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Donuts lined up .

Yes - 10 of them and all mine 😝.

Watch out for the secret timing that these donuts are out fresh !

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Matcha Mania ($5.50) + Softserve ($2.00) got bitter but salty aftertaste. I did asked for reheat the cookie and decided to eat in. I found its salty cookie after all. But I didn't want to try it again 😅 For cookie, I realised that first taste like bitter > salty but the final taste like bitter < salty. For Softserve, I felt that not much Matcha taste inside and just add-on for reducing dry taste for cookie.

and on a bed of wine butter sauce and crisp crusts, I recall it tastes like creamy carbonara too. we're more of a fan of their pizzas here (ofc, with it being a Pizza Co). Worth the carbs load.

Honestly this place is perfect for gatherings, and it's tough indeed with crowds dwindling in these few months.

Shopping in Funan is super tired for ladies💃 this steakhouse can serve you a good place to take a rest.
🐂Ribeyes ($48.9) for standard (220g). Potion is not very huge but the steak is surprisingly good with right amount of fat, tender with a good bite, grilled perfectly.
After all, you can enjoy a free ice cream 🍦

This was so good as well.
Drizzled with maple syrup and melted butter, the waffles remained soft and fluffy !!!! The fried chicken also had abit of the maple syrup. Deep fried but it remained juicy and tender!

Ordered the non- spicy version of the ju’s prawn pasta and I loved it !!! It actually tasted abit like carbonara. It was creamy and cheesy. There were 4 prawns inside too..

As for the laska pesto pasta, there’s more of a laska taste as compared to the pesto...

Sinful slices of pork jowl that was well marinated in rice fermentation. Braised for 12 hours before finishing off on a charcoal grill. Yummy!

Yummy pieces of crispy black cod coated with sweet chilli sauce ... goes well with sake!

We used our burpple 1 for 1 for the mains. The sichuan pickle noodles soup was savoury and delightful, and the fish was fresh. The wagyu beef was soft and tender, with proportionate fats to meat ratio, it’s simply heavenly if you are a fan of beef. Shredded beef shank with shredded cabbage was yummy, it’s a sesame based side dish. We wished there were more slices of beef given. Service was good and we were attended to promptly. There was even a refill of tea. Overall, a hearty meal. Would visit again.

Jawa ($6)
Latte Macchiato with gula jawa sprinkled on top @thecoffeeacademicssg . Rich smooth velvety coffee with a hint of sweetness.

Loved it so much that it has been my must have birthday cake for a few years in the row! Cedele is on shopback go and there is an ongoing store promo discount of 15% discount for four sliced cakes! #burpple #burpplesg #shopbackgo #shopbackgosg #cedele #cedelesg #carrotcake

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I am loving the new range of cakes from y y .

Especially this orange chiffon that’s bursting with authentic orange flavour .

Soft , spongy and not too sweet .

This was Wolfed down in seconds ....

Not cheap at 2 dollars for a rather thin cut of cake but worth a try 😉