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Tasted this cuppa coffee made by the roasters and service crew at $4.00! Not every expensive, indeed quite afforfable for such quality coffee beans and brew! Takes a while for them to create! It was creamy, milky! Scent of coffee was strong and there! No artifical sweetener but taste the hint of sweetness from the coffee was there! Natural sense of sweetness with the orginal bit of bitter! Perfect blend that fix my coffee addiction! Love it

San Domingue
Pastry Set w Tea - $20.70
Caribbean Dark Chocolate (70%), Gold Dust, Caribbean Rum, Plantain, Madagascar Vanilla, Crunch
Mad About Sucre

Finally back at Long Ji to properly try their famous crab bee hoon! With every table here sporting a plate of this, you know it's gonna be goooood.

And hot damn, this was one of the freshest crabs I've ever had. A quick tug on the claw and the entire chuck of sweet flesh came clean out of it's shell! 🤤The bee hoon and broth was packed with peppery goodness and wok hei, so good that I'm salivating just thinking about it. 👅💦


ACAMASEATS & TIPS💮: Apiary's signature flavour, Apiary is a Honey based ice cream with different additional pairings per batch. The last one I had was with cocoa nibs & this time it's toasted buckwheat as a nibble component with Sweet & Fragrant Honey. 🍯
The sesame here is always a safe choice. Rich, luscious & filled with a full bodied intense sesame aroma. Follow & see Instagram Stories for the Flavours they offer for the day! There might be some limited additions/collaborations like their Black Truffle Ice Cream. 🔖

Btw, did you know that Don Ho already began their brunch service?
Check it out if you havent already! 😊

#donhosg #donho #jkadverts

When I tried their Blue Milk flavour over the counter, I fell in love instantly. Milky sweet with a hint of savoury from the himalayan pink salt? It's to die for. This photo was taken 5 mins after it was served and the ice cream hasn't started melting yet! Insane. Waffles weren't as crispy but the star of this cafe is really the ice cream.

That explains why you’re salivating uncontrollably now. The people at Muchachos have certainly capitalised on this and are not shy about showing off their best ingredients… look at that heap of guac! 😍
The Cal-Mex joint along Keong Saik Road is celebrating its 4th anniversary with a festive bang. Remember this date: 29 September, because that’s when you’ll be heading down with your friends to get their ultimate promotion of All Day 1-for-1 from the ENTIRE MENU. Super Nachos, burritos, quesadillas, anything you want, they’re gonna give you 2x for price of 1! Yes, that includes drinks too oooooh.
If stuffing burritos down your own throat is your thing, why not try to get some cash out of that unusual talent? The person who devours the most number of burritos in 5 minutes will salsa away with $200 cash. You now have 10 days left to train. Otherwise, just watch competitive-eater Zermatt Neo attempt to stuff a 5lb/2.27kg burrito under 5 minutes into his pockets of abs…
Thanks @burpple for the invite, and Jun and Cindy representing for hosting us with the generous amount of carbs! #Burpple

A traditional eatery surrounded by trendy restaurants, Kok Sen can claim to be the OG restaurant in Keong Saik. And OG restaurants deserve gangster dishes; which is what the hor fun essentially is.

Costing $16-$48 dollars pending on size (this was $48) you get a gigantic serving of biggest prawns nestled in flat rice noodles that have been scorched by the wok. It gets finished with a monstrous dallop of spicy, starchy broth swirling with raw egg streaks and bits of dried shrimp giving it its signature umami kick.

If the plates on every table don’t give it away, this is a must-order when visiting Kok Sen.

Pork belly, dry cured bacon, coleslaw, fried egg & homemade HP sauce, served on charcoal burger bun.

Pork belly was super juicy and quite a sizable portion! Bacon was crispy. My only gripe is I feel that the components seemed to be better on their own and didn't quite come together well. Perhaps lacking in sauce, the buns were quite dry. Maybe adding some kind of mild melted cheese will help, like Gouda. Or onion jam. Or maybe I just prefer beef patties 😌

Can't stress how much I enjoy pimping my breakfast!! Sometimes I want so many items I think my brunch plate can go up to $30 lol. Good if you're in a group, I'll recommend to not over the same sides and share around to have more variety. Of course, you can have your own eggs 😅

Pumpernickel [$2] - so generous hehe, do share
if you're not big eaters or fans of carbs

Peanut butter [$1] - this is so unique, have you seen peanut butter in this colour? It's so rich and punchy, really amazing. I never thought peanut butter could exist in this form. Texture is drier and not as creamy as store bought ones though.

Roast chicken [$6] - this is normal, not dry

Marinated strawberries & homemade ricotta.

Love how fluffy brioche is! And the slightly salty egg batter on it to balance off with the creamy ricotta and sweet strawberries. What a great combination of flavors. I'll prefer compote to the marinated strawberries though. And some flavored honey or maple will be perfect!! 😊