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From the Burpple community

Yes, I had it again. Hey the placement of the fruits are different today!!! Probably cause it was a different staff. Simple yet brings sweetness into my heart. I can't have enough of sweet stuffs...

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This is an easy waffle. A good waffle means a base soft AND crispy, topped with fresh fruits and finished with pour and extra pour of maple syrup. Sweet die me but it always put a smile on my face :DDD
Slight improvement could be GIVE ME MORE FRUITS!!!


• Latté: Coffee is not strong. Milk put so much. Apple + Peach Waffle: Waffle not crispy from outside and not warm. Ratings: 4/10

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Crisp Buttermilk Waffles that is of the typical standard of Stranger Reunion's topped with brûlée bananas, walnut crumbles and strawberries as well as Vanilla Ice-Cream. Vanilla Ice-Cream was smooth and rich, with caramalised walnut crumbs for a sweet tinge of nuttiness. Extra love for the brûlée bananas which was coated with a layer of crystallized sugar that cracks with a bite mimicking the surface of creme brûlée.


The waffles were average but the truffle fries were to die for.

($14.80) thick, fluffy and flavorful waffles! My friend and I had the red velvet wages and apple crumble waffles. The apple crumble one had ample fillings and the vanilla bean ice cream complemented the hot waffle very well. Would return to try more flavors! coffee was mediocre and too acidic.