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IMO they used too much MSG in the soup, but after the renovation they seem to reduce that. Same as during their pre-renovation days, the ingredients are fixed, but each of them still chewy and good nonetheless. Now they also allow cashless payment, making lunch more convenient. Drinks are alright, but if you don't fancy the drink here a number of cafés and Tiong Bahru Market is also nearby!

Anyway if you da bao they also give you the soup separately.
In frame:
• Dry Yong Tau Foo [$5]

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Bowls here come with a fixed selection of ingredients ($5)! I haven’t had this in years, and found it a tad pricey. But I was surprised by the sheer amount of ingredients and how tasty they were! The soup was clear and light. I loved the long rolls of beancurd skin!!

Prawn cracker, water chestnut cake, yam roll. I knew nothing about this eatery so selected three items that could define wu xiang. Overall okay but nothing special. For once, the cracker was too oily for me to finish.

Thr laksa broth is extremely tasty. The yong tau foo pieces and bee hoon soaks up this rich broth wonderfully! The only downside is that it is quite unhealthy....

They recently renovated the coffee shop so seating is much more spacious and clean! The quality of the yong tau foo pieces is good and portions are very generous. However, I found the soup a bit bland.

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Ytf beehoon soup ($5). A simple and delicious meal. The ytf was fresh and yummy. Paired with the self made chilli sauce, perfect match! +$1 to add veg. Also comes in dry.