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From the Burpple community

Pretty mediocre, as expected from the stall in a touristy area. The pad thai was pretty bland on itself, and it was the meat that gave it some flavours.

Tired from an afternoon of shopping and decided to hop outside to the street stalls for some light bites. The fried shrimps were decent but I can’t say the same ⁣for the cheese balls. Thick batter and doughy, you’ll just crave for water after a few mouths of it. ⁣

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Been eating so much ice cream in Bangkok because the heat is unforgiving. I mean it’s 37°C can you believe it. It’s human body temperature sheesh

70 baht

The prettiest presentation of Mango Sticky Rice I’ve seen in Thailand, heart shape and all.

The rice is warm and soft with just the right amount of coconut milk on it. Mango is sweet but it doesn’t look like they used a whole mango.

Stall is easy to order from as lots of tourists dine at the food court so no issues for tourists who can’t speak Thai.

if you only have room for one dish at the food court, let this be the one. I was initially so skeptical because this didn't look like it was special but I was so wrong. carrot cake chunks, egg, sweet cabbage and assorted seafood crisped up in the small pans. don't miss this!


50bhat (a little >$2) for a scoop of swensen's coconut ice cream on a cone!!! We loved the coconut ice cream here with coconut bits within!