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cheese platter (omakase style) my absolute go-to for cheeses that you can't get normally in sg! is omakase style; but shouldn't cost more than $25 per session (just for the cheese). platter came w 8 different types of cheeses (let them know if u don't eat certain types of cheese!), and we were instructed on how best to enjoy them
Hit Me With Your Best Shot Lots of cheese (well, up to 8 which is their standard platter) and whatever tipple (drinkkkk) they pour for you. I’ve found that’s my favorite way to enjoy a nice afternoon at Ai Ming’s lovey little place at Queenstown. And making friends there is easy!
Cheese Ark Cheese Platter - Omakase Style Cosy joint with a wide selection of cheese. Check their Instagram for the seasonal loots! Top. From left to right: 1. Fiore ($3.50 for 28g) - Sardinian cheese made from sheep’s milk. Robust flavor with a gentle piquant character. 2. St Jude ($16.50/pcs) - Made in the UK from raw cow’s milk. Soft cheese with a light mousse texture. 3. Emmental alt 22 months ($3.75 for 34g) - Swiss cheese with holes made from gas bubbles released by the bacteria used in making the cheese, with a slightly sharp, nutty taste. 4. Sbrinz A.O.C 36 months ($4.05 for 30g) - Swiss cheese made from whole raw cow’s milk. Extra hard cheese with a dense, grainy brittle texture. Bottom. From right to left: 5. Le Gruyère summer 22nd private collection ($5.15 for 38g) - Swiss cheese from cow’s milk. Dense, semi soft. 6. Tom’s alpchase 2 years ($4.75 for 28g) - Swiss cheese made from cow’s milk. Made by Tom during July-Aug when Tom can bring his cows to the alps for grazing where he makes the cheese. The milk from the fresh grass makes the difference. 7. Murgu 2 months ($6.20 for 40g) - Swiss cheese made from 100% silage free raw cow’s milk, delicate blue cheese where the blue and white and aged separately and then combined at the end. 8. Gorgonzola dolce ($4.50 for 46g) - Italian cheese made with pasteurized milk. Soft and buttery! Exploratory platter in sampling portions! Loved the confidents of the flavor, pistachios, dried mulberries and muscat grapes! Will be perfect with some quince or fig jam! (Full sized options available for purchase)
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Value For Money Tried the vegan burger, it was flavourful and comes with two sidea. The seaweed crunch was addictive while the pasta salad was a nothing spectacular.
Hui Yee
For Healthy, Vegetarian Meals In A Homely Joint Don’t be fooled by the name, Well Dressed Salad Bar certainly serves up a multitude of vegetarian and vegan dishes - and they are some good stuff! They’re housed in a corner unit with Eight Treasures Vegetarian (which serves Chinese vegetarian dishes) near the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. The staff will ask whether you’re here for WDSB or ETV, bring you to your table and provide the appropriate menus before coming back to take your orders later. Our young male server was a little blur about the menu items, but he was genuinely very sweet, friendly and earnest. Though some of the staff weren’t as friendly, the majority of them were proactive and helpful - even coming back to our table to check if we wanted ‘no onions’ in our other dishes as we’d specified that for another order, offering to take a family photo when all our food had arrived, checking if the sweetness was okay for my beverage as I’d requested for less sugar. The ambience at WDSB isn’t snobbish, it’s homely, welcoming, and with such delicious healthy vegetarian foods, I’ll definitely be returning. Recommendations: - Smokey Edamame Chia Nachos ($7.50) - The BPMH Burger with SeaSalt Seaweed Chips as a side ($16.50) - Veganlicious All-Day Brunch Set ($16.50)
