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I unintentionally left out my specification on having no mayo on my roll, but they were willing to make a new roll for me. So thankful for the service!!

This Anniversary Bundle pays homage to the Taiwanese flavours with bakes that include the Sesame Pepper, Hearty Bo Luo, Sea Salt Luo Song and Mentaiko Luo Song. Out of the four, my favourite has definitely got to be the Mentaiko Luo Song as the salty buttery bun is paired with an umami mentaiko spread that goes perfect with a cup of tea or coffee. If you prefer something with more kick, then the Sesame Pepper is an interpretation of the classic Taiwanese street food snack as it contains a spring onion and pork filling that has been spiced with the right amount of pepper.
✨ Wu Pao Chun Bakery
📍 13 Stamford Road, Capitol Piazza, Unit 01-19/20, Singapore 178905
🌐 https://shop.pickupp.io/
🍴 [Media Delivery]

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Ordered the Tomato Cream Omu Rice ($14.50) & Beef Stew Omu Rice ($16.80) and I find the egg although in both dishes are fluffy, the egg in Beef Stew is not season enough hence lack of flavour. However, I still think is a great dish overall

From Garden to Table! I Am impressed by @thelobbyloungesg new Botanical Classic Afternoon Tea, featuring a variety of botanical-inspired creations crafted with herbs and florals.

Think along with the light flavours of Pistachio Morello Cherry Tart with Lemon Verbena Chutney, or make it your lucky day with the instagrammable Vanilla genoise adorned with a four-leaf clover.

The IMPOSSIBLE burger was such a great deal, juicy and yummy! Definitely worth taking a 1-for-1 deal! Classic cheese burger if you want an alternative to go with the deal!

They say that imitation is the best form of flattery. I was therefore super duper excited to check out London's @burgerandlobstersg which "inspired' the lobster joint craze here long before they even set up shop in Singapore.

My lunch kakis and I shared a combo for 4 which came with a grilled 1.5l fresh Atlantic lobster and 4 mains.

For mains, I had their signature lobster roll. Chilled chunks of lobster meat dressed in lemon mayo is
served in a toasted brioche roll, and accompanied by lemon and garlic butter. I enjoyed the combination of the savoury lobster meat with the sour and creamy lemon and garlic butter. I cant help feeling a little unsatisfied though as portions were on the small side.

The grilled lobster though was a huge disappointment. The 1.5l lobster probably dieted better than I did because they was really not much meat in it. I think they over cooked it because the lobster meat was really dry and dare I say it, tasteless. I also realized after lunch that they did not serve us the accompanying lemon garlic butter which might have helped salvage the dish.

I am not sure if I expected too much but this was a huge disappointment considering the huge hype and fanfare it came with.

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Green Tea Milk Latte ($4.60) taste really quite refreshing but for milk latte taste quite a bit weird :")

You can only get the noodles here. That being said, they’re quite alright. The marinated beef shank noodle with mushroom sauce is nice! We tried the pumpkin soup noodles and it was just ok.

Tried the four cakes they had available today and enjoyed them all! Red velvet, cheesecake, chocolate, pecan pie. The shopkeeper was really friendly too and the shop space was pretty interesting :) 👀


Super worth and affordable! You can get 2 flavors in 1 cup :)

We were pleasantly surprised by this meal as non vegans! The winner was the Orh Luak, ours was with egg, but I think even the vegan option would have been great. Would be willing to return!!! Very flavourful:)

There are quite a number of cafes serving up bottled coffee around the City Hall area, but Berthold Delikatssen’s slow brew coffee line-up is probably the lesser mentioned one of the lot — a cafe that is located at the shopping arcade area of The Capitol Kempinski Hotel; the same area which you will be able to find other F&B establishments such as Broadway American Diner (formerly known as Capitol Milk Bar) and Frieda Restaurant.

Have actually heard about their slow brew coffee line-up quite a couple of months ago — actually had their “The Cool Santa Brew”; a slow brew coffee infused with orange and cinnamon, which was a Christmas special run during December last year when dine-in was allowed. Found myself going for the Veni Vidi Vici and 5pm to-go for the weekend (as with my usual habit of buying bottled coffee to tide over the weekends during the Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) where dine-in is not allowed).

To be very fair, the Veni Vidi Vici isn’t quite my cuppa — whilst I generally favour milkier cold brew/bottled coffees that are slightly sweetened (more of a beverage than a serious caffeine booster, the Veni Vidi Vici reminded me of a rather basic brew made using Arabica beans that is infused with milk and toffee cream; that sort of flat, slightly roasty body which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. That being said, while we had the cold brew just a day after it was being bought (and well before the stated expiry), we weren’t fans of how the cream started to congregate and stuck along the side of the mug we are having it from.

The 5pm is one of those flavours that really intrigued me as a black bottled brew — no milk added, but infused with dark rum and maple syrup. Whilst the base note of the coffee is still rather flat and lacks punchiness, I liked how the dark rum here presented a slight balance without being excessively heavy against the lightness of the black coffee; each sip also comes with a whiff of slight sweetness in its finish after the one tastes the body of the dark rum. It carries what it promises — “shifting one’s daytime energy and unwinding the senses to nocturnal possibilities”; a rather mysterious and dreamy concoction.

Berthold Delikatssen also does offer other intriguing flavours for their slow-brew coffee, including variations such as the Local Hero (slow brew coffee infused with Pandan-infused Coconut Milk, Pandan Syrup and Gula Melaka), and the Ready to Matcha (slow brew coffee blended with Matcha, Milk and Sugar). Their range of slow brew coffee, gourmet spreads and food can be ordered via the website of The Capitol Kempinski Hotel (delivery and self pick-up), and also available for takeaway through walk-ins as well.

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