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Top 10 places in City Hall, Singapore.
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1 for 1 with burpple beyond
Juicy burger but slightly small portion for beef cheek

It's Just Peachy with Rose Cloud
Winter White Grape with Cheese Cloud

I personally prefer cheese cloud (salted) while the boyf prefers rose cloud (sweet). Winter white grape has a nice aroma while retaining the taste of tea while the peachy drink reminds me of pink dolphin but the boyf denies.

1-for-1 Beverage with Burpple Beyond ✌ (U.P. $5.50 Each)

the balance of flavours is rly amazing! they r q generous w the salmon, and the saltiness of the salmon was neutralized by the pickled radish and zucchini. i usually pick out onions from my food but i made sure to finish every bit of them this time round bc they had this sweet, tangy taste and added a crunch to the toast!! thought the toast wouldn't b much but i ended up filling q full lol. the place had such a chill vibe and definitely going back to try their seed butter toast!

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Oyster and Cod Fish was really good.
Sashimi was alright, weird though it doesnt have a local’s favourite, which is salmon. Prawn sashimi may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Overall i feel that the 1 for 1 for this omakase is a marketing gimmick. The items and portions on this menu is definitely worth less than $60 per head if you would ask me, let alone $120. You are not getting the “omakase” experience as well. i have concluded that “Special” set menus made specifically for burpple promos definitely will not save you any money. You usually end up paying the full cost for the meals. Ichiban boshi or sushi tei are definitely more worthy options.


Located at 25 Seah Street, #01-01 Singapore 188381.
Steamed white chicken rice with egg, $6.80. #TGIF lunch today for a plate of delightful and fragrant chicken rice! We love it’s tenderness and flavorful steamed chicken.. Chicken rice texture is good and don’t forget to goes along with their 🌶 chilli! .

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Having their Matcha°2 ($6.10), it was distinctively rich with a good dose of umami and bitterness. Dense, the ice cream also held up pretty well in the weather and the texture gave the treat a very decadent mouthfeel. Flavourwise, matcha lovers looking for more astringency can definitely go one level up.

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Chanced upon this cozy cafe nestled in NLB Bugis because of the Entertainer app. It was perfect for a quiet dinner catchup with my friend - and neither of us even knew this place existed even though she frequents the library!

I think there’s only one menu placed at the cashier counter which is slightly inconvenient. Brought the menu to our table to decide what to order and we settled on these cheese fries as our appetiser. When I went to order, the staff were approachable and familiar with using the entertainer app to redeem offers.

The fries were served quickly. They were fried to a crisp golden brown and slathered with nacho cheese and bacon. Perfection. I loved the fries - they were crispy on the outside and had a good thickness so you don’t have to endure so much potato filling overload per crispy goodness. Loved the nacho cheese sauce, although the bacon bits were a bit too overfried and became crunchy rather than crispy. We had no problems polishing off the top layer - but the serving size was actually quite huge and we couldn’t finish the fries at the bottom without cheese. Would be good with more cheese sauce and it would be a good appetiser to share with even larger groups!

The crustier the crab, the tastier the snacc - and crusty indeed was the Chilli Crab Pasta ($19) that came with a soft shell crab like a cherry on top. The seaweed shreds were a little too overloaded for my liking and the sauce certainly could’ve been richer, but it was a worthwhile meal for the deal nonetheless!

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Noodles were a bit lumpy today but still enjoyable. Requested for less chilli but the message wasn't passed on to the uncle 🙄 Plus points for free flow lard and garlic.


Was really looking forward to some soup but this was disappointing. While fish was fresh, the sour plum was overpowering and the soup was barely drinkable. Probably sticking w the normal soup. The other time I had some tom yum prawn bisque which was a special. Didn’t cut it. I’ll still go back to soup spoon. But sticking w mushroom/ clam/ chicken mushroom stew