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I don’t know if it’s because I was starving by the time I arrived here for dinner but good golly, did that Dry-aged Galician Beef taste like heaven!
Incredibly soft and silky from having been marinated for 45 days, it hides the kind of flavourfulness that makes one gasps and eyelids flutter.
I can’t think of anything better to lay it on than the crusty grilled tomato bread.
Advance apologies to whomever I am dining with at Olivia Restaurant next. I won’t be playing nice and sharing this that’s for sure 😂😂😂

Rather than me in a bikini, I would have this “Bikini” in me anyday 😂
But seriously, when so slender a sandwich proves to be a sheer force of flavour, how can you not be awestruck? It’s not math but madness that the three ingredients of Iberico ham, cheese and truffle can amalgamate into something of this magnificence.
Having just one piece can be considered masochistic because it whets the appetite for more but yet common sense commands you not fill your belly with more, lest the other temptations on the menu are missed.
Sigh... such a dilemma.


Carabineros are always a welcome sight. Because these vibrant red prawns are insanely intense in flavour, I find a little goes a long way.
When we dined here last night, they were prepared very simply and served with a fragrant inky-hued rice that’s luscious in the flavours of the sea. This delicious dish happens to be an off-the-menu special. So if it is available when you visit, get it you must.


Again, really delicious and the prawns were cooked just right. A refreshing main course on a hot day! Our lunch was such a great deal as we opted for the Burpple one for one menu and all that plus a tiramisu came up to less than SGD50 before taxes!


Not your usual pork belly with Apple sauce but I love how innovative they are here. The portion was really generous and we enjoyed it.

Eggplant pepper dip with the softest house baked pita bread to start. It’s as so yummy! No wonder @veronicaphua told me to get all the dips!

Love the spag with generous serving of burrata. Also got the bosca as per recommended which was a little rich so not completely to my liking. As if the cheese was not enough, we got a bowl of fried feta which was amazing!

The classic Spanish paella comes in a few forms here, including the meat worthy Iberian pork one here. Small Iberian pork spare ribs are dotted across this paella along with pork sausage. The meat is thankfully tender since it’s still on the bone and the rice is flavorful with that lovely charred/crispy bottom. It’s $20/person ($40 for a 2 person portion and $80 for a 4 person portion). It’s lovely for sharing, especially while enjoying the beach view.

19$ for a few small slabs of mackerel...taste was ok

Lovely ambience😌.
Love all the dishes served😋.