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That cross section of a sandwich that tasted every bit as good as it looked. A special mention on the tangy rich aioli like sauce that was impossible to resist and went well with the classic combination of avocado, scrambled eggs and melted cheese.
You’d dream about this vegeterian sandwich.

The salmon taste normal but salmon portion is rather generous

superb sando.
good for 2 pax if also sharing sides.

Choose 1 sauce and 1 side: we chose parsley sauce and french pilaf onion rice

The secreto is maybe the best I've had. Juicy, tender, crispy. Well seasoned too, I enjoyed it very much

French pilaf rice was somewhat aromatic and very fluffy. Parsley sauce was quite aromatic and simple


First time trying, people say it tastes like lobster, but it's closer to spongey frog. Not bad, but the chorizo cubes tasted like potato idk why lol.

Ratatouille has too strong an olive smell

Overall it's pretty decent

A good version, but it's more seafood than creamy, which is not what you're used to for lobster bisques. Not as sweet as well

Still a solid version tho, in fact smelling this when I walked past inspired this trip to this restaurant

Was excited to try the Everton Park outlet as there is some special item such as cauliflower fritters. However, I feel that although the cauliflower fritter is flavourful, it is not crispy and hot enough.

The toast is also dry, hard and not hot. Compared to the Upper Thomson outlet. This kind of lose.

A great dessert box to quell your orh nee craving, The French Pastry Pâtisserie’s signature Orh Nee Petit Gâteaux ($29) was quite the treat for me - a self-proclaim taro enthusiast. Though my least favourite has got to be the Orh Nee Cheese Tart as the cheese element in the layered dome tasted a little strong (kinda overpowering the yam flavour) and in general quite off to me. Its crunchy French butter tart shell base with coconut-almond frangipane, however, was quite enjoyable.

Adorned with candied ginko nuts and bright roasted pumpkin cream, the yam-scented French crêpes were assembled with a fairly light-tasting Orh Nee-infused pastry cream. The flavours were a tad muted but the sweetness was just right and the almost melty-soft slice was evenly stacked. Similarly, the Orh Nee Mochi Soufflé Roll was a fluffy number. The souffle sponge had a mild fragrance which paired nicely with the delicate Orh Nee cream and tender milk mochi squares. Lastly, my pick would be the Orh Nee Salted Egg Choux Puff. A lovely textural contrast to the others, the slight crispy choux puff came together nicely with the Orh Nee filling and surprisingly savoury salted egg lava custard. The luscious custard wasn’t grainy, did not taste cloying and had a pleasant lingering aroma. Overall, with all the pastries, I like the natural yam taste you get with each forkful.

Quite a novel pairing on the Swiss classic, South Side Keppel’s Switz Rosti with Wagyu Steak and Ikura ($26) tasted real fancy and indulgent. A beautiful medium-rare, the hearty steak was succulent and well-seasoned - wonderfully savoury and beefy. The russet potato pancake had a delightful golden-brown crust and soft-tender interior. I especially enjoyed how thinly shredded the potato strips were. The added burst of briny salty-sweetness from the ikura also gave that oomph and brought out the meatiness of the juicy Wagyu. Served with sour cream and a fresh lemon wedge, the fluffy disc is worth a try if you are okay with the splurge, but they have more affordable add-ons too.

I just walked from Everton Park to Neil Road for this pancake. I just like their pancake ($1.40) especially coconut flake is not usual orange but in green but their pancake is full of eggy flavour. I think I come back for different flavour instead.

Went to Tong Ah Eating House recently and ordered their Kaya Toast sets with Iced Coffee ($5.80 each) and their Yue Guang Hor Fun ($11)!😇 Overall ratings 8/10! Food was pretty good but coffee was mediocre. Would visit again for the kaya toast🤪