it came with lamb shish, chicken shish, lamb kebabs, chicken kebabs, chicken wings and lamb chops. And some salads here and there too.

The lambs are very nicely done, can't smell or taste the usual lamb smell at all. The kebabs are slightly dry but that's also quite usual.

Everything is very tasty.
Oh and there's some cheese breads too, but can leave those out and whack the meats first as they really fill the stomachs up damn quickly.

Excellent food and super great service.
The staff even brought us free dessert (kunefe, which is really really nice) when they know that we're there to celebrate our mum's birthday!

Top left: balloon bread @ $7.90
Top right: mixed platter @ $28.00
Bottom: za'ata bread @ $8.90

Couldn't decide what dips to go for so went for the mixed platter. So glad we did as all the dips were so good! There's hummus, yogurt with cucumber, blended eggplant with yogurt and spices, eggplant salad with capsicum, and diced eggplant with tomato sauce.

Our favourites are the hummus and blended eggplant with yogurt (babaganoush) which are really delicious with the breads.

The mixed platter comes with the balloon bread and we also added another za'ata bread which sounded great cuz of the spices. But maybe because the dips are already tasty, so they really go much better with the balloon bread that's just topped with sesame seeds.

Extremely delicious!
And service staff are really great, though might be due to lack of patrons.

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