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Fat Prince is simply Middle Eastern cuisine done right, and I've found many gems on their new menu
Their Duck Pastilla, in particular, was a show-stopper. Not enough can be said about the heavenly blend of vegetables and almonds with some stunningly flavoursome shredded duck — juicy and devoid of any gameyness. Parceled within a delicate layer of filo pastry, which also imparted traces of fragrant butteriness, the dish was a sublime exercise in combining textures.

Great company good food 👌
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"Be still my beating heart" — that's the kind of unbridled excitement that this lamb shoulder invoked in me.
Slow cooked in the oven overnight, the rich latent flavours were drawn out impeccably, as a torrent of juices flooded my palate with an eloquently layered blend of varied flavours, but with lamb gameyness distinctly absent. More importantly, the protein boasted of an unparalleled suppleness scant in most lamb dishes — simply beautiful.

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Tasty meats but the wait was pretty long. Not ideal for when you want a quick meal, but otherwise pretty good for the 1-1 deal

Finished every last drop of this 😋
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Loved the unique fish kebabs in particular! The crispy cauliflower was really yummy too!
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Variety of sides that changes every quarter. Healthy and filling!

Crunchy black fungus, cauliflower rice, edamame, buttered corn and grilled chicken. Great as always.


The @FatPrinceSg has fattened so to speak, having taken over the space that use to house its sibling - The Ottomani. To celebrate the expansion, a party was thrown and many beautiful people made up the guest list. And then there was me, who accepted the invitation from the GM Mike Pekarsky and Accela the PR agency because I was curious about the food.

As the space is designed for groups to chill out over food and drinks, the menu of modern Middle Eastern dishes are formatted to be shared. Ordering the following would undoubtedly make for an enjoyable dinner:

1. Cured Salmon Crudo - I loved how the unexpected sweetness from the pomegranate molasses and smoked date purée complemented the fish.

2. Roasted Candied Beetroot with preserved lemon, mulled honey, smoked yoghurt and Ottoman spice - A lovely appetiser of the bright and juicy vein.

3. Eggplant Meet Yoghurt - Accompanied by Turkish flatbread and sprinkled with sultana raisins, the dip has a smokiness which is beguiling.

4. Duck Pastilla - All were very impressed by the delicious creation of thin filo pastry filled with shredded confit duck, vegetables and almonds. Served hot, it was plated with a carrot purée and duck jus.

5. Lamb Shoulder - Seasoned in Turkish spices, then braised overnight in the specially-built earth oven fueled by charcoal and lychee wood, the star dish of The Ottomani now calls the Fat Prince home. Lamb-lovers, you should rejoice.

6. Charred Shishito - Even if you are only having drinks, get this pan of mini chilli peppers with anchovy, preserved lemon and walnut to nibble.
7. Couscous with Crunchy Chicken Skin - Clever combo of lemon juice-dressed grains with pieces of deepfried sinfulness.

8. Chocolate Halva - A thick chocolate mousse embellished in spiced pumpkin, cacao nibs and almond tuille layer - decadence in every bite.


Turkish pide. Tastes like Turkish grilled hum cheen peng 😂 lol.

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