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Besides the reliable coffee here, you have to give espresso ice cream a try! An applaudable representation of what espresso, with its rich caffeine profile, could be like in a frozen smooth swirl topped with some crunch. This was also an absolute crowd pleaser amongst my dining companions which had an age range from >21 to 65 😂

Seasonal flavour
Cointreau gelato mixed with house-made fruit cake chunks, chopped pecans and chopped almonds

Seasonal flavour
Chocolat Weiss Acarigua 70% dark chocolate gelato mixed with fresh peppermint and white chocolate bark

Seasonal flavour
Brown sugar gelato mixed with gingerbread chocolate chip cookie dough chunks

Used the 1-1 deal, very worth it and the food tastes great. Strongly recommend the Hopscotch Wagyu Burger. Amazing service!

1/10 experience

Overpriced and salty rice bowls. Ridiculous that the original price is ($10.90++) for such ordinary and cheap ingredients. Do remember to present your burpple deal before ordering anything because the owner is very rigid and inflexible about claiming after you place your order. It was our first time eating there and we forgot to ask about burpple before ordering, and the rude owner was very adamant about not allowing us to claim the 1-1 deal. She unreasonably insisted that it was a rule all her customers knew about, while not reminding new customers about this at all.

We were alright with paying the extra $10 but what put us off was how unreasonable and unapologetic the owner was. Despite the lack of clarification she refused to give in.

Overall extremely unpleasant visit, will not recommend and never coming back again.

Affordable rice bowls at City Hall 🍳

Charred with sweetness, the roasted broccoli is flavourful. The old skool rice bowl also came with spam cubes and a runny bed of scrambled eggs. Feels like something reminiscent of home 🏡

Overall, the portions are decent. Good for small eaters. Worth with burpple beyond (each bowl costs only ard $5++) 🍚

Drizzled in teriyaki sauce, the shiitake mushroom is juicy and came with runny eggs too. Love how the tofu is crispy on the outside yet soft and silky on the inside 🍄

All rice bowls on the menu are made with the healthier carbs option Alchemy Fibre™.

New kid on the block @ SMU and my first ever "croffle" (croissant waffle). They've got about 6-8 flavours, all nicely plated. Tiny blistered blueberries, whip and condensed milk -- it's serving looks alright, but taste-wise, it's similar to $1.50 neighbourhood blueberry cheese waffle you can get from the bakery downstairs.

Came here in the afternoon slightly around 1pm+, place was already full house but glad to be served swiftly without any prior reservations (phew)

Had the lunch set (~$9.9++) with side dishes! Love how there’re many selection of mains, kbbq items and sides dishes to choose from — though I wish they also provide us with complimentary drinks/barley tea!

Had wild mushroom risotto and rice wrapped chicken scalloped that compliments each other nicely with the creamy and savory taste. will visit again ❤️