Snagged this via HSBC Entertainer 1-for-1 and it was such a surprisingly good find?? Did not expect how addictive and actual intensity of flavour for the creamy truffle fries, although sour cream & onion was a little lacklustre in comparison. Popcorn chicken and fries were both so so crispy and hot and toasty and they definitely did not scrimp on the seasoning 🤤🤤 So so satisfying as an afternoon snack and something I might actually crave for 🐽🐽

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Lovely mix of sweet and savoury! Though their croissants aren’t the most buttery/flaky ones around, loved the unique touch of pistachio crème pâtissière filling and toasty hazelnut ganache coating topped with sugar-coated pistachios 🤤🤤 Cafe has a nice warm ambience as well, perhaps not the quietest, but they serve water and wall plugs are available 👍🏻

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Definitely good in supper terms, passable in daytime terms! Pictured is the smaller version which was a comfortable portion for supper, liked that the banmian was not completely overdone but would have preferred it to have more textured bite. The chilli sauce lends a kick, but doesn’t quite a pack a punch 😂😂

Loved these beautiful mini tartlets from Carpenter and Cook! Perfect for tea-time and personal favourites were the Yuzu Basil, Passionfruit Meringue and Chocolate Sea Salt (though the Mixed Fruit and Lemon Cream didn’t trail too far behind) 🤤🤤 Snagged them at 25% off via self-pickup on Grab (prices not Grab-inflated) 👍🏻👍🏻

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Simple, good-to-honest ala carte mookata! Definitely one of the more affordable options for slightly better standard of meat than the usual cheap shitty mookatas, may return if I’m ever craving Mookata cause good value at this price point! 😄😄

Got their homemade waffle with a scoop of Creme Brûlée and Earl Grey Tea Latte to pair! 🧇🍦Their creme brulee was understandably their more popular flavour being just the right amount of richness, sweetness and creaminess. The Earl Grey on the other hand was nothing to shout about, and the waffles were pretty decently average. The cafe gives off a strong after-school-hangout-for-teenaged vibes and is an ideal place to just sit and chill with friends with ample seating indoor/outdoor and affordable prices 👍🏻👍🏻

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Good simple reliable prata near SGH 😌😌 Crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside - it’s a simple prata done well albeit on the small side for the price. Nice environment with indoor seating that is spacious and comfortable, quick service and perfect for a quick meal during lunch break! PSA: cash or NETS only 💵💰

The intensity of this soup was mindblowingly good 🤯🤯 The depth in flavour was truly as deep as the ocean, and just simply so robust beyond words?? Though the price may see a little on the high side, loved that it was chocked full of ingredients (tender mutton chunks, black fungus, taupok and taukee) and the warm hearty soup was like a big hug with every mouthful, perfect on a rainy day! 🌧☔️

Love the bits and small chunks of sticky dates amidst the light traditionally-doughnut-shaped cake! Though it was on the drier side, it wasn’t as dry as it looked and would be perfect with some toffee/caramel sauce or butterscotch ice cream 😍😍 Nice as a small sweet quick pick-me-up on-the-go! 💨💨

For a chain bakery cake, this durian cake was actually pretty darn solid! True to its exterior, the transverse middle layer is generously filled with durian paste-cream that is flavourful and hits the spot. Definitely one of the better sponge cakes out there, albeit more on the premium side given this price point (but is already easily one of the cheaper durian cakes around) 🎂🍰

Yum?? Much yummier than I remembered from my first try 1-2 years ago?? Tasted very much like a nice cold refreshing cup of liquid caramelised popcorn with chewy large pearls 🤤🤤

Not bad at this price point, but definitely pales in comparison to their dry truffle ramen (in my personal opinion). Thin noodles were not as hard as I would have liked, but was thoroughly impressed by the thickness of the opaque pork fish broth, though the flavour wasn’t as robust as it looked. Nonetheless the half onsen egg was nicely done, and thin chashu slices with plenty of black fungus and seaweed were nothing to shout about. Do try their Dry Truffle Ramen though - something I’ll definitively go back for! 😋😋