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Once I took a bite of this bread, it immediately topped my list of favourites from Nayuki. I know what I’m getting the next time I visit for sure.

I can’t get over how impeccably soft this bread is, plus the combination of taro paste and cheese? Who would’ve thought it’d be any good? But it’s actually amazing. I love the pretty swirls of taro in the pillowy soft bread. The slightly sweet taro is what greets you first when you bite into the bread, and while you’re savouring the smooth paste, the chunks of cheese creep up on you and add an extra depth to the taste profile with subtle savoury cheesiness. This loaf of bread brought tons of happiness and satisfaction. Might be considered somewhat expensive - it’s sliced into 4 pieces by default at the bread bar, but I’d buy this in a heartbeat for the pure joy I get from eating delicious bread!

Putien’s signature and must-eat! Doesn’t need a lot of introduction, the food speaks for itself. It’s not the most instagrammable dish cos the essence is truly all deep within the hearty broth

Lychee pork ribs! Ordered the recommendation of the bro who hasn’t been the greatest fan of pork when he was younger. ‘Not exactly the healthiest with pork chunks deep fried, coated with luscious sweet sauce and it being highly addictive too!

Herbally prawn soup served in a bamboo container. I think Possibly steamed in the bamboo container too cos bamboo supposedly helps lock-in the taste. It comes with some goji berries and a lil’ hint of chinese wine 🍷

Fall-off-the-bone tender ribs. Super huge slab of fall-off-the-bone tender meat. Each shred of meat is well soaked with gravy that’s slightly sweet to the taste. It’s slightly steep tho! At $6.50/piece and a minimum of 2 must be ordered

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Ever the innovators, Butterknife Folk was offering four different mooncake and tea gelato flavours for Mid Autumn Festival. We headed down on Mooncake Festival and two days after, and this was what we had the second time.

Honey Orchid Dancong (left):
A collaboration with Pekoe Imp, this tea gelato flavour is incredibly aromatic. The roasted oolong flavour comes out very nicely and it’s not too sweet at all. It’s not as decadent as the other flavours, and is not only a great tea pairing to go with the mooncake flavours, but versatile enough to pair with almost any flavour offered.

Kaya Toast (middle):
A local favourite made into gelato form and Butterknife Folk have indeed done a masterful job. There’s generous green swirls of Kaya in the gelato, as well as crispy pieces of toast that are almost crouton-like. I really really love this flavour, as well as the texture contrast in the creamy gelato and crunchy toast bits. You have to try this one to appreciate how good it is!

Teochew Flaky Yam Mooncake (right):
A festive offering that comes only once a year - this flavour is sure to satisfy those who love this pastry, and those who love yam. The taste of yam isn’t overpowering, but it’s just strong enough to make itself known. The flaky pastry isn’t quite so flaky anymore, but still provides a light crispy texture when bitten into. If you like yam but didn’t quite like the Orh Nee flavour on rotation here a while back because of the shallot oil aroma, be glad to know that you won’t get any of that here at all. However, you’ll probably have to wait till next year to get your hands on it when mooncake festival comes round.

This was the small one. Got a bigger size. Quite fragrant. I was concerned abt the alcohol but I was assured by a staff member that all alcohol was evaporated after baking, so pregnant women and children can eat with no worries. The bread had a nice chew. Lychee flesh was present throughout the bread, and bits of walnuts for pleasant crunch. Overall on the sweet side cos of the lychee flesh, which offered bursts of tangy sweetness in almost every bite. Supposed to have rose petals but I didn’t really notice it. Can ask the cashier to slice for you. I was told this bread could be kept outside for 3 days and up to 1 week in the fridge.

The beef patty was juicy and quite substantial, cooked to the right degree at medium. Accompanied with thick cut fries and rocket leaves at the side.

One of the best chilli crab pastas I've ever had!! And that says a lot, because I'm such a fan of this fusion dish! The crab meat was fresh and pretty generous, and I love the chilli crab sauce which is very similar to the original dish - thick, slightly spicy and just the right sweetness. Would defo order this again!


Tasty soft serve from nasty cookie. A sweet end to a dinner. Have this if you’d like a simple soft serve done well (or miss IKEA’s haha). The topping is Biscoff! $3.20 per scoop.

Had the ebiko prawn w small flat noodles — the noodles are made fresh, and the tomato soup was tasty. Looks as great as it tastes. The egg was made to perfection. Used 1-for-1 here, $13.90 for two bowls.

Went on a weekday night for dinner, no queue, only 5 mins waiting time for a table. Was recommended by a friend that their tsukumen is better than their soup one, so decided to try their tsukumen. The dipping broth is flavourful and citrusy, goes really well with the noodle! Would return again.


Taste: 4/5

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