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Rice with grilled pork set. The pork looks and tastes a little like cha siew. No char taste though. It is quite tender I must say.

You see what you get. You can get the lunch set (1 main with 1 spring roll) at $5 during weekdays 1200-1400hrs. Otherwise it costs $5.50. Do drop to try when you are around the area.


Looks pretty but I don’t taste any salted egg in there. The whole dish is pretty flat. The prawn in there is nice. And that’s all. I finished the whole dish coz I’m way too hungry.

The ice latte is not smooth. In short I didn’t enjoy it.

Total damage: $20.5

This is with extra Wanton. You can choose half fried and half soup.

You can choose spinach or tomato noodle with extra cost. But I prefer the egg one. Noodle is springy and it is really dry. Which is something good otherwise it will dilute the sauce. It's not your usual dark sauce. It has some I think scallop taste in it.

I will go back there if I'm in that area again.

Total damage: $5.50

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You see what you get. Just fried chicken rice ball. Don't have much surprise factor but it is something interested.

Nothing too fancy. The rice is not very oily is something I like.
Damage: $10

Usual brunch. Simple and no frill.
Damage: about $20

Taste terrible and looks terrible.

Claimed that they are famous for their Cha Siew but they served me all lard! Horrible to the max! I have to pick up my own utensils and serviette. I just cancelled the order and left.

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Rich broth (even though I've ordered for normal one). The noodle looks and tastes very similar to the regular yellow noodle we see. It just slightly finer/smaller. I would prefer the traditional ramen noodle.

I would suggest a lighter taste if you can't stand the thick, rich, full body taste.

There are better ones around...

Can use ur UOB card to enjoy some discount (not sure when the promo will end).

Damage: ~$20


It does look like dark chocolate because there's lots of chocolate and cocoa powder on it. Doesn't have much coffee or alcohol taste even though it's tiramisu but it does have mascarpone cheese filling. Nice try I must say.

It is slightly smaller than regular Donut.

Will go back again.

Damage: $2.50


It's smaller than the regular donut you find in the market. It doesn't have the 'oily' aftertaste I don't really like for the regular donuts as it's baked. Maybe slightly healthier. Haha!!!

Will go back again.

Damage: $2.50


It's the dry form of ramen. Something different I must say. A lot of carbs to me but it's nice.

The staff is nice enough to replace the onsen egg to the custard egg for me. Good service. But the shop is rather small, so be prepared to queue a little.

Worth a try.

~$15 including GST + service charge

Again one of my favorite cafe!

So far they haven't fail mi in the 'cake section'. Never too sweet and the texture of the cake is smooth. Though cake is slightly more expensive (the portion is rather small), it's worth your money and time.

Total damage: ~$20