The BPMH ($16.50) The BPMH burger stands for black pepper monkey head mushrooms, served with bell peppers, celery, cucumber, tomato and avocado slices, tucked between lovely vegan wholemeal brioche buns. We ordered these without onions. This dish comes with two sides where you can select from herbed potatoes, seasalt seaweed chips, Italian pasta salad and garden salad. We went with the seaweed chips and garden salad which were fantastic choices - the seaweed chips were akin to fried popiah skin wrapped around crisp seaweed, which was a favourite across the table and we all agreed that we should order a double portion of this next time. The salad vegetables were really fresh, not a limp leaf in sight - always a good sign at any self-respecting eatery. The monkey head mushrooms in this burger are sliced longitudinally which makes them all the better to absorb the black pepper sauce. I love the fibrous and meaty texture of monkey head mushrooms, and these were no exception. They were tender, chewy and oh so flavourful with the black pepper sauce. The vegan wholemeal brioche buns were toasted to crispness and tasted amazing. Not as buttery or sinful as regular brioche buns, but honestly they were so delicious in this burger I didn’t think I was missing out on anything. The vegetables in the burger were scattered quite haphazardly across the bun, so you won’t get a single bite with everything. That didn’t bother me much as the main star of the burger was the monkey head mushrooms, which were spread quite evenly across the whole burger. I did wish that the avocado was smashed and spread on the bun rather than sliced as the pieces kept slipping around. Eating this burger is a messy task, and I suggest just getting down and dirty with your hands instead of trying to be dainty and cutting it apart. Don’t expect that toothpick in the center to hold the burger together, and be gentle when putting the burger down as the fillings do tend to fall out. Overall a delicious and satisfying burger that I wouldn’t mind ordering again but with such a wide variety of delicious and healthy dishes to choose from, it might be a while before I order the BPMH once more.
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truffle wagyu beef bowl [Regular; $13.90++] super!! worth!!! it!! with!!! burpple!! beyond!!!! it was only $8 a bowl aft the discount and for this price tag, the bowl really exceeded expectations. the truffle fragrance was completely infused into every part of the bowl and they were sooo generous with the beef which was tender yet chewy and yummy 🤤 was initially worried that the Regular size would not be filling (looking at other reviews) but this portion was perfect for me, also because the beef to rice ratio was mad!!! like a 50-50 mad wowww the restaurant’s decor is aesthetic with pink walls and cosy decor which makes the whole eating experience laidback and enjoyable :D
Go-to Jap Comfort Food Back here twice already, and will readily recommend it if you want a solid don. With a group of friends, it was great to share all their signature dishes The ever tantalising Signature Truffle Wagyu Don, where you can smell the truffle permeating the air. My slight grip is that it can get salty after awhile, but wobbly fragrant egg, check, generous tender beef slices checked, happiness checked. ($21.90 for Large) Our next favourite is the mentaiko salmon don ($18.90 for R) with a slight scorched taste. The barachirashi ($17.90 for R) and spicy salmon don ($17.90 for R) was alright too, but the spiciness for the salmon don comes from the little chili, so be warned. Thankful for pocket friendly dons, but do go for the regular or large sizes if you are famished. Its also on BB!
mmyuM 33 rating same as alw 4 mi!~ has becAme a goto bowl plAce bcoX v hearty! plus anothur featuRe oF a mR G! he rates it a 7.5/11 DIDnT give a lot of deets abT hiS experience derE buT by d lookS of hiS emptY bowL @ d enD, i hv concluded tT it iS a yum! sad thAt thiS is d lAst 141 (sorry ningZ) buT wuLd still come bck 2 this loVely truffle smiaoling plAce ~
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Gluten Free Waffles With Scrambled Eggs & Tomato Paste And Butter With Maple Syrup $16 Their gluten free waffles are made with almond, coconut, chia seeds, eggs and rice. I never imagined gluten free waffles can taste this good. They are soft, moist (if you like crispy waffles then this is not for you) and goes very well with their butter - which I love - and maple. Scrambled eggs are creamy and nicely seasoned. The next time I come I will tell them to hold off the tomato paste (guess I still like it sweet instead of savoury). Their cappuccino $5.50 for tall is good too. Hot, full bodied and not acidic. I like that Tiann’s has no artificial flavouring/additives, trans fat, hydrogenated oil, lower sugar and they pride themselves on providing REAL GOOD FOOD. I will definitely be back.
