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Head to Haji Lane for an authentic Turkish feast at this cozy restaurant! From Lamb Kofta ($24.90), Spinach Pide ($19.90) to classics such as Chicken Shawarma ($16) and Falafeel ($17.50) wraps, you'll be spoilt for choice. Take Burppler Shiba Yukari's lead and indulge in their Mix Grill Kebab ($44.90 for 2 Pax), which "tasted good, the lamb was well seasoned and not gamey."
Photo by Burppler Shiba Yukari

The lamb and chicken dishes with chef recommendations were tasty, but portion size not super big. Enough for a lady but not quite for a man.

Food tasted good, the lamb was well seasoned and not gamey. However at $49.90 the portion given was too little for 2 pax... I didn't even feel half full even though I added on a lavash (flatbread).

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They said this goes well w the kunefe, so it's on the house. So nice of them, and ofc they're right haha one bite of kunefe, one sip of tea and you're in heaven

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Cream pudding. Top is not crispy but the burnt part was flavourful. I absolutely loved this for the variety of textures(chewy rice, pistachios etc). Must try, their desserts are another tier


One of the best I've tasted. Just a tad of mozzarella, contributing to the slightly chewy texture and stretchy texture. Crisp vermicelli, but not greasy at all. Combine that with a butter sauce and you're set. Good for 2 to 4 to share, must try!

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Ckn was not v noteworthy, and hummus was intense. However the whole dish was overwhelmed by a super strong olive oil taste, which is very different from your Italian olive oil. Two of us hated it while one of us loved it, I guess you really have to be a fan of middle Eastern food to enjoy this dish. Small but filling


Apologies for the photo, didn't realise it was so bad

Rice was fragrant w the fried shallots, lamb was tender. Though the lamb was braised or sth, exceedingly mild in flavour, only coated w a powder. The tomato-based sauce was pretty sour.

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Pretty good stew, pita was okay. Reminiscent of pizza hut lol. Doesn't sound like a compliment but it is in this case

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The platter has creamy hummus, grilled chicken with grilled fruits that added an amazing contrast of flavours and textures. The platter comes with the bread sticks and a also a large loaf of fresh pita on the side. It's a lot of food and you need a large group to share :)

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Everything was good, the fragrant rice, the grilled, the sauces except the price and fries.
Suggest to use Burpple or eatigo to get discount to reduce the damage. Fries like soaking in oil before serving.

Found a special food, Manaqiah. The "special" is referring to the soft texture of the dough, the topping and the taste. Is it tasty? Depending on individual taste.
Strongly recommend the hummus, which was really delicious when pair with the "Chapati" like food.