Souper Dishes

Souper Dishes

Featuring Toa Payoh West Market & Food Centre, Cheng Mun Chee Kee Pig Organ Soup, Legendary Bak Kut Teh (Rangoon Road), Blanco Court Fried Fish Noodles, Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh Eating House (Havelock Road), Founder Bak Kut Teh (Bugis), King of Pao Fan (Bugis), Joo Siah Bak Koot Teh, Lau Ah Tee Bak Kut Teh, Xiangcao Yunnan Original Ecology Hotpot
Gerald Chai
Gerald Chai

Very flavourful collegen shark bone soup base. Really one of the best soup I had fir a steamboat ever.

Ingredients very fresh.

Staff very friendly & attentive. Not very crowded during dinner time.

Just a short walk from NEX, Rayben is located under HDB block 204.

Their soup was really damn good, the broth was soooo good, the saltiness was just right.

The seafood was all fresh, the prawns tasted like live prawns. The batang fish was a huge chunk. The lobster was also huge and there was roe in it as well. The sotong was also so soft.

Can feel the effort put in by the owners for this seafood Soup.

Came to this hawker quite late and couldnt make it in time for some of the popular stores here.

Decided to get this fish soup after i remembered Reading a eatbook review on this Fish soup stall.

Fish was big, chunky & fresh.

Soup was quite good.

Not something I will travel all the way to toa payoh for. But if I stay nearby, I will eat this once every 2 weeks.

One of the more popular store here at seah im.

Decided to have the clear soup ytf.

Comes with a small bowl for the fried ytf . The laksa seems more popular thou.

Available in $5/$6 portions

Tasted not bad too me. Will return for laksa next time.

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Saw an episode of foodKing on this place, make it like its damn bloody good and totally gave me very high expectations.

Soup is peppery, meat is tender, but the best dish today was the pork belly. Damn fat and damn soft.

Hai di lao needs no introduction.

Just eat only.

Opens till 6am in the morning.

Customer service here is excellent, waitress ultra friendly and actually told us when we ordered too much.

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San Pin serves the best pao fan out of all the pao fan I ever tasted so far.

Really like their spicy tangy sauce dip.

As per the photo, quite generous with the egg floss.

Very seldom do I drink finish any soups, but this was too good, really had to overturn the bowl into my mouth.


Saw many good reviews, and also watched an episode of this shop on Foodking.

Quite dissappointed, I was expecting it to very very good. But found it to be quite bland.

The fish was smooth and fresh though and is quite big slices.

I definitely had better pao fan thou.

Decided to try after reading Lots of great reviews.

Apparently one of the better fish soup in Singapore. Some even say this is on par with Amoy Street.

No regrets eating here. The fish was bouncy and fresh. The soup was just as shiok.

The auntie was very friendly. Contrary to what was commented by others.

Wow, never thought I would love soupy food.

Decided to try this due to the long queue for the Malaysian food next stall.

Really no regrets. The Lala portion was good. And their dipping sauce added extra flavour.

It's so nice, I will return again for the fish slices for sure.

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2nd pao fan store to open in the last 3months

Hopefully this store can last.

The sliced fish is soft & fresh.

The shrimp ball also quite good.

The original Founders bkt

One of the bkt stalls in Singapore.

Meat is tender

Taste the food. Don’t just swallow them

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