If you are looking for authentic Spanish tapas, The Winery probably doesn’t quite fit the bill. But if you wouldn’t mind a contemporary Asian and European twist to it, then this is the place to be.

I like what Winery promotes itself to be, to unite people together and form enduring friendships through wine and food. That’s what all food lovers will agree with :)

Their Pork belly and eel bao stood out from the rest of the dishes. It is like a mini bagel with soft pork belly, eel and an egg yolk in the middle of it. But I got to say this is quite pricey at $16 for two baos.

And the Hyogo Japanese oysters are so very fresh and plump and the accompanying ponzu sauce gives it that extra citrusy flavor. I am already missing the oysters as I am writing this. You can either opt for $21 for 6 oysters or $39 for 12 oysters which is very reasonably priced.

As what HL says, expect a simple no frills restaurant at Steakville but they serve really good steak here. And boy, was he right. Steakville is located right inside Sunshine Plaza and we have discovered several amazing food gems here over the past years.

Nibbler had the beef platter with HL - which consists of hanger, ribeye and Japanese Wagyu. The A4 Wagyu are so well marbled and it melts just right in your mouth 🤤

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Gobbler’s response to this: Nah, don’t bother. Is priced affordably but only maybe if you are nearby and are craving for Thai food. The green curry fried rice was wet and lumpy :( The steamed fish with chilli and lime is fresh but not that any of the dishes we tried blew us away.

If it wasn’t for Burpple Beyond, we probably wouldn’t know about Vatos. The Just Cheese Please quesadillas made us went wow. Wasn’t expecting anything yet the melted mozzarella and the cheddar cheese crust made us went 🤤. And we highly recommend the Galbi Short Rib tacos. The beef ribs were so tender and it literally melts in your mouth. What’s more, the South Beach Quarter has a laid back vibe and is a charming place to hang after work or even on weekends, we are returning for sure.

Nibbler was famished so she just went for the garlic tonkotsu with all toppings, which was a little too greedy. Should have just gone for the basic ramen. It was too much pork in this ramen bowl but pork lovers will rejoice with the amount of meat in the ramen. Is a decent bowl of ramen but Ichiran is still my favourite ramen of all time.

Nibbler knows she should have tried out the beef bowl at Waa Cow! but their chirashi bowl is very fresh and worth every bit of her cholesterol. They don’t skimp on the sashimi/seafood and they have piled up so much collagen goodness in this bowl. A definite mood lifter for anyone.

Nibbler’s assistants at work 😂 to get me this shot of the old school chicken chop (western food) at Bukit Merah View Hawker. Is nostalgia for Nibbler’s bro but taste wise is a neh. But strangely it was a long wait and queue for this still. Are we missing out something here?

We have always concluded Patisserie G has the best caneles in Singapore but now….we are spoilt in between Le Matin’s and Patisserie G’s. Le Matin ones are so crispy on the outside, and as if it just came out from the oven. You can even hear the crunch when you bite into it.

Nibbler favors savoury food so the escargot escargot hits the right spot for her. Is so rich and the buttery garlic with the escargot and parsley bits makes you go 🤤

Don’t expect fancy cafe ambience but is nice sitting along the corridor still, doing some people watching while enjoying the coffee and pastries ~

Stepping in to Co Chung is like a trip back to Hoi An in Vietnam. Famed for the many lanterns that adorn the ancient city. And that’s precisely why this restaurant has been a highlight of the week for Nibbler. You begin to realize dining at such restaurants are reminiscences of all your past travels and all the awesome Vietnamese food Gobbler and Nibbler had back then.

Nibbler actually went back to Co Chung twice in a week after the first visit with C (thanks missy for your reco). You can be rest assured these are all authentic Vietnamese food and very affordable as well. (PS: The staffs are also Vietnamese, has to be authentic enough.)

The super thin vermicelli with grilled pork has to be my favourite dish 🤤 (for now and until I am done exploring the entire menu). They have sprinkled bits of peanuts and crushed prawn onto the vermicelli and it tasted flavorful. I am quite a fan of fish sauce so dipping the soft vermicelli and pork with the sauce gives it an additional umami.

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Sashimi is always a comfort food for Nibbler. The donburi at Koji are very fresh as usual and well seasoned with generous amount of assortment of raw fish, tobiko, ikura, rice puffs and jellyfish. For this $20 bowl of happy food, it comes along with a salad appetizer and miso soup.

The sashimi rice bowl with mixed grain rice is a nice clean break after the past days of heavy CNY feasting. Will highly suggest to go with the mixed grain rice because the chewy texture pairs well with the sashimi or you could top it up with uni for the briny richness.

The outlet at Raffles City is their second branch in SG and I will gladly make my way to this outlet vs the Pickering branch - is so much more spacious here and I can be sure to get a table here even if walk-ins.

Whenever we are at the hawker centers or coffee shops, lor mee is never an option for us. Gobbler & Nibbler can count the number of times they have eaten lor mee in their entire lives. But yet we have been returning back for this 新美香 lor mee.

We prefer this version with fish meat bits and pork slices with lots of vinegar and diced garlic - rather than the fried fish with ngo hiang kind of lor mee.