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Popular with locals and tourists, it’s hard to miss the endless long queues forming at this red-brick architectural building that houses Miyahara. It was the largest ophthalmology clinic in Taichung until Japan surrendered in 1945, and subsequently became the city’s health bureau. Over the years, it was left vacant until Taiwan’s pastry company, Dawn Cake, took over and preserved its original red brick wall.

Miyahara has over 60 ice cream flavours of different categories; chocolate, tea, fruits, yoghurt and a list of their own creations. Dark chocolate lovers like us would enjoy this 100% West Africa Dark Chocolate. Powerful, intense, as though tasting the raw cocoa beans. We chose the Lu Gu green tea as a pairing flavour, which has an ineffable fresh aroma. Its bittersweetness and slight vegetal taste are released slowly but leaves a long finishing. By the way, Lu Gu is the most famous of Nantou’s tea region.

Every ice cream dessert comes with up to 5 toppings (depending on the number of ice cream scoops) such as cheesecake and pineapple cakes which are also specialties of Dawn Cake. The waffle bowl is no ordinary waffle base, but a crispy one that’s filled with a fragrant milk flavour. Even with 2 outlets, their queues never seemed to be any shorter at any time.

Housed in what used to be an eye hospital, this ice cream and confectionary shop is worth a visit, for both the interesting ice cream as well as pretty visual display and product packaging.

For sharing! Variety and unique blended tea flavours to choose from!

All these for less than S$10? #takemymoney

These guys have taken customisation to a whole new level, leaving customers spoiled for choice. Choosing everything from the toppings to ice-cream flavours was a happy dilemma. The wide toppings selection isn't your run-of-the-mill stuff, but solid, handcrafted ones like cheesecakes (comes in original and chocolate), pineapple cake (also available in two types), flower cake, snow pops, and many more. These are also being sold in their retail store within the same building. But the main draw is still the jaw-droppingly extensive ice-cream flavours, classified according to tea, fruit, yoghurt, specials, and chocolate. The chocolate section alone has 17 different flavours, each in varying intensities and origins.

My picks were the 100% original chocolate, 80% smoked Uganda chocolate, as well as the Alishan Oolong Tea. The latter was highly aromatic, like sipping the real deal itself, while the full-bodied chocolaty flavour of the 100% original one was gobbled up in no time.

Can someone bring Miyahara into our sunny shores, pretty please?


Miyahara has a huge, unique range of ice-cream flavours available, from teas, fruits to yoghurts and chocolates (17 different types). The toppings were also interesting, ranging from cheesecakes, pineapple tarts to almond crisps and more. Found it quite pricey and average, it’s not too amazing to the extent that you definitely need to make a trip down.

If you do go down though, the main outlet always has a long queue. Just ask any staff for help and they will direct you to the other outlet nearby that’s more spacious with a pretty interior!

📍 宫源眼科 Miyahara
Area: Taichung 台中
Address: 台中市中區中山路20號
No. 20 Zhongshan Road, Central District, Taichung City, Taiwan


Hello from Tai Chung, Taiwan! A rather "high end" kinda ice cream @ TWD240 but it comes with 2 scoops of ice cream + one free sorbet and 3 types of toppings like cheesecake, cookies etc. The quality of the ice creams were good!

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