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Mocha ($5.70) First time visiting this place because of its ample seating space on a very crowded Friday. There’s three storeys! It was okay but way too sweet at the bottom.
“テロアヤで見つけたマフィン屋さん” 最近どんどん加速しているマフィン熱。 こちらもまだまだ続いているテロアヤ朝活の帰り際に。 事前に調べていたイメージとは何故か全然違う店構えで、地図で見てもそこにあるはずのマフィン屋さんがなく、行ったり来たりしてしまった。 別に奥まった場所にある訳でもなく、通りに面して普通にオープンしてるのに、なかなかわかりずらいです(笑) 夜はバーになるのね。 で、昼間はマフィン売ってるのね。 マフィン屋さんという概念を捨てて、バーをイメージして探せばすぐ見つかるかも。 店内は薄暗くて、ショーケース内のマフィンも2列目以降まったく写らない(笑) お店の人は明るく気さくでフレンドリー。 マフィンは1つ$3.3〜$3.5。 この日は4種類置いてありました。 マフィン6つ+クッキーのセットが$18でお得です。 セットで買うと可愛いショップバッグに入れてくれます。 クッキーは新作だというアップル&ピーチをチョイス。 マフィンは小ぶりのしっとりめで子供に好評でした。 子供はしっとりマフィンが好きなのね。 #themuffinry @themuffinry #マフィン持って走る人 #見かけたらそれ私です #シンガポールグルメ#シンガポール生活 #シンガポールライフ #シンガポール #シンガポール在住 #シンガポール旅行 #lovesg #singapura #singaporelife #シンガポールで子育て #instasingapore #singaporeinsta #sgig #igsg #singaporecafe#sgcafe#sweettooth#sgcafehopping#hungrygowhere#eatoutsg#nomnom#eeeeats#foodpics#burpple#みど朝活隊
Blueberry muffin! . . . . . . . . . . . #foodshare #fooddiary #foodstagram #foodpic #foodpost #instafood #foodgram #colorful #foodlover #foodoftheday #delish #eat #foodie #foodstyling #foodheaven #foodisfuel #nomnom #kuliner #instagood #healthy #foodporn #foodlove #sugar #snacks #singaporefoodie #feedfeed #sgfood #burpple #muffin #foodphotography
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Good deal w Burpple Beyond, worth a try Crabmeat linguine was quite ok, chilli padi gave it a nice kick. Not fine pasta or anything but it works when you want some pasta. Iced coffee wasn’t great though as it was diluted - I think the hot coffee would have been better. Good deal overall w the burpple beyond 1 for 1 deal - paid about $20 for 2 iced coffees, 1 pasta, and 1 all day breakfast.
Smoked salmon Eggs Benedict’s and smoked salmon Rosti 👍🏼 Limited indoor seating. Industrial feel from the decorations and furnitures. Great service! Cashier was patient with changes and inquiries on baked goods. Food arrived quickly and dishes were cleared really quickly too. Ordered smoked salmon Rosti and smoked salmon eggs benny. Generous portions. Drinks-wise, we ordered iced caramel sea salt latte and soy white cold brew. The rosti falls apart easily and could have been crispier. Not sure if the eggs are meant to be sunny side or over easy but they are slightly over cooked. Would have been nice to have it runny. Generous portions of smoked salmon that is well seasoned. Overall a great dish! Eggs Benedict’s was a shocker with crispy English muffins topped off with runny poached eggs, (again) generous portions of smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce. Love the sesame sauce that came with the salad sides. Drinks were quite disappointing though. Saw that most of other customers ordered the hot coffees, will come back to try the classic whites (latte/ flat white) next time! Total cost: $23 for 2 pax; quite a steal! Would definitely come back!
Zhi Xin
👉Veal Bratwurst Rosti👈 Hidden at the side of Kitchener Complex in Lavender (facing Horne Road), @oberstrassesg is an all-day café with a modern rustic ambience, great for catching up with friends and colleagues over a meal or coffee☕️. Did you know that “Oberstrasse” simply means “Upper Street” in German? 。 Pan-fried to a golden brown crisp, the rosti was rather tasty on its own and not too greasy. With each component complementing one another, I felt that ultimately the sour cream, along with a splash of lemon🍋 made everything more enjoyable and refreshing! Don’t forget to get your caffeine fix here and be rewarded with their kawaii latte art! 。 P.S. You can enjoy 1-for-1 deals here using Burpple Beyond! Just sign up for a 30% off (All-Day) Premium Plan using my invite link: https://burpple.com/invite/MRNK633 (Link in bio) Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Mr Digester
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Salmon $17.50 Burpple 1-for-1 Love how flavourful the baked vegetables were. The potatoes were nice and soft.
Chilli Crab Pasta ($18) The soft shell crabs were the first thing that caught my attention. They were deep fried and extremely crunchy. It’s pretty well battered and tasty. My only gripe was that it’ll get soggy after getting soaked with the sauce! So tips to chomp these babies down first while it’s still hot and crispy! The sauce was legit. Perhaps the cafe skeptic in me had low expectations of an Asian twist on pasta, but this chilli crab sauce satisfies my Asian taste bud. Eggy, spicy, and tangy from the lime — it was just the right balance. Especially appreciated the generous lather of eggs. Wished I had some mantous to go along with this sauce (this view was echoed by several of my friends) Pasta was average, al-dente. Would recommend if you’re into chilli crab and spice!
Brunch At HV #BuppleBeyond 1-1 Soft shell Crab Burger $14.50 Tomyum Seafood Pasta $15.50 Second time redeeming the Beyond deal. Soft shell Crab Burger just tasted like how its supposed to be, no surprises but ingredients were fresh and plentiful. But the Tomyum Seafood Pasta was a pleasant surprise. Tomyum was infused nicely into the perfectly cooked pasta, not spicy and very flavourful instead. Staffs were very efficient and friendly, and there's free flow of water available. Prices were affordable and Beyond made it even more worth it! Indoor seats were full when we reached at about noon on a sunday. Will definitely go back again for their Tomyum Seafood Pasta!
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