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Populus Scramble $17++ add-on Mushroom $4.50++ Scrambled eggs, fresh herb melange, marinated feta, back bacon, toasted croissant. Scrambled eggs are soft and creamy. I don’t taste any feta but it’s still good scrambled eggs. Bacons are crispy but not crispy as a cracker, which I appreciate. Add-on mixed mushrooms are also tasty (although slightly expensive at $4.50 for such a small portion). They taste like they have been cooked with balsamic vinegar. It is not as wow as their french toast for me but still a yummy, well executed plate of food. I like their coffee. It is bold and not acidic - choose the 6oz white coffee over the 8oz and ‘Magic’ for a bolder, less milky cuppa
Butter Rum Banana French Toast $20++ Baked vanilla brioche, butter rum bananas, pistachio crumb, natural yogurt. It is a well thought out dish and all the components works so well together The french toast is custardy in the middle and yet flaky and crisp around the edges. The bananas are yum - they are nicely caramelised and the pistachio crumb adds another textural dimension when you eat it with the mushy bananas. The yogurt itself is not sweet and thus, is the perfect addition that brings the dish together - another sweet sauce like honey would have made the dish overly sweet. This is now my favourite french toast in Singapore. Their coffee is also not bad - strong and not acidic. My first time at this cafe but definitely not my last.
Flat White So good to be dining in at cafe and enjoy a cuppa coffee
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For a Nutritious Aussie-inspired Brunch Complete with a trampoline and extensive food options for both adults and kids, this quaint spot is ideal for a lazy weekend brunch with the fam. Go straight for their flavourful Smashed Avo ($18) with dukkah, a crowd favourite. Otherwise, the Meredith Goat's Cheese with Thyme Roasted Mushrooms ($18) is a killer alternative with goat's cheese, roasted portobello chunks and sprouts on sourdough. Wash it down with a Flat White ($6) and you're golden. Photo by Burppler Victoria Cheung
Smashed Avo Super colourful, loved the addition of the dukkah which provides a unique taste to the smashed avo. Presentation skills 100/100 and the smashed avo was rly flavourful w the furikake too. Added pomegranates for extra colour, juiciness n a burst of sweet
After a long day at work, I want to takeaway my food so I can rush home to indulge in my Korean dramas or variety shows. With the newly added feature on @foodpandasg, I can easily switch from Delivery to Pick-Up, thereby skipping the queues to pick up my order directly from the restaurant. And guess what - This helps to save around 100 hours a year! Plus there’s no minimum order value & no delivery fees~ To celebrate the launch of the new feature, you get to stand a chance to win up to $1,000. Just simply submit your answer to the question: What would YOU do with 100 hours? and submit it via foodpanda's website (link) before 30 November! The lucky winner will be announced on their social media channels - May the most creative, wacky answer win! #foodpandasg
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Open Farm Community Delivery. This is restaurant that is passionate about sustainable dining and celebrating local produce. I've dined there several times, and they serve locally sourced, seasonal and innovative dishes. 🔸 I'm glad that they're doing delivery this Circuit Breaker, and of course as much as we want to reduce waste, you'll expect them to use environmentally friendly disposables too. 🔸 Pictured is their Fish Set for Two ($90), comprising of: * Steamed Tiberias Barramundi * Corn and Coconut Chowder * Genting Tomato Salad * French Fries * Choice of two donuts - Chocolate and Pineapple pictured. 🔸 In addition to the Fish Set, also pictured is an ala carte order of Duck Rilette ($20) with House Sourdough Crackers, and Cauliflower Wings ($16) in Tamarind Miso Glaze. 🔸 These are healthy and tasty dishes. Not to mention that we are also supporting local farmers, produce, and sustainable farming. 🔸 Besides Open Farm, some other Spa Esprit Group's F&B brands are also offering pick-up and delivery orders - The Butcher's Wife, Drunken Farmer and Tiong Bahru Bakery.
Roselle Chocolate Sorbet This is my favourite ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Open Farm Community uses almost all their ingredients from the edible garden!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ This dish is Roses For Chocolate - roselle jam and sorbet, chocolate mousse & crumble (VG)⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I'm madly in love with the dark chocolate mousse and the crumble, with a little cold and soury in the middle of this dessert. It is light and refreshing for a dessert.
Roasted Broccoli Topped with cured egg yolk and sunflower seed. Paired with butter sesame sauce. $16++
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📍🇸🇬 Singapore Conveniently located above City Hall MRT and @thebotanicrestaurant has a relaxing vibe. And another highlight was their healthy choices menu. Botanic Plate (VG) | S$24, served with grilled tofu, quinoa tabbouleh, smoked eggplant, cassava, sauerkraut and pickles. My personal choice and recommendation because I really like it. Love all the colours and very tasty too. Organic Pork | S$36, served with sauce gribiche and roasted peppers. The pork was tender and juicy! Guacamole (V) | S$9, served with picked shallot and crisps. Who loves guacamole dip? I like it with my nachos!
TGIF means time to celebrate for the weekend again! Been to @thebotanicrestaurant and we found ourselves drawn back for their yummy Mediterranean fusion food. We loved a good risotto and also grilled squid, so having both in 1 was just great for us. It was the 2nd time we ordered their Harissa roasted Spatchcock and we still loved it, and so was their pork belly. The nice thing about their dishes was that besides showcasing the key ingredient, the seasoning and sauces were just as on point. Definitely delicious stuff we’ll recommend.
