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Have been wanting to return to get the cheese cone I missed the first time round when they just opened doors, but disappointed to find that the cheese soft serve wasn鈥檛 as rich as I remembered it to be. 鈽癸笍 The texture was still creamy and smooth, while the cheese cone was very crisp with a lovely cheesy saltiness.

Add a tempura egg ($2) and bacon ($1.50) to complete your meal馃槢. Personally also loved the chicken ball with mozzarella cheese ($1.50).

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The Premium King Prawn Tendon ($19.80) also came highly recommended - you get 3 giant prawns and very, very crispy prawn heads. I loved how chunkily meaty it was, but I鈥檒l probably go for the other tendons just for variety.

This bowl of udon soup is my favourite. Broth has a good level of soy saltiness flavour and the udon is bouncy and Q! I love it that much more because you can pair every bite with their free flow side dishes like seaweed, radish, chilli padi, and fried batter flakes. It may not look filling, but if u enjoy the sides as much as i do, this will most definitely fill you up. Go give it a try guys its worth a taste!

I visit this place frequently as they always have an amazing collection of cute MACARONS, mostly Disney characters. I have been wanting to have a pusheen one for months and finally lucked out on a day when they had them in stock. They are also really delicious, this was melon flavoured and the flavour is strong but not overpowering and the macaron sweet but not overly so. They vary in price but the characters are around SGD4-4.50 each. Or you can sometimes get them on offer of 6 for SGD21!

With vanilla ice cream, horlicks and maple syrup. Not sure where the horlicks are but i suspect of the ice cream? Waffle was fluffy and still crisp. Served with berries as well. 4.25/5

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Jai thai has one of the best Tom yum soups .

The broth is flavoured with very generous aromatics ( Lemongrass , galangal, kaffir lime ) and of course a generous wallop of chilli paste that makes this a fiery treat .

The prawns add a touch of the taste of the sea to this otherwise already very tasty soup .

Recommended to have this with a bowl of rice and for the health conscious - you will be happy to know that Jai thai serves brown rice .

I acclaim this the most 鈥渞eliable pad thai 鈥 because anytime I needed a good pad thai , Jai thai would be the default place .

The noodles are QQ and the pad thai is neither too oily nor too sweet , just the right balance of flavours .

The prices at Jai thai are also very very affordable a - making it my default place for thai food in general .

Do also try the basil chicken steamed tofu , prawns Claypot vermicelli and the tamarind fried fish slices - very outstanding dishes .

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Second time at Beach Road kitchen. The food was great - the salads and seafood were fresh and there were a large variety of food ranging from local delights to grill meats to Indian food to Italian food and a wide range of desserts but it was not the best. I feel the food were really mediocre and not as good as the first time we went. But the baked cheese cauliflower kept its standard and so did the roast potato. The fried rice was really good as well - fragrant with a hint of spiciness. And the breads were surprisingly good, really crispy but chewy.

This was really really good, though I鈥檓 not a fan of the pumpkin mash.

But they recently changed their menu:(

Go-to pizza for delivery; still hits the high notes with the chorizo, roasted onion and garlic. Over indulgent? Guilty as charged...

Fluffy but was somewhat dense. Had the one with chocolate and banana, while was nice, thought their berry hotcake was a better option because its sourness 4/5