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From the Burpple community

First off, I just want to make clear that after our first plate of this, we ordered 2 more. That's how good it was

It's really perfect Japanese A5 kalbi(from Nagano), with a mild sweet sauce. It's a crime not to get as many plates of this as you can cram into your stomach, at this price

That's all. Must try

Hirai is Kyoto's native wagyu breed

Super tender, when you bite, the juices flow out and almost melts in your mouth, with a little bit of chew from the muscle at the end, but just a tad really. The texture is the same as the good wagyus I've had in sg, but what's special is the complex flavour of the fats. It's really quite something and hard to describe

Great stuff, worth a try. Because it's so fatty, 150g is enough (but not greasy)

PSA come early to reserve, opens at 11 but we were lucky to be the first batch despite coming at 1040am to write our names. Turnover is quite fast tho, the wait isn't too long even if you reach at 11am

Sweet sauce, the roast beef was tender, quite chewy but not in a bad way, in a sticky way. Not the stringy muscle texture found elsewhere

It's alright

i went ahead to put my name down at this steakhouse 2 hours before it opened. all in hopes of tasting the legendary murasawa beef that i have seen in countless instagram pictures. each bite of the beef is a juicy, fatty explosion that no words can really describe - it is a sensory overload that tastes so good. drooling over it as i am posting this now 🤤🤤🤤

Very affordable and so nice! 😋👍🏻 But be prepared to wait in line!😌

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Murasawa beef made otsuka famous but methinks the wagyu sirloin does a pretty decent job on flavour too! #foodporn #burpple #thefoodchapterinjp #otsuka