Tea Press (Damansara Uptown)

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The Japanese Tea Roasters, we offer premium Japanese tea and signature desserts Mochi.

46G, Jalan SS21/39
Petaling Jaya 47400

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11:00am - 10:00pm


11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

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Daifuku strawberry, Neriki, Sakura Mochi, Hot Hojicha.
Great desserts and tea house.


This little Japanese tea salon located at Damansara Utama is a perfect place to rewind after a long day at work. They have quite a big selection of Japanese Tea and Desserts.

My all time favourite here would be the Daifuku and Japanese WarabiMochi, starch jelly coated with soy bean powder and served with brown sugar! Addictive yet not overly sweet for my liking. A good spot for date nights too!


Teapress Japanese tea rosters as the name suggested are well known for their teas and also their ever so photogenic and adorable sweet treats that truly are a scrumptious partner with their well thought after tea menu.. Well other than the petite daifuku's which are their best seller, we came across something that is rather unique and not found in most Japanese restaurant menu which is the Ochazuke.. Ochazuke is actually a rice dish with a tea broth and sometimes the rice dish will be accompanied by either Salmon or Saba.. So when we were browsing through its newly revamped menu, we were really elated to find such a dish and didn't hesitate to have a go with it! So in their menu they have a Salmon or Saba option which is of same price and we went for the Salmon Ochazuke (RM15).. The wait wasn't too long and while you beginning to enjoy the wonders of the tea you've chosen, there comes the Ochazuke being serve together in a tray which is reminiscent to the style of a bento.. In that tray, it consists of the rice bowl which is has generous sprinkles of Mentai salmon that was crumbled and sliced seaweed and alongside it is a pot of tea broth that is warm and the plate of additional tea bits.. After pouring that lovely broth, we immediately had the first spoonful of it and it was really a surprise how light the tea was in terms of the color but in terms of the flavour is was really intense yet pleasant and it goes swimmingly well with the salmon and the rice.. This bowl is truly an amazing bowl of contrasting textures and flavours yet it goes harmoniously together in every spoonful!


This quaint little tea salon located in the heart of Damansara Uptown vicinity is an amazing escape from the bustling traffic that you would experience the moment you enter their doors.. As the whole salon isn't big in terms of space but it's petite space gives you a strong Japanese aura and zen vibe that somehow calms you down and it's music is really calming as well. The menu is quite concise with detailed items ranging from their teas, coffees to beautiful little dessert and also savoury onigiri! Not to forget; they do have a set lunch including drinks for RM20.. Their interior set up do reminiscent of a Japanese sushi bar with its counter that is like an omakase about to happen but in this case it's the showcase on the art of brewing tea that takes the spotlight.. The tea that I tried today is Hoji Tea (RM10) and you are given 3 cups as they want you to fully appreciate the tea flavours and body without compromising on its quality. The Hoji Tea is carefully brewed by their staff and it's does have a strong yet fragrant toasty aroma,nuttiness and a hint of roasted brown rice on the palate with a medium body that compliments well the desserts or your savoury meal.. To pair with this medium bodied yet well balanced tea is the Daifuku strawberry (RM5) which is their best seller, they do have other types as well.. The daifuku is really delicious and not overly sweet as it has a smooth and chewy outer skin of Mochi that covers the strawberry like a second skin and in between that is the thin coating of azuki (red bean) paste that just lifts up the strawberry sourish nature with it's sweet yet smooth and fine paste.. Really delicious tea time treat!

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抹茶あんみつ (green tea anmitsu) is a summer Japanese dessert.

The anmitsu from teapress come with small cube of green tea jelly, dango mochi, red bean paste and Hokkaido green tea ice cream.

All element work together perfectly to create a light and enjoyable dessert. On the background is my all time favorite わらび餅 (warabi mochi). It's a must during every visit.

Not to miss out their selection of Japanese tea as well, the current special is rose pedal green tea that really nice to enjoy. Highly recommend this place if you would like to enjoy good and light Japanese dessert with a cup of nice Japanese tea. (This is my fav place to enjoy Japanese sweets 😊)


A glutinous cake served on a cherry blossom leaf. The leaf is edible leh! Like what my mom would say "If it is on a plate, and if it doesn't kill you, you EAT IT!" The saltiness from the leaf gives a good balance to the sweetness of the red bean paste filling.

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