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One of my favourite items off the Wine Gourmet & Friends menu today! Ordered the steak shank at a medium rare and the dish was really worth the wait and the price. I was a bit concerned about the texture of the steak but the chefs were really able to serve a steak that was up to expectation. The meat was so soft, tender and juicy. It really did not need the accompanying potato slice with tartar sauce. I would definitely recommend a visit.

While it may look dense, it is anything, but it’s consistency is soft and airy, with a lusciously rich creamy goodness and it literally melts-in-your-mouth. Some may find it a tad sweet, but overall, this is pretty legit 👍🏻🧀🤤

PS: Their burnt cheesecake comes with Matcha flavored as well 🍃


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I thought this dish fell a little short of my expectations following the wonderful chilli crab scramble egg. The rosti was a little too over fried and it was too oily and way too hard. They were generous with the smoked salmon though but I might come back for other dishes instead.

One of my usual hangout. The free flow nights are worth it (wed is ladies night at $25. Mon and thu is free flow for all at $35.). Prawn cake, fried chicken, beef carpaccio, white baits. All good. I think the winning factor is the service.

If you love truffle, you have to try this! Though the chicken was a little salty for me, the texture was great. The mash potato infused with truffle was amazing. Overall a really palatable dish!

My observations is that popular cafes often have that one or two novel dish that looks super enticing and have great taste. For cheeky, it has to be the chilli crab scrambled eggs as it was so fluffy and resembled the real taste of chilli crab really well. They are also generous with real crab meat bits which goes really well with the pieces of toasted bread.

Ordered a sirloin steak & fries for lunch. It was really enjoyable. When craving for something like a steak, it doesn't disappoint. The fries were really good too, balanced amount of saltiness and crunchiness. In my own judgement, it's better than McDonald's fries (coming from a person who enjoys crispy fries instead thick ones)

Overall a good place for food and conversations to take place!

Fresh crabs with beehoon steeped in Long Ji's flavourful stock, packed with the taste of pork lard. And thanks to @jennytanwrites and #wolfblasswines, we tried several wines that could go well with our local dishes. Turns out, Wolf Blass' chardonnay was perfect for this dish. The acidity cuts through the richness of the broth, while the creaminess of the wine matches the creaminess of the crab perfectly. In fact, their Shiraz works well too even though it's a red wine. That's cos Long Ji's broth is also deep in porky flavour.
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Came by on a Saturday 1pm. Only these 2 flavors left. I’ve never liked AKKs, simply bcos so many I’ve tried in my childhood were sweet beyond words, and the skin thick and hard. But these were truly divine. The skin was thin and soft. Fillings were abundant and not sweet. Texture was fabulous. Almost creamy and very thick. Quality didn’t drop despite keeping in the fridge overnight and reheating by steaming.

The rustic ciabatta bread was delightfully crusty, pillowy-soft and chewy that complemented really well with the full, rich flavour of the meat. Seasoned with black pepper, the thinly and juicy sliced roast beef with caramelised onions delivered a hearty grub worthy of any lunchtime. Not forgetting to match it with a consistently good cup of joe.