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I just had to! but was a bit disappointed that the hojicha flavour was a bit faint and neither was the roastiness robust enough. the best muffin from chain cafes I have tried so far is @mystarbucks鈥檚 ondeh ondeh muffin which actually has gula melaka sauce inside! wouldn鈥檛 mind one now 馃槍

For an indulgent, creamy treat, head to this new stall in the basement of Raffles City. Famed for their range of delicate cheese cookies, Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory also serves up really amazing Hokkaido Soft Serve (from $4). Burppler Natalie Wong loves that the ice cream is smooth and creamy, while Burppler Yvonne Lo compared it to Japanese cheesecake in ice cream form. Yum! It can be a tough choice deciding between the Cow Cow Milk ($4) and Cow Cow Cheese flavour ($4.50), so consider getting the Cow Cow Twist ($4.50) for a combination of both. Alternatively, get the best of both worlds with the Cow Cow Sundae ($8.50), which sees your choice of soft serve topped with a cheese cookie and a slice of pillowy cheesecake.
Pro tip: The stall has a selection of cookies, cheesecake and roll cake for sale 鈥 perfect for bringing with you for house parties.
Avg Price: $5 per person
Photo by Burppler Natalie Wong

This set consist of 2 Hot Deli, 2 Cold Deli and White Rice聽銆$16.90

鈥婫rilled Pork Collar with Cranberry Sauce & Quinoa (Christmas Delights / Hot Deli)鈥

Sakura Chicken with Curry Miso and Dried Chilli (Hot Deli)
Fried Sakura chicken leg coated with curry miso mayonnaise and dried chilli

Prawn Couscous Salad with Yuzu-sesame Dressing (Cold Deli)
Poached prawns with couscous , broccoli, tomatoes and onion, drizzled with savoury yuzu-sesame dressing.

Triple Nut Rosted Pumpkin and Capsicum Salad (Cold Deli)
Pan roasted pumpkins coupled with capsicums and sprinklings of roasted pine nuts, walnuts and chestnuts that are tossed together in maple balsamic vinaigrette.

This set consist of 1 Hot Deli, 2 Cold Deli and 16 Grain Rice ($1 Top-up)聽銆$13.90

Loving the 16 grain rice that is聽 loaded with a wholesome combination of Niigata Koshihikari Japanese white rice and multi grains. It is a healthy mix that provide vitamins, minerals, fibre and enzymes essentials for metabolism.

Healthy Tofu Patty with Shiitake Mushroom Sauce (Hot Deli)
Homemade healthy tofy patty made up of tofu, soya bean, crunchy hijiki, dried vegetables, edamame, lotus root, quinoa and eggs served with tasty shiitake mushroom sauce.

Smoked Salmon and Fennel Salad (Cold Deli)
Norwegian smoked salmon and marinated salmon flakes tossed with poached fennel, tangerines and quinoa in orange capers mustard dressing.

Thick Omelette with Japanese-style Mushroom (Cold Deli)
Flavoursome thick omelette with crunchy vegetables bites and juicy mushroom slices, topped with Japanese-styled mushroom gravy.

Mushroom Bisque ($2 Add-on)
Rich and creamy bisque made with a blend of mushrooms, herbs, vegetable stock and fresh cream.

-truffle omelette. Inside was generously filled with truffle paste and the texture was creamy. Really such a decadence.
-the breakfast platter.
It consist almost all the breakfast menu under one platter and in small portion.
Really enjoyed the food and ambience here.

For 18 dollars , this was a good deal.

The pizza was perfumed with truffle oil and the mushrooms sit atop an addictive white bechamel sauce. The crust was nice but you have to eat it quick because it tends to get a little soggy in the middle .
Otherwise - this pizza was pretty good :)

If down load the alt pizza app, you get 10 dollars off your bill ( min 30 dollars bill) which makes it so affordable.

Skip the salads or the wings ( which I didn鈥檛 think were as good as the pizzas) .

Go straight for the pizzas :)

Chicken and tofu for 6.80馃憤
This is really delicious and worth your try. They have different don to choose from. Grab yours at raffles city.
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Buttermilk fried chicken, all mine. Jalape帽o corn bread, all mine. Tabasco-infused honey, all mine. A fully satisfied tummy, all mine. Ok, that's all.

Breakfast, brunch or lunch, this is the favourite plate to eat here. Excellent score for the deep fried chicken, so crispy and meat is quite tender. Serve in three big pieces. The soft vanilla buttermilk waffle itself is already tasty on its own, after adding the caramelised sauce, everything simply matches in harmony. $21 for mind blowing experience.

Was trying to go for another two cafes but one is either close for private event, and the other one is fully booked. Was trying to drop by here and see if we manage to find a seat but fortunately we managed to (since it is already 2pm)
Ordered pancakes with banana and walnut and maple syrup ($19.5) and flat white with soy milk ($6, + $1 for soy milk). The pancake comes in three layers and is very fluffy. The flat white os good though it is a bit bitter for my taste. It is hard for a girl to finish one pancake on her own so its better to share.