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Fish was surpassingly good! It was tender, moist and the skin was crisp! Could have done without the pickled veg tho, it didn’t add much to the dish.

Roast pork was alright - nothing to shout about, but I liked the eggplant in this! The yogurt, pork & other components came together nicely. Also healthyish but tasty.

Falafel looked kinda dry, but it wasn’t and the flavour was not bad too! It’s slightly herby. This felt healthy (other than the fries) but was still tasty.

Food here is generally for those with lighter palates, so it was just nice for my fam! The kale & pumpkin was simple but enjoyable - we liked the roasted pumpkin but it could have been thicker. There was a yogurt dressing which gave some creaminess, and I liked the addition of pomegranate! Cauliflower hummus & flatbread was decent but I’ve had better! My parents liked that it wasn’t heavily seasoned.

I returned to @miznonsg within 4 days of my first meal there because their food is too irresistible. Plus I wanted T.H. to give it a try. Almost regretted bringing the man because he ended up stealing my “Folded Cheeseburger”! Yup, Executive Chef @orhakmimi made it so ridiculously delicious T.H. refused to return it to me after taking one bite 😂 Blame it on the juicy housemade beef patty cooked on the plancha to a perfect medium-rare pink, and the brilliant lacey, crispy sheet of cheese that half-wrapped it. Also contributing to the magnificence - fresh tomato, sour cream, aioli, pickles, a fried egg with a proper runny yolk and the fluffiest pita. Everything about this $22 #burger, as unconventional as it sounds, made it incredible.
In case you are wondering, nope, I didn’t go hungry because I simply took over the “Abu Kebab” I had ordered for him. And it was as gooooooood as the first time.
But I am definitely returning for Miznon’s “Folded Cheeseburger” 🤤🤤🤤


4 of us girls really enjoyed this meze tabagi, beef shish, kunefe with icecream and mint tea in a jug!

(Hosted) @miznonsg is less than a month old but it is already packing in the crowds. News of the opening of the Israeli brand was out on the streets early on and the excitement in our city had been palpable. My friend Zhenia, who joined me at the lunch, was hyped up as she had heard so much about Miznon from her friends overseas.
Singapore’s outlet is located on Stanley Street, and the casual eatery seems to crackle with an infectious energy (also the reason why I kept the ambient sounds as the video soundtrack 😊). My guess is Executive Chef @orhakmimi is the source because that man radiates an irrepressible joy. You can spot him easily - he’s the tall dude who thinks nothing of spontaneously breaking into a dance in the kitchen 😄.
For our tasting, he told us sit back and wait to be fed, and moments later, a succession of items (I swear each was more delicious than the one before) landed in front of us. First, a large, freshly baked #pita with little tubs of tahini, as if to let us know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, exactly how amazing they get their basics. Then Chef @owjiewei brought the “Hot Chickpeas” ($16). He had ladled them straight from the pot onto a plate smeared with tahini, and dressed them up with a hard-boiled egg, raw onions, tomatoes and zhug (a spicy paste made from green chillies, olive oil and salt). The flavours in that plate danced with verve on our palates and provided the first clue to how vegetarians would have a field day at #Miznon. Our impression was confirmed when more exuberantly flavourful vegetarian items came our way, namely the roasted “Batata” ($12, sweet potatoes from New Zealand paired with sour cream and Atlantic sea salt), the “Bag Of Beans” ($12, a mix of cold Haricots verts, French beans and snap peas tossed in garlic, lemon, olive oil and sea salt which is aptly nicknamed “the healthiest fries” by Chef Or), and the “Run Over Potato” ($11, a tuber baked with butter, garlic and herbs, then flattened and served with sour cream). The parade of vegetables ended strongly with the devastatingly delicious “Ratatouille” ($17). Having been charred a little, the eggplant, carrot and onions cooked in a light tomato sauce were sweetness personified, and like the dish of “Hot Chickpeas”, came with a hard-boiled egg, tahini and zhug.
After that, Chef Or assembled two #Pitas for us to share: the “Chicken Liver” and “Abu Kebab”. Both came in the fluffiest pitas I’d ever seen and delivered must-close-eyes level of tastiness. While the former brimmed with seared chicken liver (it’s so creamy), tahini, spring onions, Japanese cucumber, salsa and zhug, the latter was crammed full of perfectly-seasoned meatballs of lamb and beef (made fresh daily on site), tahini, parsley, onions, salsa and zhug.
When we saw the Hraime ($26), a Spicy Moroccan Barramundi Stew, we had to have it too. It was really appetising with the smoky tomato gravy elevated by dollops of tahini and zhug for fragrant creaminess and a spike of bright spiciness. Highly recommended, especially if you like fish.

Thank you again Violet, Natalie and @sixthsensepr for arranging this hosted meal. We love the food at @miznonsg and will surely return very soon!

$7 | $10 | $17


Their cakes are all nice and smooth, each to its own. Goes very well with coffee and adds a nice touch after meals.

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The baklava came as part of the set menu! It’s alright. The filo layers could have been more crisp, otherwise this is a decent baklava but I’ve had better. It’s sweet (all baklavas are), and I liked the nuttiness of it. It’s small, and I shared it so it wasn’t too saccharine.

Ahhh this was quite nice! The sticky date cake was soft and aerated and not very sweet, serving as a good vessel to absorb the caramel sauce. It is pretty sweet, but I shared this with my family & I enjoyed my share of it :) The crunchy bits are also really sweet! Would have preferred a vanilla ice cream instead of cream, and had the cake been served hot it would have been better. Still, this was not bad, worth a try!

Lamb is well cooked and the dish is served with cous cous. Very delicious and will definitely be back!