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New cafe in the hood at a cozy corner along Craig road 馃憪
Also, had a mushroom quiche and roasted white chocolate raspberry cake.

While the experience with the coffee and The Bearded Eggs were less pleasant, it seems that the Dill Cured Salmon is perhaps one of the signature offerings here. Described as 鈥淧ommes Anna, Herb Mayo, Poached Egg, Fennel and Orange鈥, the dish would satiate those whom have a preference of savoury flavours. The salmon was enjoyable, flaky and moist while carrying its own distinct flavour and lightly perfumed with dill, it remains as the star of the dish while the other elements such as the fennel and orange played secondary roles to the other elements. If anything, my favourite item here had to be the Pomme Anna; thinly-sliced potatoes that is stacked and layered atop one another that provides an interesting texture, yet well-flavored with salt and pepper that is similar to a gratin. Thought the poached egg felt a tad lonely here; whilst being flowy and all, there is not really anywhere that it quite belongs with the entire dish, sitting alone in a corner of the plate. Otherwise, a dish that is certainly worth ordering at Bearded Bella!

Confit mushrooms on sourdough bread makes for a wholesome hearty meal. Loved the huge plump juicy mushrooms and the hummus on the side that鈥檚 topped with sesame. This place isn鈥檛 officially opened yet so they are going on a tipping basis (cash only). Be generous because the food鈥檚 good and call to check if the kitchen鈥檚 still open (:

Having tried their cakes, we actually felt that Bearded Bella seems to be have a focus on their desserts rather than their mains. The Dark Chocolate Cake is a mousse cake that comes with raspberry gelee within; one that is significantly well-executed than most other similar cakes locally. For one, the mousse cake here does not carry that gelatinous mirror glazings that other similar cakes might have; the mousse itself being rich without being jelly-like and slightly more dense (though not bothersome) in texture. Here, the chocolate mousse is rich and luxurious; bittersweet without causing the throat to burn up with a consistent texture throughout 鈥 very elegant on its own, while seated atop a brownie layer at the bottom that could admittedly be slightly more fudgey (but that鈥檚 nitpicking a little too much). Inside, the raspberry gelee provides a light hint of tartness that cuts through the richness of the chocolate, adding a good contrast of flavour to the cake. Must say that Bearded Bella鈥檚 patisserie is certainly something I find that I would be glad to return for 鈥 quite looking forward to what they are able to come up with for the line-up of dainty cakes in the future if they do.

Did not really consider this option until my friend was actually keen to try this 鈥 this actually fits the non-chocolate lover in me better overall. The smooth mousse reveals a lingering caramalised banana sweetness that goes so well with the light hint tangy sweetness provided by the passionfruit gelee within which sits atop a layer of cake at the bottom; very delicious and delicate indeed!

鈥淪low cooked pork jowls on baguette with green hollandaise and pickled daikon鈥. A dish that I wasn鈥檛 exactly fond of from it鈥檚 aesthetics 鈥 not sure if the Green Hollandaise appeals to some visually but it鈥檚 probably the element that sits the least well with me in this case. That aside, the bearded eggs is a poached egg dish with a slight meaty twist; the pork jowl being crisp, yet melt-in-the-mouth but free from any porky stench, whilst maintaining quite a bit of fattiness within 鈥 thought the pork jowl could have fared a little better with some salt for better flavour. The baguette was relatively crisp, while coming with a bit of tension with every bite; the eggs being perfectly poached with flows egg yolks within. Wasn鈥檛 quite a fan of the Green Hollandaise however; whilst coming with a slight tang and creaminess of the usual hollandaise, there seems to be a lime-ish flavour infused with it that provides a zingy taste that did not sit quite well with the creaminess for my taste buds especially given how the pork felt particularly bland 鈥 didn鈥檛 quite cut through the meatiness as it seems to be included for. The pickled daikons also particularly lacked any tangy notes that refreshes the tastebuds, being particularly plain whilst carrying crunch.

Not sure if was this a one-off, but the rave reviews of the coffee here doesn鈥檛 seem to quite match the cuppa I had. Bearded Bella roasts their own beans; the blend comprises of 70% Ethiopian and 30% Honduras beans 鈥 while most others seem to claim to enjoy a fruity cuppa, the one I had was pretty acidic; could not really finish more than half the cup here (which is rare; I usually finish my cuppa however bad it can be). Oh well ...

At first, I was drawn to the carrot cake on display (big, bundt-shaped, drizzled things tend to catch my eye) but Regina, one of the owners of 鈥淏earded Bella鈥, pointed me to the other more delicate-looking desserts. When I asked if they鈥檙e made in-house, she said it.鈥檚 her secondary school friend who鈥檚 behind them. Both the green apple and this banana passionfruit creation looked loveliest to me but having only the ability to fit one in my belly, I chose the latter.
Never have I imagined banana and passionfruit to be good bedfellows but here was proof. The light, fluffy and fragrant banana cake within had just the right amount of sweetness, and it tasted very good coupled with the passionfruit鈥榮 tartness. In short, this was executed with finesse in every way.

Good news for those of you hankering after really decent coffee and non-CNY grub. 鈥淏earded Bella鈥 is open (albeit unofficially) and operates from 9am to 5pm daily during this festive period.
I popped in for brunch today and after perusing the pretty interesting menu, picked the 鈥淒ill Cured Salmon鈥. Initially, the salmon did strike me as being too salty but once I added a bit of the refreshing fennel and orange salad to every bite of it, the taste was nicely balanced. The smooth, moist flesh of the fish was a plus point for sure. I also thought the egg was poached immaculately and the overall plating, very stylish with the baby dollops of herb mayo.
Coffee鈥榮 very good here. In fact, I ended up downing two cups but no worries about over-caffeinating myself as they weren鈥檛 that big.
If you plan on visiting, please bring cash because Bearded Bella is running on a tips-based arrangement for now, pending the green light from authorities.

Slow-cooked pork jowl, poached eggs, herbed Hollandaise, pickled radish on baguette (you can choose to add Pommes Anna too, but this was filling and rich enough for me).

They warn you that the pork jowl is on the fattier side when you order 鈥 plus points for thoughtful service, especially if you're not familiar with the cut. Biting into the seared coins reveals tender meat and a whole strip of melt-in-the-mouth fat. It's not for everyone, so if that doesn't sound like something that'll make you drool, skip this. The eggs were beautifully poached oozing liquid gold (good quality eggs too!) slathered with dill and parsley-infused hollandaise sauce. The pickle was helpful in cutting through the richness, but I needed a touch more acidity, perhaps a drizzle of lemon juice.

Can't wait to be back to try more!

Would have liked a stickier balsamic glaze and extra blistering of the sprouts, but that's just me nitpicking. Quite a generous portion that we struggled to finish.