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Mascarpone risotto infused with nutty, earthy flavours from shimeji mushrooms and paper-thin hazelnut slices; the crowning touch of luxury are Alba white truffle shavings descending upon the bed of creamy rice like falling autumn leaves.


Crispy soft-shell crab and spicy sauce sushi topped with smoky slices of torched yellowtail and an inch-high plateau of tobiko. Love this as much as the iconic Shiok Maki rolls!


- Badass Mao Zedong presenting to you his bite-sized local tradition of shredded crab served in panko crust. Croquette style crab cakes accompanied with a worthy bowl of chilli crab dipping sauce. I wouldn’t say more, this is a great starter dish & worth every bit of (his) calories.

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Lesson learnt – don’t get your hopes up. Forget sea urchin – it's been a very long while since I last received a pasta dish this diluted, with saltiness level on a seemingly artificial side. Saw other reviews out there & others said it was too creamy instead? Let’s give a benefit of a doubt that they did try to tone it down but I guess for this case, consistency should be key. I did enjoy other dishes from here, but this is not one of them. Sorry.


This is the one dish that I held really high expectations for, though with expectations come disappointment. 1st mouth was sensational, considering that was my first bite of the day. Later on it was more like a brilliantly fried Japanese Karaage I could modestly whip up at home. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great delightful dish, but overpriced at every level. On the other hand, spiciness is subjective to taste buds, what I did enjoy was the egg-yolk look-alikes that are actually molecular blobs of mango puree meant to cleanse the palate from the fiery kick.

For those going for countdown tonight, hope you enjoy your fireworks! 🎆


Brought to you by the same folks who debuted @chirchirsg earlier this year, Masizzim is set to be the next big Korean thing in Singapore.

Yesterday, I had a taste of their signature rib stews – beef, chicken and pork – and was utterly blown away by how fall-off-the-bone all the meat was, credit to at least 6 hours of stewing in a proprietary sauce. Special mention goes to the chicken, which we all know can get tough and chalky if overcooked; here, even the breast meat was delightfully tender.

There are two varieties for each meat stew – a non-spicy soy sauce base and a spicy gochujang (red pepper paste) one that is further customisable with 4 levels of spice. But regardless of whichever stew base you choose, the meat itself is absolutely delicious, reeking of a marinade in which it's soaked overnight for guaranteed flavour.

I could go on about the DIY mixed grain rice balls – I still can't decide whether I love the anchovy or tuna better! – but I'll leave that for another time. Also, the crispy-chewy Korean pancakes are a MUST-TRY, with not-so-traditional flavours like potato and tomato & cheeeeeeeeese.

Okay, now please excuse me while I wipe the drool off my face.


The entire menu is dotted with local influences, and surprisingly well. Here, Chef Willin Low recreates duck salad with vermicelli and curry ice cream. Trust us, it tastes better than it sounds.

Fork-tender duck breast is served with crispy duck skin, small vegetables, winged bean and lime leaf; a combination of flavors that feels "mod Thai". The curry ice cream is done so well (and paired so perfectly), it makes other ice cream brand attempts seem like a tragic failure.

It's an unusual and unsuspecting dish done well – exactly what you can expect from an omakase menu at Wild Rocket.


Yesterday's Mexican situation. Love everything about Super Loco – the food, the decor, the location, the colours... Yeah, Super Loco is a super way to start the day, any day.

Further mention for the churros, which were nicely crispy on the outside, fluffy and almost cake-like on the inside, and which left a coat of cinnamon sugar for me to lick off my lips with every bite I took.

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Definitely don't skimp on ingredients here. Comes with Sio bak, laba and the works. Be prepared for an hour long wait though!

Nary was there ever a more perfect match than mushroom and beef. Hon Shimeiji mushrooms' earthiness further accentuated with the perfume of truffle oil, perfectly complementing the bite sized slices of succulent and slightly sweet Tare marinated skirt steak. Also, obligatory praise for 72 degree onsen egg - "such wobble, so oozy, wow."

Fact: salted egg is the new bacon. Salted egg makes everything taste better. EVERYTHING. This was everything I hoped for and more. The onion rings were encased in a beautifully crunchy golden brown thin batter that shatter resoundingly as you bite down. It's accompanying salted egg yolk custard sauce had the right balance of salty, tart and sweet, I only wish there had been more of it. Share with at least 2 friends as it can get quite filling.


Beef cheeks were tender with a bite, matched with sinfully buttery truffle mash and a side of baguette to soak it all up.
(Thanks Eleanor & Bridge for the tasting invite)