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[ Food Week — Heritage Restaurants ] Some of you may already be familiar with Red Star — either from their extensive history as one of Singapore oldest and more premiere heritage restaurants, or during the recent news coverage of heritage restaurants struggling during this pandemic.

I'm quite a newcomer to the heritage restaurant scene. Prior to that, I'd no problems subsisting only on fine dining Chinese establishments — because the spread, food, and service were good, we never saw a need to eat elsewhere.

Ngl, when I was first made aware of this stratum of F&B restaurants, I was quite confused. Looking like a movie set straight out of 1970-80s HK, and boasting staff that are equally at home in the environment (finished with pushcarts and lippy service), I was confounded RS could still thrive amidst aggressive modernisation.

But once the food arrived and we settled in, everything fell into place.

The charm of RS lies in both its traditional-styled Hong Kong dishes — especially their dim sum, which you can still procure from pushcarts touted by seasoned wait stuff — and its ability to transport you to a time before your own; to a space where the pace of life was a tad slower, and the colours of one’s historical heritage was that much more brilliant.

Some may call it a gimmick — the entire experience isn’t the cheapest, with the average cost of our plates hovering around $4.50 — but during my visit, I found a raw authenticity in the unfettered adherence to tradition that transcends even today. Despite its founders being less involved due to age — RS is founded by 2 of the 4 Heavenly Kings of Canto Cuisines in SG, and used to be THE spot for HK film stars! — you can still taste the hallmarks of their influence (see the unabashed pizzazz, usually in the form of an abundance of shrimp in every dish; no complaints here!).

And there’s a wistful nostalgia when I see the staff go about their routine in effortless synchronicity, honed by decades of practice.

I still believe there is a place for food like RS’ in today’s SG: We just need to be reminded of their presence, and perhaps not be as dismissive of the less glamourous aspects of our food culture.

To my disappointment after all the effort of getting there -
a little tough and dry .

Even when eaten fresh on the same day .

Beside selling soft baked cookies, they also have sablé cookies that come in box of 3 or 18.

The Zen Master is made of black sesame and white chocolate, only available as seasonal item on the menu. $5.80 (box of 3)

Was searching to grab some cookies in the city area and found this place. Folks and Stories occupied a small shop under block 3 of Everton Park.

You could walk in or pre-order on their website, with same day collection if you order before 2pm.

Gotten their popular cookies which made from roasted pistachio & brown butter. It definitely a sinful cookies with generous amount of pistachios stuffed under the brown butter cookie. $5.50

A rather delightful afternoon treat and walk around the colourful shophouses and rail corridor.

You might know of wine pairings during fine dining meals or even with foods like pastas and steaks, but how about pairing your Shake Shack with a bottle of red wine? Most people usually order the shakes, frozen custard, beers, carbonated drinks or fruit teas when having their burgers and fries, but do you know that Shake Shack actually serves a Shack White and Shack Red in their menu? The Shack Red (6oz. $12, 25oz. $45) is produced in Lafage, France and during the fermentation process, it results in a deep red colour with a spiced flavour profile. The recommended pairing for the Shack Red will be the ShackBurger, SmokeShack or the Chick’n Bites which contain proteins that complements the richness of the wine.
✨ Shake Shack Singapore
📍 89 Neil Road, Unit 01-01, Singapore 088849
🌐 https://www.shakeshack.com.sg/
🍴 [Media Delivery]

Stir Fried Dragon chives ($17) was disappointing. tasted bland and could use a little more seasoning.

Coffee pork ribs ($23) was tender and I especially love the bits of crispy edges. Coffee flavour wasn’t too overpowering as well with a good balance of sweet and bitterness making the dish very palatable.

The most unique dish of the night was the Fried Salted Golden Corn ($16). It is corn fried in salted egg sauce and a smaller portion is recommended to share as the corn can get pretty jerlat after awhile.

Explore Kampung Bahru and hit up this diner for flavoursome Mediterranean cuisine. As the name suggests, this is Singapore’s first restaurant to cook with an open Firepit! At just $20 per pizza, indulge in their Margherita ($20), Hawaiian Pulled Pork ($20), Sausage & Potatoes ($20) and Classic Chicken Supreme ($20) to share with your family and friends. Try out their Artichoke & Mushroom ($20) and Brisket & Peppers ($20) pizza for a spin on your classic flavours.

*Eligible for takeaway till 30 June 2021.

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The streets of Keong Saik are littered with rows of good food and this bistro bar is no exception! Specialising in Asian-fusion and modern European dishes, head to this dual-concept restaurant for their Angel's Open Face Taco ($16) and Chicken Bolognese ‘Thai Style” ($16), which sees al dente spaghetti tossed with spicy minced chicken and Thai basil topped with 63-degree egg. Don't miss out on their Guinness Braised Baby Pork Back Ribs ($32) served with potato fondant and coated in a 5 pepper crust.

*Eligible for takeaway till 30 June 2021.

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Cute and quaint bakery with unique and pretty pastries!!! They have local flavours such as ondeh ondeh cakes and interestingly flavoured croissants. We didn't end up getting any as we were too full. So we got the teh susu and lime tea instead. The teh susu was rly good for a teh susu but nothing can beat a solid teh bing.

The lime tea is a heavy tea with just a hint of lime in the aftertaste. I really liked it. The bakery does not add sugar syrup so if you like your drinks slightly sweeter, you’ll have to ask!