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From the Burpple community

But this should be what you're really here for.

It's Thai beef, not Thai wagyu crossbreed tho. Nonetheless, it's truly mindblowingly good. There's this sweet glaze and somehow the charcoal, the oil, the sweetness and the umami comes tgt for an explosive mouthful. It's chewy but appropriately so, and the beef lard cubes sandwiched in the middle gives it an almost wagyu-like experience where the fats overwhelm your mouth, in the best way(not overly greasy). Thai beef rlly has a lot of flavour

They're good on their own but the chili sauce is very unique too and rlly good with the beef. It adds sourness and heat, but not too much of the latter, such that I couldn't stop dipping it despite my aversion for sauces in the presence of good meat.


The soup is quite different from normal, it's thinner and more one dimensional. Not to say it's not good tho

Beef balls were v good, seems like high quality factory made ones. Meat was avg, liver was creamy but it seems that it's v difficult to get rid of the slight stench. Tendon had some structure still, it's not completely melt in your mouth

I hate this kind of thin vermicelli, it's not the normal beef noodles type it's super dry. Avoid it like a plague

I didn't see any option to add the wagyu, I guess u had to ask them off the menu

Overall this dish was alright

The skewers were freaking bomb diggity as well, arrived glistening with oil and had the right balance of meat and fats with every bite. This is heart cloggingly good 👍🏼

So I finally tried the 2 famous beef noodle stall in Bangkok. Went to Rod Dee Dee as seen on #xiaxue stories multiple times where she always rave about their atas beef noodle with Ribeye and Wagyu options. Her recommendation is solid af guys, I got the Ribeye and “chefs kiss”, it was freaking bomb diggity.

Not the cheapest beef noodle in Bangkok but you won’t regret it so just slurp joyously at this joint!

The broth was a dream - delicious and aromatic with such robust flavor that's hard to explain. It can be quite salty, but definitely a comforting meal. Their regular beef noodle though, albeit flavoursome, definitely pales in comparison to their ribeye.

The best thing about the soup was the stewed, Chinese spiced beef – Nuea Pueay, it literally melts your mouth. I could eat a whole bowl of the beef on its own.

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