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My photo is bad. There is more meat inside. One of six choices in their lunch menu. Good value for money. (Rating:😬)

Complete your meal with this mixed grill that comes with selection of grilled chicken and lamb shish, Adana kebab and lamb cutlet, served with French fries and rice.

Chargrilled Adana chicken on a flatbread covered with buttery tomato sauce and yogurt.

Turkish pita bread is something you won’t miss out in every Turkish restaurant and perhaps you will be served with it for every meal you order.

Deep fried chickpea patties with onion, parsley, peppers and garlic; served with hummus at the bottom.

IstanBlue is one of the restaurants in Kampong Glam serving Turkish cuisine.

First cold started on our table would be this big plate with combination of hummus, cacık, baba ganoush, ezme and dolma, served with Turkish Balloon Bread.

Each of sauces give its unique taste to the bread. A prefect way to kick start the meal.

Happiness is Enjoying the little things in life!
These made the Chicken Daily Bowl ($7.50) and Beef Burrito Meal w Cheese & Mash ($10.30) from Stuff’d even more yummier 😂😘😋 #burpple

Situated right in the heart of Kampong Glam, Tabbouleh draws a crowd from the many tourists looming around. The rice is similar across both dishes - long grains flavoured with traditional Lebanese spices. The chicken mandi ($26.50++) is supposedly cooked underground! We found the chicken rather dry, so the tangy sauce on the side was a welcomed addition. We aren’t big fans of mutton, but were pleasantly surprised by the lamb mashwi ($27.90++)! The charcoal-grilled cubes of meat were very moist, and so flavourful that the usual gamey taste was masked. Savoured this the most! Tabbouleh may be a good stop if you were bringing a friend around town, but otherwise too pricey even with Burpple’s 1 for 1.

Love the daily bowls here. I got a daily bowl and tried out some of the new ingredients that they've introduced this quarter. My bowl had smoked salmon, broccoli, tofu, carrots, corn and seaweed.

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Disclaimer first: I have been to a few outstanding middle eastern restaurants that have managed to blown me away with their food. As such, I thought Sofra's version of the hummus was a little too oily and mild. It might be nicer if there were chopped onions and tomatoes which could accentuate the taste of the chickpeas.

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For the price of approx $5, the kebab is reasonably priced and with lotsa ingredients. A decent quick and filling (for a girl’s appetite) meal. It is served warmed too. Satisfying for kebab cravings.

I have bought kebab from their various outlets and the taste has always been consistent. I always buy their chicken kebab as the burrito is too big for me to finish.