This brand new cafe along Evans Road highly recommends their salted caramel waffles, which are light, fluffy and tasty. The coffee here is decent too. Needless to say, this cafe will please the Bukit Timah folks! Photo by Alain Foodology.


The first bite was absolutely divine, the rich melted chocolate in the middle leaking out in viscous streams. So was the second. And the third. Then it felt like I'd hit a rock, literally and figuratively, where the solid chocolate remained just that - a block of solid chocolate. Still worth a try, I reckon, though it'd be a lot better if they'd thrown smaller chunks of chocolate into the batter.

Really like their super generous cut red velvet, with thick cream cheese frosting on top and in between the layers of cocoa cake. Nice overall though the cake can be a little more moist.

The name is a little cheesy for this down to earth rocket salad in balsamic shallot dressing. The Wagyu rump is slow cooked for 4hours and sliced, which unfortunately is lacking in flavour for me. The pickled sweet onion was the life saver for me in this visually pleasing/ teasing appetizer.