If you’re at Redhill and crave for fishball noodle look no further. Inside Redhill FC stall 01-125 sells really handmade fishballs. Bouncy and yummy. The noodles are well cooked and mixed. Go give it a try. Support local hawkers.

Love my burger without the carbs. Hence the naked burger. Very yummelicious. Patty is cooked just right. Together with the salad it’s really tasty.

This porridge shop sells, in my opinion, sells the best porridge in Tiong Bahru area. Smooth and creamy porridge with very fresh ingredients. Love the fact that I can add vegetable to the porridge. It adds in another level of taste. Warning - porridge can be sold out as early as 9am especially on weekends.


A delicious Japanese dessert after an excellent Japanese meal. Really sweet musk melon and persimmon together with the daifuku mochi made excellent end of the meal items.

Handmade fishballs that really bouncy and tasty. Noodles cooked just right not too too cooked nor under cooked. Soup is really tasty with lots of minced meat as base. Yummelicious.

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Fukusen @ Killiney has these very fresh and yummy ark clams. It comes with the clam shell hence the freshness. The meat is crunchy to bite and tasted very sweet. This newly opened restaurant along Killiney Road offers really good Japanese Omakase. Go before it gets crowded after more can be allowed to dine in.

Love fish belly porridge? Look no further. This is the place to get very fatty fish belly with lean pork slides for the better porridge flavour. A great breakfast to start the day. Chef Ivan cooks every bowl of porridge fresh hence the long queue. Plus he has at least 20 types of porridge. So it’s worth the wait. Opens Tuesdays to Sundays from 7 am till sold out.

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Uni is very fresh and eating it just with the seaweed is the best way. Chef Andy at Kei Hachi made this delicacy as part of the omakase meal.

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The sashimi here is really fresh but the chefs just don’t stop here. He added uni etc to enhance the dish.

Not many drinks stalls in hawkers centre can dish out really good tea. If ever you’re in Bukit Merah View Food Centre try this stall. It’s just next to the bao stall.

If you love HK styled wanton or soya sauce chicken mee / rice you should try this new stall at Bukit Merah View Market & Food Centre. I had the soya sauce chicken the other day and it’s good. Today this wanton mee ($3.50) didn’t disappoint at all. Noodles are the QQ type and wanton(though not as big as those from HK) is still a good size taking up more than half the spoon. Plump and juicy with prawn and pork. Yummy. The added chicken feet ($1 each) is very well braised, soft and tender skin comes off easily at bite. Yummy too! So if you’re living nearby or happen to be around this area go try it.


Definitely a dish worth trying as the combination is truly delicious. Chef Maetomo has once again rose upon the challenge of making innovative dish. Go try his Omakase