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For a balanced and delicious bowl. Choose your protein of choice from Salmon Teriyaki, Satay Chicken, Korean Chicken/Pork and choose 3 sides from a list of 9. It can be as nutritious as you want it to be if you choose the right sides. Personally my all time fave is Salmon with broccoli, sunny side up and sous vide egg. Salmon is freshly cooked upon order and I love how it is perfectly cooked without being over done and dry. Chef torches the salmon to give it extra crackling and fragrance. All these for a wallet friendly $6 only. The non-salmon bowls are less than $6.

Friendly hawker auntie who dishes out hearty & generous portion of shredded chicken noodles ($3.50). Comes with one whole piece of braised mushroom with slight herbal taste and boiled kai lan vegetables. Makes a balanced meal for me.

Stall 47. Though the stall name recommends the hokkien mee, I always order the CKT. Yums!

Chic-A-Two Double Decker Burger.
Didn't order this the first time I was here.
I don't usually eat burger nor do I usually eat chicken thigh meat, hence the burger didn't interest me.
Hubby ordered the Chic-A-Two Burger. He insisted that I try a bite.
🎣 Hooked !!!
Ever since that first visit to G'day Bistro, we have been back at an almost weekly basis.
The photo shows what we will always order - 2x Chic-A-Two Double Decker Burger.
Absolutely no sharing. Nuh-uh! Portion is ultra generous for a regular eater but I make sure I come on an empty stomach and finish the whole thing myself.
Comfort food at its best! Think not about how sinful it is, but the medley of texture and flavours. A piece of grilled chicken + breaded fried chicken + cheese + brown sauce. It's messy gooey goodness!
Wanted to keep this my hidden find but the boys and girls behind this deserve more! Keep up the great work!


Taking over the space of Char Grill Bar at BGAIN 442 Eating House, newly-opened Meixi Kitchen sells Seafood Fish Soup on one side of the corner stall while selling Yong Tau Foo on the other side.
We tried their Batang Fish Soup. They have crayfish and grouper as well as Dory Fish option.
As you can see, the soup appears rather thick and milky and is full of flavour, likely imparted by dried some fish or the likes.
This somewhat small bowl of soup costs $7 and would have came with a rather big piece of prawn but hubby is allergic to prawn. Hai....
Flavour is quite unlike any other fish soup you can find elsewhere so I'd say it's worth the $7.

15 years already. You're around. I'm around. Still enjoying it.
Tips: Add coleslaw 😋


Flavourful with variety of toppings such as fish cake, roasted chicken slices and 3 prawns. Not bad... not bad at all. Turn out better than I expected.


Was looking for early dinner in Boon Lay and did not want to join the crowd at Jurong Point. Location is offbeat near industrial area but connected to Joo Koon MRT. Free parking that day when I visited as it was PH.
Fancy salted egg yolk crab meat fried rice. The salted egg yolk crab meat can be a dish on its own. Taste factor 4/5. Good to try
once but probably won't crave for it.
Crab meat roll was well fried with thin crispy layer surrounding. But I felt it taste very much like any meat roll. Crab taste not evident.
Garlic fried chicken is a strong flavoured dish. Garlic chips adds burst of flavour amongst the thick & sweet gravy coating the fried chickens.
Appetisers of keropok and Achar are $2.50 each.
Plain water chargeable at $0.50 per glass.
Extremely thirsty after the dinner.


Quite a hidden gem. Wasn't expecting to find such good tze char in a food court amongst the hippier and more famous cafes and restaurants.
We had Chilli Sauce Crayfish (lazy to peel crabs), salted egg yolk squid and assam fish head to be shared amongst 2.
Chilli sauce exactly like that of chilli crab with plenty of egg strands. Good to be mopped up with fried mantou.
Salted egg yolk squid is well-priced. Crispy and not drenched in oil & gerlart like some other places.
Assam fish head is fresh. Not fishy at all even around the fish stomach area. Sauce is very crisp and refreshing. Appetising!