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I was there for their weekend dim sum brunch buffet on the 25th Sept last month and was pleasantly surprised. They offer a good variety and quality food with a modern twist. Few to mention are the must try IMO: baby abalone Shumai, Peking duck roll, duo prawn combination, Australian striploin, sweet & sour kurobuta pork, Cantonese style hor fun and Wagyu fried rice (lots of wok hei), deep fried sesame ball.

Must orders are the specially crafted delights which are 1 serving per item per pax which means you get to order all 3 items on the menu once: mini Buddha jump over the wall, braised sliced abalone with sea cucumber and steam Boston lobster. Full of flavours and doneness done right!

My party of 4 also opted for the “SIP”, unlimited beverages which include cocktails, wine and beer. No surprises we were happily focused on the cocktails throughout our 2 hour brunch. Despite a small cocktail menu of 5, superb SUPERB cocktails - I meant all of the 5. Good range from sweet, easy to drink to stronger in taste profile smokier. Love the portofino which was their signature - fruity. East mule was great too with herbaceous and hint of spice.
The amount of alcohol was just right for brunch - no one wants drunk and noisy customers during service. Appreciative of the additional alcohol strength for the last rounds of drinks. The SIP menu also included mock tails, tea, soft drinks and juices which we didn’t order.

Service was great, food came timely (restaurant was about 70% capacity). Lighting at table was sufficient bright with dimer lightings in the dining hall.

Interesting to find a Japanese restaurant @flo_bistro located by the street in High Street Plaza.

Check out the Mains All In One Lover (S$60.90++) which is great for 4 paxs to share and came with Kurobuta Loin Katsu, Karaage, Nanban, 4 Black Tiger Ebi Fry, 4 Kaki Oyster Fry, Crab Cream Croquette with Homamade Tartar and Tonkatsu Sauce.

From the YAKITORI 烧鸟 menu, we tried Tebasaki (Chicken Wing) (S$2.90++/ stick), Momo (Chicken) (S$1.90++/ stick), Japanese Shiitake Mushroom (S$1.80++/ stick), Butabara (Pork) (S$2.50++/ stick), , Quail Eggs (S$1.90++/ per stick of 3pcs), Cherry Tomato (S$0.90++/ stick of 3 pieces) and Japanese Broccoli (S$1.40++/ stick)

We also had Unagi Kabayaki which was quite tender.

Accompanied the meal with Ayu Masamune Tokubetsu Honjozo Namachozo (S$39++/ 300ml) where we get to select the drinking cup.

Currently the restaurant is having Beer Tower Promotion. If you are a beer lover, you should check out this place.

FLO Bistro
Address 🛖 : 77 High Street, # 01-04 High Street Plaza, Singapore 🇸🇬 179 433
Open 🕰️ : Mon - Sat : 11am - 12am

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This was amazing paired with some naan. Wiped the bowl clean with what’s left of our naan

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So far visited Nalan twice and we ordered this Cauliflower dish on both times because it was that awesome 👍🏻

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Tiramisu fans like me will be pleased with their Sensational Tiramisu ($12.90), available in 3 delightful flavours:
🍓 Strawberry
🍠 Taro
🫐 Blueberry
I tried their Strawberry flavour & it was quite tangy & creamy; not bad at all! ✨️

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Pancake lovers can opt for their Honey Soufflé ($18.90) too, which was absolutely thiccccc, soft & fluffy! Laced with honey 🍯 & topped with fresh fruits 🍓, this is not too sweet on the overall.

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It is cuteness overload with Cutie Bingsu ($13.90), a 🆕️ yoghurt/coconut flavoured bingsu that is beary adorable! 😍 I would say it's very coconutty 🥥, with poppin' fruity pearls hidden within. Topped with a chocolate ice cream bar 🍫, this is the perfect sweet treat for me!

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This is one truly a signature item on Paradise Dynasty menu, a dim sum basket with 8 unique colours in different taste.

There’s original flavour, ginseng, foie gras, black truffle, cheesy, crab roe, garlic and szechuan. There’s a sequence you should follow in order to enjoy each of them.

Starting from a lighter taste with the original flavour, you slowly getting more stronger taste as you continue. That’s why you end with szechuan flavour.

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When you have too much meat on the table, you need some green.

We gotten this vegetable dish which is light in the taste.

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Who could resist dishes with chilli vinaigrette and of course it has to be on our table. The pork dumplings is soft and comes in big sizes for your to enjoy.

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Good as a side dishes to go with your main, every single piece of century egg strong with the Chili Vinaigrette taste.

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Every anniversary of Paradise Group between September to November is all their members looking forward to, because you will entitled for super decent discount such as $40 off $80.

This is totally a good deal to enjoy some of their delicious foods. So we ordered a few dishes.

First on table is the crispy sweet & sour pork, which was so juicy in sweet and sour sauce.

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