Pretty and tasty, avocado smash with a sous vide egg sits amidst a garden of greens atop a slice of toasted sourdough. Good for small eaters but I was hungry and it didn’t hit the satiety level for me.
Place was chill and the staff very friendly so tops that!

Look at that cute rabbit! Went to 6 letter coffee using 1-1 and had two mains ad two drinks for$21.
The big breakfast went to the big boy who enjoyed the rosti with ham and eggs and a side salad. My avocado and poached eggs on sourdough was delicious but a tad too small for me as there was only one slice of bread with thinly spread avopaste
Ambience and Service was great
Wait time for food decent

Back at Cheeky for brunch using Beyond 1-1. Had the chilli crab scrambled eggs (good as usual)and keto bowl which had avo, spinach and cauliflower rice cooked in a herby broth
Although it was worth it for 1-1 the waiting time was just a tad too long and service was a bit surly🙁
Perhaps it was super crowded but I’d think twice before visiting again

At this mod-fusion Indian restaurant their tapas servings of classic indian dishes are pulled off very well.. delicious, innovative yet familiar 👏🏼 However for me their stars come out at the end of the performance.. we had the banana dessert and carrot halwa kulfi which were truly awesome and a befitting end to a truly great gastronomic experience.

Really good matcha drinks worth the price. Got these babies as a set each accompanied by two pancakes to match.. total damage $15.8
Matcha had a nutty taste, not ‘grassy’ and the colour of the tea was right... a deep aesthetic green.. very pleasing to the eye.
Downside: no seating area
Upside: next to fluffstack, need i say more😜

Went to the lobby lounge for Beyond 1-1 high tea @$38.. the picture taken speaks for itself. Unaesthetically presented with non descript
coffee .
They serve only one set claiming its enough for two.. yes two chihuahuas maybe! The savoury pastries couldn’t match up to delifrance both in taste and size. The tea cakes were disappointingly subpar and not befitting the hotel standards. Totally not worth the $38, even though it’s refillable would you want to eat empty tasteless calories?

Hidden gem along Gawler street Adelaide this cafe serves delicious persian food. Couldn’t resist the persian loaf which had nuttiness sweetness and persian spices in one satisfying dessert. Also tasteworthy is their smashed pumpkin with poached eggs and haloumi cheese

Wood Oven pan roasted strawberry pancake with vanilla custard and pistachio? Take my money already!
The raisin scone that looked good in the display won consolation price only because of its supporter clotted cream. Top scone IMHO still in sg, regent hotel brassiere

Aussies really make great desserts which is right up my alley. Featured here is Troppo Cafe’s polenta cake and lemon yoghurt bund cake both moist rich and served with fresh cream to add to the pleasure.
$8 and around 200 worth-it calories a piece

Along Rundle Street in Adelaide Lemongrass Thai Restaurant serves decent thai food by sg standards. Although slightly sweeter than i like it the spice level was there and paired well with coconut rice
Pricing was decent too and portions not stingy in the least

A quaint town inland of Brisbane theres Toowoomba which houses great cafes and fantastic coffee. Brunch today was coconut toast and poached eggs on sourdough with avocado. Prices are a little cheaper than sg, with the aussie dollar down it was even more worth it

Was at Suntec and chanced upon this oh so wobbly and fluffy pancake so it was a die die must try mission to taste these babies 😋
It was like eating a very light tamago almost foam like and certainly a great tea time snack