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Wheat doesn’t fail when you are looking for something light and healthy! Would recommend going for DIY instead of the preset items

I just had to post this to ditto Burppler Kaki @cweizhi 👽😛

Half the time at this quaint cafe with honest in-house bakes, I wondered what took me so long to visit when school was nearby in the past.

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My first time trying a fine dining pork dish and it was honestly impressive. The pork belly was tender and well seasoned. It was slightly charred outside but soft inside. The accompanying cabbage was well seasoned and complimented the pork well since it is light and savoury. Roasted cauliflower is great on any dish so this was really well-executed!

Verdict: 4/5

Cured salmon was simple but refreshing as an appetiser.
Free sourdough house bread with the truffle butter, butter was good and bread slightly dense

Have been to Tom’s Palette for quite a while ever since their days at Shaw Tower, but plated desserts are something that I have not seen them do until now — got intrigued by some posts over social media about the release of their festive special which runs from 20 November 2020 to 9 December.

Being an item which is part of the limited run of the Thai-inspired menu, The Longtail features elements such as Mango Soft-Serve, Thai Sweet Chili Caramel, Black Rice, Choux Pastry and Coconut Tuille. It’s probably one of the first few times that Tom’s Palette is exploring soft serves here, considering how they have been known for their ice-cream which are served in scoops — the Mango soft-serve was enjoyable however; carried the sweetness of said fruit without being a particularly milky or creamy flavour unlike how soft serves are known to be. The soft-serve also held itself well to the heat, considering how it actually took some time to melt as well. Sitting atop a choux pastry, the pastry is the vehicle here that gels the soft-serve and the black glutinous rice together; a spongey, light and airy pastry that was sufficiently moist, while the black glutinous rice carries an earthy note that is almost identical to that of Pulut Hitam without being particularly sweet. The Coconut Tuille over the top provides a good crunch and a hint of aromatic, coconut fragrance that is rather refreshing against the other elements. Most peculiar would be the Thai Sweet Chili Caramel; almost like a toned down version of the Thai Sweet Chili dip that we often get to go around the fried dishes at Thai restaurants, it may sound like a strange idea, but the sweetness works well against every single element — even to the extent of binding everything together, whilst carrying just a very light hint of spiciness at the end to tingle the taste buds that most folks should be tolerable to for a slight quirkiness to the dessert. As weird as it may sound, but it was actually rather appealing and surprisingly complimenting.

I always liked how Tom’s Palette carries their experimentation of flavours far beyond one can imagine — that’s exactly how ice-cream flavours like the White Chocolate Nori (my favourite btw) came about; an adventurous mix of flavours that is hard to imagine, but comes off together so perfectly despite how bold it may sound on the menu. This had also become something that shaped the character of Tom’s Palette over the years — somewhere that takes pride in the art of ice-cream making above and beyond with its new and inventive flavours. Looking forward to their next series that is to be launched in December; always enjoy a good plated dessert after all!


The portion is more filling than it looks! The patty was pretty juicy and always love a well toasted bun!!!! But the fries were meh... Was quite a long wait tho

The best combination of smoked salmon and hash in Singapore that Foody has ever tasted! 🐟

Hands down the best American breakfast platter by far. Delicious honey candied bacon topped with Sautéed mushrooms 🥓🍄

Kudos to the chef for the knife work, having sliced the silken tofu so thinly without the slightest crack on them. This was a flavourful dish and the sauce goes well with rice! This happened to be one of their signature dish so you can consider giving it a try!

Was utterly disappointed with the food here I didn’t even bother editing my photos. Ordered 辣子鸡 and it came with that few bits of Chili padi. Initially thought, perhaps those are for decoration, the chicken might have been marinated or seasoned with chilli but no, these were barely spicy. The diced chicken were crispy and decent, and I feel I probably wouldn’t be as annoyed had I not know it was 辣子鸡。

Freshly made bagels from @onalu ! So paiseh to say that this is little Jia's first time trying a bagel 🤧 IT WAS A GREAT VIRGIN TRY! 💓

Somethin’ Fishy ($11) plain bagel is slightly dense on the outside but soft on the inside, with THICC portion of Norwegian smoked salmon🐟, cream cheese, red onions, tomato, and topped with capers and dill. It all came very well together, a big bite provides you with a mouthful of salmon. If you don't mind a savoury bagel that has a slight salmon-fishy taste, you should try this!🤙 I would love to have slightly more cream cheese as it was kinda covered by the salmon taste. But their ingredients are really fresh and substantial! Overall, I would totally recommend you guys to try it! 🥯

Dark chocolate and truffle. There’s a good portion of truffle cream in the middle which is really intense if eaten alone. But together with the dark chocolate mousse, they go really well together.