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From the Burpple community

It's tough finding a Korean joint that does more than BBQ for dinner. This homey one does a decent army stew, a large skillet filled with kimchi pork stew, ramyun, sausages, luncheon meat, rice cakes and vegetables. Meals here come with exactly 10 types of banchan, none particularly impressive. Overall, a comfort-giving meal although nothing spectacular. The prices, for Korean, are quite commendable.


I came here because I was craving for Korean Fried Glass Noodle (Jap Chae), flipped the menu and was drawn to try out their BBQ menu too πŸ˜‚

Mi Na Rae is located at the busy street of Sri Petaling (level 2). If you happen to come here, definitely order their BBQ thin pork belly (RM23). The serving is just nice for 2 person, the BBQ pork is super awesome I tell you.. perfectly sliced in perfect thickness, not too thin nor too thick, those strips of juiceyy pork slices 😌 You don't have to cook by yourself for this dish because they've already cooked for you (yay point for not having your hair and clothes smelling like BBQ pit).

Japchae (RM30) in here is served in big portion, definitely for sharing. The taste is nothing to shout about, but those chewy fried glass noodle they served has successfully satisfied my craving πŸ™ŒπŸ»

If you crave for Korean warm soupy stuff but feel like giving your tongue a minimal kick of spiciness, can give the DwenJang Jjike (RM16) a try. It's basically a non-spicy bean paste soup with tofu that is served with a bowl of rice. It tastes like Japanese miso soup, but it's not lol. So far I never had this before in Korean restaurant, now I've tasted it and I like it! Perfect for rainy days comfort food i think. I would prefer to have my bowl of rice flooded with soup and slurp it together with the tofu immersed in the soupy goodness πŸ˜†

Smoking: no
Air-conditioned: yes
Children friendly: yes
Payment: cash and credit card
Parking: No such thing as 'easy parking spot' in Sri Petaling πŸ˜†
Price: pretty decent for the portion served

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