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Love the Rosti & bacon, the shrooms & salad were awesome too!! Good coffee and chai latte :-)
Avoid mealtimes to avoid crowd. Or be prepared to wait.

Disclaimer: I came with expectations since this is one of the trending coffees in Sg for the last couple of weeks to months.

Coffee is in the cafe’s name but honestly, the $5 cafe latte I had was mediocre. Coffee could have been more aromatic.

Food portion is a little on the smaller side too. Gashouse egg was honestly quite disappointing. Sure, eggs, cheese and toast, what can go wrong? Exactly. It tasted like something I could have made myself at home.

Carbonara was good though.

$26 altogether for 2 mains and 2 coffees.

Value after burpple beyond: 3.5/5
Staff: 3/5
Food: 3.5/5
Coffee: 3/5
Ambience: 4.5/5

Overall rating: 3.8/5

Ordered the Cod fish and chips. The battered was a bit thick and the cod fish was quite dry, probably not the best dish to order. The sides were good and the tartar sauce was nice. It can be quite gelat but still a hearty meal, though, I highly recommend the Pesto Fish. Ordered the battered mushrooms as well, its quite good too.

Ordered the Soft serve and Smores waffles. The thai milk tea ice cream was just right, not too sweet and the Hojicha for the soft serve waffles was light on the palette. Although it was hard tasting the flavour of Hojicha because other elements were much stronger tasting. The waffles were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Definitely worth coming down to give it a try!

Ordered Truffle Carbonara, Chilli Crab Pasta and Umami Prawn. The Truffle Carbonara can be quite surfeiting but the truffle flavour wasn't overbearing. There was a generous portion of crab meat in the Chili crab pasta and it's quite a straightforward dish. The umami prawn had quite a refreshing flavour. It was light yet flavourful. Quality food and i recommend the Umami Prawn.

Gotta say this is one of the best brunches I’ve had in SG. Love how every component in the dishes complement each other. Everyone knows eggs aren’t easy to master. But these eggs here are close to perfection. Just the right amount of wet & dry!

Would recommend.

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Definitely worth it!! Portion was generous & view was good. Good ambience for a date night or special occasions definitely. Food: highly recommend the ravioli. One of the best mushroom soups & bread in Singapore. Pizza was also fire-oven baked. Portion was generous, and can dabao pizza home.
Only thing is, please make a reservation in advance. We made a reservation half a day in advance on a Friday and it’s definitely not enough. We were placed to sit at the bar and the crowd was quite rowdy. Then again, maybe we were just unlucky.

Well, we came to Thai’d me up only to realise Thai’d me up and Meat you here are the same company, and changed our minds from Thai to western.

Overall not a bad meal and is worth your $13.08 (incl GST). Chicken is charred (great) but a bit dry on the side. Sides (corn and coleslaw) was quite enjoyable though.

Note that you won’t be able to redeem a Burpple coupon from both Meat You Here and Thai’d Me Up in the same setting even though they’re listed on burpple as separate restaurants.

Enjoyed this dish a lot! Char siew had enough “char” and the rice was soft like the Japanese rice. I really liked the chicken rice garlic chilli that the restaurant provided at the side too. Service and ambience were both decent. Perhaps one of the better, if not best, char siew rice I’ve had in SG.

We paid a total of $8.90 for these 2 bowls of pho (chicken and beef) with burpple beyond. I’d absolutely recommend this place. Nothing satisfies the hungry belly more than a warm bowl of pho when it’s sweater weather outside!!

To me, a good cup of coffee must be balanced.

Starting from Temperature - it must be just right for the tongue. Not too hot till it scalds, and no one enjoys a cold, hot coffee. This one? Perfect.
Beans - not overly bitter, acidic or sweet. A good cup of coffee should be smooth on the tongue and this one does just right!

If you need a good cuppa coffee to start your day, trust me this one will do it!

I think it’s pretty rare to find a cafe open this early especially during difficult times of COVID, but they were open when I arrived at 8+am!!

Used the burpple deal to get 2 cuppas hot coffee (cappuccino & latte) for $5 in total, I think it’s p worth w the app!

(do not ask for a carrier if you want to save on plastic, they don’t use paper bags)

Stay safe y’all

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