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Ordered their pizzas too but didn’t manage to get a shot before we gobbled the food down! Chicken carbonara didn’t go wrong but might be gelat if it’s just for 1. I liked the BBQ chicken pizza while my friends enjoyed the four cheese tomatoes thin crust they are super generous with the cheese the pull was amazing!!. Really like it that yellow cab’s pizzas are generally thin crusts (even the regular doughs!) but other than that, didn’t find their pizzas exceptionally outstanding!

ordered the normal cus i basic the black fungus nice noodle texture nice i ordered normal i cant imagine how soft would be sia. soup i order normal also but i think can go light cus rly v gao

Sweet notes of coffee, caramel, mocha, rum. And even the candy bits at the side of the glass add a different dimension to the cocktail.

First bite was wow! Very good blend of flavour espcially if you like mushrooms and a creamy texture.

National Day Special
Made using black tea and calamansi lime

Handmade pulled noodles in a divine tomato broth, with beef slices for $13.90.

Every bowl of Noodles comes with half a ramen egg as well!

Been here a few times and the quality is consistent! They have a great weekday Lunch set promo going on for 9.90++

Rib Tacos and Shrimp tacos are delicious, also enjoy the ambiance, very relaxing

National Day Special
Made using laksa paste, coconut milk, laksa leaves and tau pok

National Day Special
Made using black tea, condensed milk and ginger

National Day Special
Made using banana, banana jam and goreng pisang batter

So this is 900g of Sri lankan crab, a reasonable price.

Crab might just be the best prep I've had so far, the meat was v succulent and not dry at all. The zhup tho, is where the magic lies. There's lard, a lot of crab umami, garlic, ginger, oyster sauce, and probably a lot of other ingredients lol. It's so comforting and indulgent at the same time. My advice is probably don't get 4 rolls of cheongfun, maybe at most 3, because the intense zhup is limited. The claypot infuses a wok hei into the Cheong fun as it's lightly burnt.

Cheong fun texture was excellent too. It was springy and smooth, due to the generous amount of oil between layers(not greasy though).

Take note this is off the menu, so usually they're curious if they don't rmb you since usually only regulars will know lol. Definitely a must try dish if you're willing to spend 50, it feeds 2 perfectly(don't have to order anything else)

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More like a jam in consistency and looks, it's v appetising and it's not sold commercially, just supplied to restaurants in unlabelled plastic containers