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Eeps the cake was really small and very average. It was bittersweet (as expected from the name), but tasted more like a brownie. The pear was crunchy and raw but we expected a poached pear. Didn’t feel that the $7 price tag was justified. Iced latte was not bad though - the coffee flavour was strong. Genmaicha tea was alright. The service here is great! They’re closing at the end of Nov tho, pay them a visit before they close :)

The bookshop they’re housed in is really beautiful and has nice stuff, I don’t think they’re closing but it’s a nice place to check out while waiting for a seat at the cafe! Tbh I enjoyed browsing in the bookstore more than having the food in the cafe :x

Christmas special
Pear cake, earl grey mousse, caramel glaze and hazelnut crumble


Check out this huge fatty slab of house grilled unagi that’s bound to have leave you satisfied. The (almost) boneless unagi was nicely grilled with a hint of charred smokiness, drizzled with a slightly sweet teriyaki sauce that could have been more to drench up the rice a little better. Although you can always break the onsen egg to have the rice soak up the runny yolk. Served with onsen egg, shimeiji mushrooms, and pickled cucumbers. A delicious option for those who don’t take beef like myself.

Thank you @burpple for the invitation and @hattendo_singapore for the hosting! Pipes by Hattendo is a Burpple Beyond partner where you can also enjoy some awesome 1-for-1 main dish deals like the Pipe Grain Bowls.


It’s surprising that a cafe specializing in cream buns actually serve rather decent grain bowls. They really don’t disappoint, just like this chef recommended Fatty U grain bowl. Ah that smooth fattiness of the chestnut pork belly, all thanks to the 20 hours sous vide. I am one who’s afraid of biting into extremely fat pork belly but I am glad that this had a good meat-to-fat ratio and pretty flavourful. Served with nitamago, shimeiji mushrooms, pickled cucumbers and truffle slices that weren’t exuding much of an earthy aroma that I was expecting. A very filling grain bowl you have there!

Thank you @burpple for the invitation and @hattendo_singapore for the hosting! Pipes by Hattendo is a Burpple Beyond partner where you can also enjoy some awesome 1-for-1 main dish deals like the Pipe Grain Bowls.

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Not cos you're drunk but cos the Fleeting Clouds ($13hh/$18) combined a wheaty goodness with a light sweetness that makes you feel like you're staring down at a wheat field. Very relaxing and easy to drink.

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A picture speaks a thousand words. And @theguildsingapore's 𝗠𝗮𝗰 & 𝗖𝗵𝗲𝗲𝘀𝗲 ($21) cajoles rather enticingly with its sensual shades of house-cured-egg tangerine, bleeding seamlessly into scintillating hues of cheesy, creamy gold. 🥵🧀🍳
No frills, just a nice bite and silky finish befitting of its cheesy opulence. Precisely what I envision a great Mac & Cheese to be like. Chase it with swigs of scrumptious @youngmastersg pours ($13) off their happy hour menu (4pm-8pm) and that's real happiness. ✨

IG: @indulgentism
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Rather expensive for baos soo smol (we were q surprised at the size when they arrived HAHAHHA) but gotta day the buns were v good. Flavour of also on point hoho!! Tried the chilli crab (deep fried mantou was so crispy n Gud) & Mentaiko salmon one. Wished the baos were bigger tho :-)

Yum I loved it q generous w salmon sashimi slices and the tangy vinegrette made the salad fresh n exciting!!! Got sum wasabi on the side (thankfully the restaurant had) Cos wasabz always makes sushi/sashimi btr

An interesting aspect to this place is their roasting gallery that had a fully automated coffee roaster and a display of coffee beans from various countries. Opting for my usual, I had my latte brewed with their house blend "Anti Matter" which was a dark roast. It was more full bodied but wasn't as acidic as I thought it would be; and it had a nice chocolate and nutty aftertaste. Another joint to get my fix!

A three-in-one concept, the cafe serves up a range of Japanese-fusion dishes during the day. With an intriguing name tagged to it, their signature donburi was filled with A4 wagyu beef, foie gras, shimeiji mushrooms, onsen egg and pickled cucumbers. The wagyu beef slices were tenderly chargrilled with a taste of smokiness to it; and the foie gras were creamy and umami. Recommend to tell them to skip or reduce the sauce that was generously poured over the Japanese rice. It sadly felt a bit like eating mui fan at the end.

Alright with Burpple 1 for 1, see more on IG at @samlyeecooks