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A culturally, politically and gastronomically significant dish. Not only is it smack-on delicious (deconstructed Kaya toast with varying textures and paired with further textures of chocolate), but it also comes to show that merging cultures, internationalisation and mutual acceptance can produce results beyond our imagination. The backstory to this dish being that Chef @a.a.walsh drew inspiration from the Kaya Toast of the uncle from Tong Ah Eating House (who gave Cure some Kaya Toast as gratitude for a few pieces of donated furniture), comes to show that kindness and neighbourly friendliness goes a long way. What a great dessert! @cure_singapore #burpple

Cure, Singapore

Red wine braised chicken with some vegetables and roasted mushrooms. This dish has a rather hearty portion, filled with packs of flavours. It also comes with a choice of mashed potato or baguette as a side, and a bowl of soup.

Dangerously delicious “Christmas Ornament”. The ethereal Sugar Sphere is paper-thin with a nice crisp crunch and is not overtly sweet. Same goes for the Peach and Apricot interior fillings, which have the perfect balance and are not too sweet. The refreshing duo of Peach Granita and Sorbet are a perfect complement to the fragrant Peach Compote and Apricot Jam, making this the perfect palate cleanser. Perfection. @cure_singapore #burpple

Cure, Singapore

My second time having these trendy buns and this was way more expensive than the ones from Breadtalk’s but has a much chocolatey flavour and filling. I highly doubt this trend can last they long so brands who wish to jump onto the bandwagon should capitalize on it as soon as possible.
Keong Saik Bakery
Address: 41, Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089146


In any case, if you think you are a fan of the craze, then you must give the OG from Keong Saik Bakery a go!

Their Matcha Dirty Bread ($4.50) is still the nicer, albeit pricier option of those I've tried from other bakeries. It is drizzled with matcha sauce and filled with matcha powder. Sounds like it is going to be a bitter affair, but there is also an evident sweetness from what I'd believe is white chocolate to balance out the overall flavour. Frankly, I find this sinfully addictive, and I'd be curious to know how the Chocolate variation or the Dirty Swiss Rolls would fare!

A decadent cut of beef elevated by sensible flavour combinations. The Angus Rib Cap was juicy, flavourful and intense to say the least, and its richness was complemented by the smokey Potato Purée, crunchy and earthy King Oyster Mushrooms, as well as intensely savoury Beef Jus to enhance the beefy umami flavours. Crispy Potato Rosti helped provide a light fragrance and crucial textural crunch as well. Heartwarming and satisfying. @a.a.walsh @cure_singapore #burpple

Cure, Singapore

Perfectly cooked Seabass which retains its fattiness and fragrance, is paired with rich Barigoule Sauce, fragrant Globe Artichokes and Artichoke Purée, as well as savoury Roasted Garlic Breadcrumb and Spanish Olives. A conceptually circular, well balanced and delicate dish. @cure_singapore #burpple

Cure, Singapore

From Apiary’s new line of ice-cream cakes; this one consists of coconut ice-cream, mango sorbet, passionfruit sorbet, almond dacquoise and Italian meringue.

Think of this as your passionfruit/lemon meringue tart in ice-cream form; a very well-balanced dessert that is both tart and sweet, whilst also being pretty refreshing especially with the coconut ice-cream. The almond dacquoise gives a slight nutty flavour; replicating the flavours of the usual tart base of the regular tarts. Recommended to have it slicing it down the middle, and having all the elements at a single go with each forkful.

Impressed with the quality of the food and service that they provide. Their breakfast platter offers huge servings and the food is up to standard.

Beautiful croissant filled with a deep dark chocolate flavour .

Crisp on the outside and slightly moist with well developed layers on the inside.

I can see why this the TOP three bakes at bread and hearth .

Service staff is kind to Toast the pastries just before serving so that elevates the enjoyment level 😊

finally visited this cozy lil restaurant w my fam at craig road tdy; love the chill vibes and warm atmosphere + the staff was super friendly and helpful ☺️

we had 4 pastas (clockwise from bottom) — the egg and prosciutto, al ragu, silician anchovy (these were $12.80) and prawn aglio olio ($15.80)!! our pasta of choice was the tagliatelle, except my bro who chose spaghetti for his aglio olio!! due to the handmade nature of the egg pasta, it was kinda clumpy :( however, it was thin and silky which made it easy to eat!! and the sauce + the ingredients were fresh and authentic which rly made up for it!!

nonetheless we enjoyed our visit here and can’t wait to be back to try more pastas and their other mains/sides!! (i alr have my eye on afew others hehe)

So good, except for the top layer of matcha white chocolate (?) which was a tad too sweet for my liking, I loved the pillowy soft Swiss roll, generously filled with fragrant, smooth matcha cream that was mildly bittersweet. Think I could’ve easily finished it on my own🤭