The Thai cafe offers a limited menu of Thai coffee, tea and desserts such as mango sticky rice and Thai style toasts.

I could experience the pure Thai hospitality here, as the friendly smiley staff greeted me Sawadee Kap and she almost had me at hello. Thailand I'm coming soon!

Chose the busiest hour to visit Wanton for lunch on their official opening day. Sat by the bar and caught all the actions in the open kitchen (rather messy and tad disorganized), but it's probably one of those newly opened jitters, totally understandable.

Waited about 15 minutes in total for my noodles to be served (that include my orders being taken). The noodles saved the day as it was cooked springy, with tender charsiew and add-on 5 minute egg were on point. The other highlights were the crispy lard and their house shiok chilli a must try.

Will I pay $5.50+ again for Seng's bowl of Wanton Noodles (U.P. $7 Roasted Pork Belly)? Yes I probably would.

Salted Egg Pork Ribs ($13), Crispy Egg Noodles with Egg Gravy ($4.50) and Yee Mian ($4) for dinner from 食之味海鲜阁 in the coffeeshop at 26 Jalan Membina.

Decent and affordable Tze Char fare, but wished that there were more "Wok Hei" in their dishes.

Never dying love for dessert, came back for the thick toast dessert 2 days in a row. They ran out of Azuki beans for my matcha toast, so we chose the Sticky Toffee toast, but paired with pistachio and ferrero rocher ice cream.

Sweet potato latte, Yuzu cheesecake and ChocoMint island. It's gonna be a sweet sweet Sunday today, so there goes my diet!

3-Minute Lunch: Toss the pre-mix salad, cannellini beans, onion olive dressing and Japanese sesame soy sauce together and serve.

Last day (28 June) to hit the Shizuoka Food Fair at the Atrium of Plaza Singapura for some authentic Shizuoka produce, or find your favorite Japanese products at selected Cold Storage from next week onwards.


50 Restaurant brands across the city has dedicated a whole month (01 July to 10 August) to celebrate the nation's golden jubilee in an culinary way - deliciously and affordably.

One of the city's most venerated seafood power house - Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant offers the whole Barramundi fish at an unbelievable price of $18 per 500g.

The locally sourced baby Barramundi is deep fried and served with crispy cuttlefish that have been tossed with honey and kaffir sauce. The dish is good for sharing two person, but at a whopping low price of $18, I wouldn't mind having one fish all to myself.


The cray cray weather calls for a Nutella Thick Toast with After Eight and Cookies & Cream ice cream, nicely paired with a glass of iced cold Mango Sticky Rice tea from Ette Tea.

Love the crisp exterior of the 3-inch toast slathered with Nutella, while maintaining the soft and fluffy interiors of the bread that goes well with the hint of salted butter (good job on that). Some said that their thick toast were "After You" number 2, or probably better.

I'll be back to try the other 5 flavours on the menu namely Gula Melaka, Matcha, Sticky Toffee, Classic Maple and Pina Colada.

Mom brought home some savoury pies from Pie Face, since there was 20% off for senior citizens at all outlets. Should have asked her to buy more, anyway thanks mom!


Chicken skin crackling pairs well with a pint of ice cold beer. Though the food might need some work, the prices are very affordable (no service charge) and the bistro boasts a relaxed ambience to chill out with peers or loved ones.

If you like dining in the dark, the alfresco area will be a good option. However, I think that increasing the brightness will be preferred, as I still need to take pictures.

Isn't it strange to find Coconut Ice Cream on this side of the island at 321 Clementi. Decent price at $4.90 include 3 toppings of choice and a cup of coconut water, however found the ice cream lacking in coconut taste because they are free from additives and preservatives.

Nevertheless, still good enough for this kind of crazy weather. Can't wait to go back to eat the REAL thing!