I recommend their black glutinous rice with coconut ice cream $14. 👍 its nice. Compared with the mango and sago cream which my table ordered as well, this is more value of $.

$14, its one of their recommended dishes on the menu. Nice blend of flavours. Simple and delicious.

$18, nice portion, thou its individual portion, good for sharing as well. Its nicely done.

Consists of honey glazed pork collar, crispy pork belly and roasted duck, $24, 2 of each, 6 slices in total. My personal favourite out of the combo is the crispy pork belly.

Strawberry flavor is premium so $3 more. They sell 2 scoops for $7.50. The other is sweet potato, seasme and matcha flavour. Nice but nothing special and the cup quality needs to improve as the ice cream will leak out from the cups to create markings on the table.

One of my favourites, Foie Gras Jewel Truffle Gyu $23. I enjoyed the food. Here the menu is limited. Aircon also not strong and ambience is not there as its same level as canopy park so expect lots of people walking come and go.

Chocolate chip cookie. Quite nice. Its $4.20 for its classic. I chose Dulce de Leche filling (which means caramel)

Char siew wonton noodles $5.80. I like their noodles. Wonton not much and thinly sliced. Nevertheless its affordable and decent. Will visit if im around the area.