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Loved this! Had pieces of garlic and shrimp on it. Garlic taste could have been stronger, this was like pieces of garlic placed on the pizza, taken off, the pizza did not have any garlic taste.

Love the cream base, was tangy and sweet without being overly sweet. Crust was good too, I usually don’t eat the crust but this was good.

Great value with burpple beyond, though the largest size to order was 14” pizza.

The bun itself is soft and fluffy with a slight crisp exterior due to the toasting.

The kaya taste is very mild and not too sweet. Overall, the toast brought a soothing feel that was great for a lazy weekend afternoon tea break

Fish and Chips ($25)

The serving size for fries was huge. You dont have to order fries for sides if you are ordering this. Fries are the chunky kind that still remain a crisp exterior.

However, the fish itself was a disappointment. The batter lacked the crispiness, and the fish meat just keep slipping out of the batter when cutting through as if it is attempting its last escape from being eaten.

Book through eatigo for discounts at different timing!!

Truffle Mushroom soup ($12)

Rather pricey for a soup, and unfortunately the truffle taste was close to non-existant.

Nevertheless, the mushroom part of the soup was strong and bits of mushroom chunks could be felt to provide some texture when eating. The soup itself was thick and didnt taste like it was flavored with msg.

Advice: book through eatigo for discounts at different timing

molten chocolate lava cake ($15)

Pricey, but the cake itself was well executed. The exterior is slightly crip, and breaking it revealed thw thick gooey chocolate sauce which seemed to be mix with a small amount of coffee/espresso

Take a scoop of the warm chocolate lava cake with the cold Vanilla ice cream to have the best of both world at your tastebud

Advice: this place is available for booking on eatigo for discounted rate ranging from 10-50percent off depending on the timing.

@onerafflesplacesg will be partnering with the Health Promotion Board (HPB) and the Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF) in the Healthy Workplace Ecosystem initiative from the month of April. In a nut shell it means, healthier options when it come to your meals!
Speaking of which, @wheatbaumkuchen is just the place for that. Boasting meals like:
•Poke Rice (Red Rice from Bhutan)
•Ribeye Soba
•Chicken Breast Soba
•Salmon Soba
•Plus more!
It’s the perfect place to start your road to a healthy and delicious lifestyle!
Thanks to @singaporefoodlisting for the invite and @wheatbaumkuchen and @onerafflesplacesg for hosting us.

I’ve been super excited to try Beyond Meat’s patties but couldn’t find them in Fairprice Finest when I went, so although I was drawn in by the signature TSB Burger, all thoughts of ordering that were thrown to the wind once the Impossible Burger caught my eye.

The burger comprises a Beyond Meat patty with a slice of melted cheese, tomatoes, romaine lettuce, sandwiched between brioche pepper buns. It’s also served with some house-made chips.

At first glance, the burger looks just like any regular beef burger. The likeness is uncanny. Tastewise, the patty is incredible. It’s moist, and the texture is virtually indistinguishable from a real meat patty when eaten as a whole burger. I’m not a huge beef burger fanatic so maybe I’m not such a great judge for meat texture, but I think it could fool most people. I absolutely loved this burger, and I’d order it over a regular beef patty in a heartbeat. The brioche pepper buns add a special bit of pepper kick, which was great. I wasn’t such a fan of the pickles in the burger, so I ended up taking them out.

The chips were ok, not super special but they were crispy and not too oily which is pretty much all you can ask for in potato chips anyway.

The sweet, creamy green curry ranks low on the burn scale, and the fusion dish tastes exactly as how you would imagine it to. 3.5/5

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Matcha in Full Bloom, in line with the hanami (flower viewing) season in Japan. This is also the first dessert buffet in Singapore to feature Wagashi, Japanese traditional sweets. They’re so delicate and dainty!😍

Lewin Terrace’s Chef Hidenori Takahashi ensures that each dessert is handcrafted in house daily, and the star ingredients they use— matcha, sakura, and strawberry— reflect Japan’s famed delicacies.🍓🍵🌸

This dessert buffet is included in their 3 or 4-course lunch menus ($58/$88), otherwise you can order it ala carte for $38. It’s available every Wed-Fri, 1-3pm.

Thanks to Andrea and Vernice @lewinterrace for the invite. #dinewithflorence #foodpornography #foodphotography #foodlover #dessertporn #desserts #desserttable #instagood #instafood #foodbeast #foodgasm #foodstagram #burpple #singaporeinsiders