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From the Burpple community

($5.30) I just bought it bc my mum always like black sesame stuff due to health benefits lol. But I personally felt that they give enough filling inside the bread and also pricing for each bread go up to $4 and above. Black sesame filling (sweet) just be got complement with peanut crumb (savoury) on top of the bread.

($4.80) I didn't expected that I just enjoyed their bread to be freshly made from fresh yeast but then matcha cream was quite rich, creamy and milky but taste quite sweet. Red Bean is not much inside the matcha cream so overall it's decent cream puff bread.

($5.90) I wanted to try this bread for a long time since last year lol but then I just cannot go specially for this bread lol at tanglin mall and great world city as it's too troublesome and out of my way. So I decided to try it out this legandary bread from Bakery 1946 with my parents. But I did reheat the bread at oven so the cream cheese just melted off but the sweet chunky apple taste like mcds apple pie sauce lol :) Can try for it out for taste experience but then I would not getting it next time if they come back again.