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Strawberry flavor is premium so $3 more. They sell 2 scoops for $7.50. The other is sweet potato, seasme and matcha flavour. Nice but nothing special and the cup quality needs to improve as the ice cream will leak out from the cups to create markings on the table.

One of my favourites, Foie Gras Jewel Truffle Gyu $23. I enjoyed the food. Here the menu is limited. Aircon also not strong and ambience is not there as its same level as canopy park so expect lots of people walking come and go.

Chocolate chip cookie. Quite nice. Its $4.20 for its classic. I chose Dulce de Leche filling (which means caramel)

Char siew wonton noodles $5.80. I like their noodles. Wonton not much and thinly sliced. Nevertheless its affordable and decent. Will visit if im around the area.

This is at Suntec City. Big portion for $5. Generous portion of mee pok. Filling and decent. They are opened weekdays 1130-3pm. This place at night is OSGbbar at Suntec. Daytime is shared between a nasi lemak stall and 58 minced meat noodles. It used to be at Taman Jurong but they have branched out to feed the Suntec crowd. Good exposure.

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The shack burger indeed live up to its hype. Piping hot angus beef patty was superb and the bun is soft. Having tried Omakase burger, Three Buns burger, Aston beefy jack, mc donald cheese burger and carls junior, I rate this shack burger as one of my all time favourites at $9.20. But having said that I could have eaten 2 at 1 go as it isnt a huge burger. I queued for 1 hr 15 mins and 15 mins to collect my burger. I would definitely come back again when the queue subsides. 😄 #shackburger #shakeshacksg


This cafe is along the linkway to esplanade mrt nearer to the south beach entrance. Small is $4.50, large is $5.50
If you like it bland, this wonton mee here is decent. The chilli is hot as mentioned. Mine was soup wonton noodles while my friend was the dry version. This is known as traditional white wonton mee. So don’t expect any sauce. For me its great as im not a fan of black sauce soaked in my wonton mee.

Egg Fried rice was decent. $4 + $1 cabbage. Nice and light tasting. Requested mine with less oil. Can try them out if you are near the area. Lunchtime can be abit crowded so best go early at 1130am or during their off peaks.

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Tried Bismillah Biryani At Tanjong Pagar Block 7 coffeeshop. This is an outlet of their famous restaurant at Dunlop Street. Ordered chicken biryani $9, rice is smooth and light in taste, chicken is tender. Now i know why its got the Bib Gourmand for 3 years in a row. 🙂 Note that cooking is not done here.

Beef kway teow soup. Standard still the same And i love the broth. So glad its opened today. Its been a long time. Since my childhood days this stall is already famous. They are closed every Monday. Opening hours 4-9pm. For this week, the hawker centre would be washing on 22-23 Apr. 25 Apr then this stall will opened. I travel all the way from west to east for this. Choice of $5 or $7 I came here 4+pm to beat the evening crowd.