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Prego (Fairmont Singapore)

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Prego is one of Singapore’s favourite Italian restaurants that offer diners an authentic Italian family style dining experience. The theme of Prego is Italian Trattoria, expressed in every aspect of the restaurant - from service style and communal dining, to décor featuring Parmesan wheels, Italian Prosciutto and sausages hanging from the awnings, to wood dining tables and carts for wine service by the glass, which gives an overall feel of a true Italian restaurant.


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I was expecting more from prego but there was really nothing quite Italian about the pasta.

The vegetables were coarsely cut and didn’t gel well with the pasta especially the gigantic carrots which imparted too strong a carrot-y zing which was not pleasant. The pasta was also missing of a crisp element - other than grilled peppers and carrots 🥕 there was pretty much nothing else.

The best thing was probably the nice ambience and the lovely time spent catching up with my Sister .

A little painful to pay 32 dollars for this 😴

Cavatelli, Nduja Sausage, Red Onion, Pomodoro Fresco, Pecorino Cheese.
The ‘Nduja is a spreadable pork salumi and it has a fiery taste because of roasted hot red peppers as one of its ingredients. This dish is spicy but this is lightly countered by the tomato sauce that it is cooked in, and the Pecorino cheese adds a nice saltiness to the dish. The hollow shells of Cavatelli pasta were cooked al dente, and the shape of the pasta allows it to hold the meat sauce, which makes every mouthful a pleasurable one.

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Had a lovely meal at Prego today. There was complimentary bread. The funghi Misti pizza was great but my highlight was the tiramisu. It was one of the better ones I have eaten. There is a 50% all day discount through eatigo app today on 15 August thus it is a good deal not to be missed if you like Italian food and fine dining.

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Spiked with a sharp pecorino, this was one of my favorite pasta choices at Prego. I love when chefs use the most appropriate pasta for the sauce instead of the standard spaghetti and this was no different. Looking like mini sausage buns, the cavatelli was cooked to a perfect al-dente, and its hollow ridge caught most of the delicious sauce.

Protip: This is priced at a hefty $34 but if you have the AMEX platinum card or FAR card, you get a cool 50% off your bill when dining with one other person.

Will I return: Yes but only with the appropriate card!


This was the cake they gave me when I used my birthday voucher from Ntuc Income. It was very good. The choc mousse was not too sweet and the choc cake beneath was wonderfully chocolatey. This cake was extra comforting after the disappointing pizzas I had.

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The description was roast pork, but I only saw meat slices similar to ham. Where was the crackling roast pork skin? The pork slices had a porky taste so I didn’t like it. Crust was hard.

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