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Best thing about this restaurant. Creamy, sweet, savoury, crunchy, chewy all at the same time. Will get jelat after a while to remember to share even if you hate sharing so much

The eggplant sauce was smokey and flavourful and well-combined with the spices from the roasted lamb. Hummus is nothing special but still not bad nevertheless

price: 7.80$

includes choice of 2 sauces and five toppings along with the base of vegetables and protein.

honestly one of my fav salad joints/food shops ever HAHA 🥴🤤 i would say the food items sold are pretty decent in terms of taste. pretty sure they're know for their chicken but i had gotten the smoked salmon instead for my daily bowl.

service is nice and i love that i get to choose my own toppings. it's vv filling as a meal too!!
10/10 would buy again HAHA 🤪 (also @stuffd pls sponsor me 🥺)

It was a hit and miss with this, the chicken skewers although abit dry but so flavourful. The lamb was gamey to me so I didn’t enjoy it so much. I didn’t use the 1 for 1 beyond for this as there was another discount from eatigo, and we had 3 people. Do ask for extra garlic sauce that comes with it as its sooo good ! The pizza is a miss as it was a very thick slice of bread and abit of cheese.

Optics-wise it mightn’t look too fancy, BUT LET ME TELL YOU THE FOOD WAS AMAZING!!! The grub tasted as good as the menu looked bad (which honestly, set the stage for a v v pleasant and hearty lunch). The rice dishes were extremely fragrant and well-spiced, and came in big portions. The condiments and sauces were also amazing. We also had a kafta (this wrap looking thing in the pic) and a vegetable moussaka which tasted incredible — we have no idea how they made a veg mush taste so GOOD.

All in all, we spent ~$70 for 2 mains and 2 sides, w the burpple 1-for-1 deal. We left feeling filled but not fat, which I think is a pretty impressive.

We were so glad we gave tabbouleh a shot. It wayyyy exceeded our expectations and was more than worth it. It’s now on our list of places to dine at, and we’ll definitely be back!! With more friends!

More of a fine dining restaurant with highly personalized service.
My favorite turkish food place in SG

Ordered the Fatteh Breakfast, which was falafel, halloumi, poached eggs and pita bread. This was very filling and tasty, and something different from the usual brunch options. The restaurant was very beautifully decorated, great place for a lazy brunch.

Using the Eatigo voucher, this whole spread for the 3 of us came up to $32.01!

I don't have a whole lot to say except EVERYTHING WAS DELICIOUS and I am extremely pleased with my experience. Service was friendly and accommodating, and the ambiance made me feel like I was in Lebanon (well probably the touristy parts). I especially enjoyed the za'tar portion of the manaquis, and the labneh. If I were to give a critique, it would be that the chicken was too dry so maybe just order the hummus without toppings instead.

Moussaka is delicious... its like an improve version of shakshuka...

The dish was amazingly good, the meat was super tender and came with a generous portion of basmati rice. It’s the best lamb shank I ever eat in my life. It’s hardly to find such a good and tender shank. Ordered Lebanese coffee (coffee with cinnamon) and Baklava (sweet pastry Turkish dessert) to complete the meal. Will come back again to try other dishes! Good job, chef

Succulent and tender beef cubes in a silky, tomato based stew which was bursting in flavour. Served alongside basmati rice, the stew was generous in portion, with a lot of vegetables - eggplant, onions, capsicums and potatoes. Extremely good for people who like a well balanced meal - meat and vegetables coming together!