I makan
Saturday agenda- Brunch, booze & bubbles. Glazed Organic Pork Ribs and Tuna Ceviche (presented in a poké concept) are 🆕 at @thebotanicrestaurant . 📹 & 📝 @myjream . Location: @thebotanicrestaurant The Botanic, 252 North Bridge Road, Raffles City Shopping Centre, #01-22A, Singapore 179103 . #thebotanicrestaurant #burpple #burpplesg
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Too Pricy Very Little Quantity We ordered a falafel salad and hummus platter which was over $15 but too little. The burger was too tiny and was surprised by the size of it. Don't get me started on the Kombucha drink. I wouldn't go there again.
[📍Afterglow by Anglow] After seeing several mix reviews online as well as seeing them featured on foodking "healthy food" episode, I was a little curious to try their #eatclean food (especially since they also serve raw vegan food which sounds interesting). However, i was quite hesitant to try due to mix reviews online about how the portion was really small and how raw vegan food was an acquired taste. We ordered the: 1. Avocado kimchi rolls ($14) -Served with almond sushi 'rice', housemade kimchi and topped with avocado. - My mum felt that the sushi was too dry for her liking as they used nuts rather than rice. For me, i felt that the kimchi did add a crunchy and juicy texture to the entire dish. The dish wasnt mindblowingly tasty and tasted pretty average. Its definitely drier than the avocado sushi that has sticky moist japanese rice. Having been in korea for months for my semester exchange, i felt that the kimchi taste was too mild for my liking and wasnt very authentic. -3/5 2. Acai Bowl ($15) -Acai berry, raw museli, seasonal fruits and raw berry puree. -This acai bowl was TOOOO SWEET for our liking. It totally lacked the sour accent of berries. The raw museli was too hard for us that we didnt finished it. Overall we didnt enjoy it as it felt really one dimension and all we could remember about this dish was just the word SWEET. I felt that the sweetness masked the acai profile (as we couldnt taste the fruity red wine flavour with chocolate overtones that most acai blend have). -The portion is really very small (probably between the size of a medium to large acai bowl) and for $15, it is a tad too pricey, especially since the ingredients/toppings were very little. -0/5 Worth it: 1/5. Yeap i have to agree with the online reviews that the small portion certainly does not justify its price (with 10% svc). Also, the taste was below/just average and hence i wouldnt pay so much for it. Ps. We went to try as we saw that they have 50% discount for EATIGO users at weird timings (ie 3-4.30pm) if you are interested to try then i feel using the eatigo deal would be better. Taste: 1.5/5 Overall: 2.5/10 No go😖😖 not for us😅 Can go Must go #burpple
Jie Yin
Salted Caramel Two thin slices of salted caramel cake with interesting bits of nuts and fruit - dragon fruit, blueberries on top. The cake is smaller than it looks in the image but heavy to eat. It is not too sweet and contains honey (so do let them know if you can’t take honey) which I liked.
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Acai Berry Bowl $14 + Banana Peanut Butter Cacao $14 Personally, I wouldn't pay $14 for the bowls if it wasn't for the chope voucher I bought. Acai Berry Bowl - the acai wasn't as icy cold and thick as I wanted, I found it to be slightly watered down (as compared to the other acai bowls I tried before). Portion was pretty small and little given that it is priced at $14. Banana Peanut Butter - not acai bowl, not exactly sure it was but tasted like fruits with blended oats and peanut butter. My boyfriend didnt really enjoyed it as he felt that it tasted like baby food. I kinda like it as I could taste the cacao flavors and there were crunchy nuts in it. But then again, with the price tag in mind, I find it not really worth it.
Smashed Avocado On Sourdough + Smoked Salmon & Poached Eggs I admit I was drawn in by the name, plus they serve healthy food which would cater to my health-conscious girlfriend. This was one of the three mains that we ordered to share. I’m a fan of cafes that smash the avocado for you and have some sort of seasoning inside as it’s easier to spread all over the bread. The smoked salmon and eggs were added at an additional cost, but they really elevated this dish. The lava flow from the perfectly poached eggs coated the zesty spiced smashed avocado, resulting in a luxurious creamy spread. The sourdough wasn’t particularly memorable as it didn’t have much of a tang, but it served its purpose as a vessel for the smashed avocado and wasn’t too hard overall. The smoked salmon added a layer of savouriness to the dish to round off the luxuriant creamy fattiness of the avocado, and really completed the whole dish. I would recommend adding on at least the smoked salmon or some ham to the avocado toast unless you REALLY love avocado as it becomes quite one dimensional and boring after a while. Carrotsticks and Cravings is a really chill and cute location to spend with your girlfriends or bae along charming Robertson Quay. It is actually much pricier than a regular cafe in my opinion for the quality and innovation of food served, but I guess it’s the location that contributes to its priciness. Pro tip: ask for a table inside, or at least under the building instead of the umbrellas as it gets extremely windy sometimes and stuff starts falling over on the table, plus hearing the umbrellas grate against the wall is not a nice sound or feeling.
Manwich Checked out Carrotsticks & Cravings’ latest outpost at Rodyk Street; a more accessible location compared to their Loewen store. Opted for the Manwich, which came with elements such as large herb sourdough, house roasted leg ham, cheddar, truss tomato seeded mustard, and a choice of side salad or avocado (we opted for the latter). The bread was crisp and provided a good chew, carrying tension with every bite, while the cheddar was all melted, gooey and stretchy, binding all the elements such as the thick cuts of ham altogether. The avocado helped to add a smooth, buttery texture that helps to neutralize all of what that is gong on in the sandwich. A pretty substantial portion, as compared to the other brunch plates available here — that being said, still pretty satisfying.
Xing Wei
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