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From the Burpple community

Though this place is famous for its som tam, I wasn't terribly impressed by it. The dressing was salty but everything was quite tasteless. I've definitely had better ones. This was also a fiery one so, if you can't hold your spice - don't order it.

Located on the Soi 5 side alley of Siam Square, this Thai food joint is frequented by lots of local young professionals. The queue can be quite long in the evenings on week days so, best to go a little earlier to avoid the wait. You place your order outside before you get your table. Seems strange but it does mean that you get your food almost immediately once you're seated.

Surprisingly, these noodles were my favourite order. The rice noodles were a little softer (?overcooked) than what were probably used to, but it was quite nicely seasoned. What made it better was the pork floss and deep fried pork skin crunchies on top that gave it added sweet and saltiness.

Very much loved the amount of spices that went into this - lemon grass, shallots and all sorts of herbs that I am unable to distinguish. The resultant flavour was as herbal as it was porky. Very pleasing on the palette.


Was excited to try Som Tam Nua, only to leave disappointed. The Som Tam here is very mild. While it was spicy, it was more of a slow burn than a spicy kick, which I very much preferred. I still think the best som tams are those by the road.


Was very excited to try their Som Tam after the bad papaya salad we had at Or Tor Kor, but expectations were met with disappointment! Don't get me wrong that the Som Tam wasn't inedible just that the green papaya was rather tasteless if not for the decent sauce the salad was drenched in! Fried chicken here is a must order though, tasty and well marinated! Thai sausages were decent too!


One of the go-to places for Thai Fried Chicken. Well marinated and fragrant chicken mid-joints that goes well with a can of iced cold Coke.