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This is a Lebanese yogurt drink and it comes with mint. We had a choice of having it with sugar or salt and I picked salt. This was very refreshing and was unique too!

We got a mixed grill platter and we were surprised there was so much rice. The meat was a bit dry though. I liked the chilli because it was quite spicy hehe. Their mains are on #burpplebeyond and entertainer so they’re one for one.

We ordered two types of flatbread and they were cheese and thyme flavoured. The cheesy one had a chewy texture and the thyme one was pretty fragrant. It was good we got a variety too. Mains are one for one on both burpple beyond and entertainer!

We had falafel and it was tasty, going well with the tahini sauce too. Mains are one for one in both burpple beyond and entertainer as well!

The mezza platter has the following:
• hummus
• baba ganoush (eggplant with herbs, garlic, tomato, and seasoning)
• labneh (Lebanese yogurt with olive oil and mint)
• moussaka (eggplant, chickpeas, onion, tomato, garlic and green pepper)
• fattoush salad (chopped fresh vegetables topped with toasted Arabic bread).

They were served with the flat bread and was very yummy as an appetiser. They’re all quite different in flavour too.


Stuff’D daily bowl for lunch

Trying the new toppings like sesame tofu and black fungus

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Stuffed with black beans, buttered corn, spinach, and edamame.

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Chicken daily bowl with spinach, slightly overcooked brocolli, edamame and buttered corn paired with spicy habanero dressing.

Cauliflower rice, sesame tofu, edamame, brocolli and tonnes of base veg and grilled chicken. Lovely.

Chicken daily bowl. Extent of fullness depends on the number of carbs you pick as the 5 allowable sides. First try on the potato salad and it's pretty decent.


Their roasted chicken is very flavourful 👍🏻

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