The spread was okay but it seems like half the meat was under-marinated. 😔

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Grilled chicken topped with caramelised onion and truffle fries + salad on the side! The chicken was juicy but the truffle fries could've been coated more evenly.

Penne was overcooked and the dish a little too salty!

Dinner with colleagues at Holland V. Good food doesn't always have to come with a hefty price tag. 😁

Loved the abundance of ingredients and how they managed to fill my stomach!

Delicious selection to choose for the hot pot range from fresh greens such as watercress, lotus root, Tang Or to premium US Black Angus, Japanese Wagyu Tenderloin and Sliced Kurobuta Karubi. Hotpot Kingdom’s soups are created using the freshest ingredients sourced from all over Asia such as premium Kagoshima Wagyu beef cuts, fresh seafood and the highest quality vegetables. 

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Love the variety of food on my tray! Had a pretty generous serving of chicken (which was quite tender) in the Rendang. The chap chye was good too!

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Nice melt-in-your-mouth kueh and disappointing not-salty-enough chye poh. :/

This was surprisingly good (I had the same dish at the Tampines outlet, which turned out to be disappointing)! The vongole was fresh and the pasta was rather well-cooked. Loved how they gave me so much broth!

A little too much chilli powder and a little too oily. But I like that the prawns were grilled!

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