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Tucked away in a quiet corner of a coffeeshop in Havelock, this unassuming place has garnered raving reviews from the Burpple community, all thanks to chef-owner Erik Tan's dedication to his cooking. Burppler Jayson Yeo is all praise for how the chef doesn't believe in taking shortcuts. He could taste the effort in the Mui Fan ($6), which sees the rice being wok-fried for wok hei before seafood gravy is ladled over. Other dishes to try include the Kam Heong Prawns ($18) — large, juicy prawns stir-fried in a popular Malaysian cooking style, resulting in a super aromatic plate that's slightly spiced, fragrant and full of umami; as well as the Salted Egg Prawns ($18), which boasts a super rich and indulgent salted egg yolk sauce.
Avg Price: $10 per person
Photo by Burppler Annabel Huang

($20). This dish takes eating clean to a whole new level. Love the crunchy zucchini pasta with tangy tomato sauce paired with ‘meat’balls that is essentially an amalgamation if walnut, shiitake and dates. Used #ENTERTAINERapp 1 for 1 deal here :)

Where else do you get mui fan with wok hei? I'm curious, because this seems to be the only place where the chef, Erik, still took the trouble to first fry the rice before drenching it with the seafood sauces. Look at the charred marks on the rice, pictured.
This place isn't easy to locate, and there aren't many tables available. But, if you find it you should be really satisfied with the food like all of us did.

A healthy and fulfilling bowl made up mainly of thyme seared wagyu beef, quinoa, bulgar wheat and pearly barley with hearty servings of grilled furikake baby corn, roasted butternut squash and L&P mixed mushrooms (which I enjoyed the most). You can then order their Truffle Fries with Parmesan Cheese, S$12, to balance out all that health food.

Enjoying the wholesome vegan non processed food dished out by the open concept kitchen here!

This definitely piqued my interest because houjicha was listed as one of the ingredients and the drink was a brainchild of great bartenders Jerrold and Yao Lu.
Intense, complicated flavours going on (it was recommended that we started off with something else first and thankfully we had) and the Guiness reduction was divine. I loved hearing the story of how the drink came about from the man (Jerrold) himself. Great cocktail, with a greater story to boot. Plus, you get to keep the tiny bottle as a souvenir too, with the wood for aging and a very nice design on.

I'm not usually someone who visits the same bar twice, but for the Flagship, I'd gladly make an exception. Unpretentiously good ambience that got better the longer we stayed, and I promise it wasn't (just) cos of the booze. Excellent bartenders (thanks Jerrold and Vic!! You guys were awesome to say the least) who got me even more interested in their world of whiskey which they're very clearly passionate about. It was my first time there, but there were many regulars, and I can see myself being one too. Bar seats (very highly) recommended!

This was truly a labour of love. We watched how it was cooked to a perfect crisp on the exterior and then topped with minced chicken miso. You can wrap it up in the freshly grilled Nori and enjoy! Be warned, this is no ordinary onigiri. It’s huge so best to share it. Truly a wonderful evening at @kyuubyshunsui. So happy to see the team again and will certainly be back to try the Omakase.

The Kagoshima A4 wagyu sumibi yakiniku don certainly didn’t disappoint. At SGD 29++, it was superb value too. Loved how good the beef was and a perfectly cooked onsen egg just enhanced the rice.

Truly you will need willpower of steel. Needless to say we succumbed to temptation and we are glad we did. The snow crabs were delicious! Grilled to a slightly smokey finish, this only further enhanced the natural sweetness of these leggy beauties. Oishii!!!

I am embarrassed to admit that this was my first time having this well loved classic; I guess whiskey was never my choice of alcohol until very recently. So I don't exactly know what makes a good one, but I enjoyed the one here! The taste of whiskey was apparent, but not overwhelming.
I mean, if they call themselves the "Home of the Old fashioned", and are by the people behind the likes of Jigger & Pony to substantiate it, I believe I was in good hands.

They were so fresh that you really don’t need any sauces or dips. Just eat them as is and make sure you don’t waste the heads. Peel them apart and suck up all that goodness inside. Oishii!