Throw back to my Hot Chocolate by @tiannsbakery that I had on Saturday. A Lovely nice art on the hot chocolate. It feels comforting. ============================ TIANN'S 📍Tiong Bahru 📍71 Seng Poh Road,  01-35, 📍Singapore 160071 🕛Opening Hours 🕛Tue - Sun 08:00 - 16:00 🕛Closed on Mondays ============================ #burpple #singapore
Happy Monday to Everyone! Haha Throwback to an Interesting Coffeeart by @tiannsbakery A lovely art to chase away all the Monday blues! Happy Weekend to everyone! . Can you guess what art is this? . ============================ TIANN'S 📍Tiong Bahru 📍71 Seng Poh Road,  01-35, 📍Singapore 160071 🕛Opening Hours 🕛Tue - Sun 08:00 - 16:00 🕛Closed on Mondays ============================ #burpple #singapore
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Alarcarte Small Plates Quintessentially Japanese Some days you just feel like immersing yourself in a place that doesn’t make you feel like you are in singapore and what better than cafe Muji. The concept of a store plus cafe is alluring and works to reward any tired shopper. I skipped the set and went for an alar carte order which worked out pretty fine . The kale and Apple salad and the black fungus hijiki salad were great but the Japanese egg omelette was a letdown - pretty hard and stiff. It would have worked better if it was served warm . Nevertheless - the variety made up and this was still a pleasant meal 🥘 😊 .
Comfort Japanese Food A novel experience trying Muji Cafe food. Portions were a tad small but still delicious nonetheless! Comes with plenty of choices for hot deli and cold deli.
3 Deli Set + 1 Cold Deli [$14.80 + $2.80] 3 deli set comes with: - 1 hot deli and 2 cold deli - choice of 16 grain rice or white rice or bread - choice miso or cumin carrot soup Because I preferred the cold deli to the hot ones, it is better to get 3 deli + cold instead of 4 deli (2 hot deli + 2 cold deli). The ala carte price for a hot deli is $4.80 and $2.80 for the cold. Hot deli: Sakura chicken with curry miso mayo and dried chili. Tender and flavorful chicken chunks! Cold deli: Smoked duck and honey sesame duo sweet potato tossed in tangy yuzu vinaigrette, orecchiette pasta & mushroom salad with truffle ranch dressing, triple nut (pinenut, walnut & chestnut) roasted pumpkin and capsicum salad tossed in maple balsamic vinaigrette Loved the sweetness of the soup and how it goes with the bread. There is something for everyone and the desserts looked really tempting too. Will be back again for those. Enjoyed this meal a lot! 😋
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Filling and Healthier Enjoyed my selection. Good range of food to pick from. Queue moved along quickly. Place has some good deals with some apps!
Impossible Patty The highlight of this delicious plate was the Impossible patty, which is a sous vide plant-based patty with the texture and taste of a beef patty. The 150g patty cost $14 and here I've paired it with broccoli, sweet potato and mushroom medley. I mean it doesn't really look impressive does it? It looks like a big ol portobello mushroom to me. Cutting into it, I was quite surprised to find it did have the texture of a medium rare patty. It was fork tender and had soft chunks that had the mouthfeel of bits of fat and cartilage. And it certainly had a beefy, meaty flavor to it. The patty was seasoned well; I could see bits of grated carrot, onion and greens inside. However it lacked the juiciness of a beef patty and there was still something off about the taste that really confused my taste buds. I suggest dipping it in one of Wafuken's sauces like the garlic soy to enhance the flavor of the food. Overall quite a good option for vegans who crave the flavor of meat. I'm still quite intrigued as to how such a meaty texture is produced without using any actual meat. 8/10
Grilled Chicken Breast Quinoa Introduced by my sis to try this out and of course I tried her favourite chicken breast, alongside our fav quinoa and onsen egg. So yes we have the same favourites. Quinoa portion may seem little but the tender and juicy chicken breast was so good and satiating. Looking forward to go back again!
Huan Ling
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