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Tried this new dish at the reopened The Marmalade Pantry. It was creative how the curry was served in a cup and you can pour any amount you want in the dish! The curry wasn't too spicy. 😊 However, the only gripe is that the dining area outside the physical shop was stuffy which made the dining experience less comfortable.

Something about Bearded Bella just keeps you wanting for more, the ambience of the place, that cool name with a cute logo, or even the friendly staff who give excellent services.

Chilling by their bar counter while they prepare our hot chocolate and coffee was therapeutic. Hot chocolate was rich and thick, and they even let you sample a piece of the 🍫 they used for the drink!

Great place to chill, especially if you are looking at impressing upon your date who’s a chocolate lover.

Oh, and I can’t wait to try that kale dish as well! 😂

Well, if it isn’t my girlfriend’s second favourite cafe. Even though it’s a little inaccessible, we made it a point to visit it if we want to have a lazy weekend brunch (especially when it’s your birthday week cos free 🍰).

Triple B is Boufe’s famous breakfast platter, with fluffy scrambled eggs, crispy bacon and two succulent sausages. I only wished there was more sautéed mushroom and a bigger 🥐!

The pasta was cooked al dente, tho I would have preferred the spicier version! Can’t wait to try their new menu (miso pasta) the next time!

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If you are around the hood and need a place to chill, Merci Marcel is perfect for you (provided there are seats)!

Great ambience, though it was relatively hot due to the weather. Coffee was great, and love the complimentary chocolate along with it.

Also, tried their dessert which is made from Summer in Paris. The Exotic was a mini cake consisting a slight tinge of sourness (from the mango), balanced with the richness of coconut! Do give it a try!

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This ytf is indeed Food-King good! Plentiful of ingredients with a choice a bee hoon and plain soup, best eaten on a rainy day to make you have that homely feel! 😊

Strongly recommended if you are around the area!

Sad that the Beyond deal didn’t include the beef sandwich, but the chicken sandwich was still da bombz. In summary, imagine Macspicy patty but without the spice and freshly fried, with two magnificent golden bun. Yumzzzzz.

Mushroom sandwich was good too, nicely seasoned sautéed mushroom packed between two piece of perfectly toasted bread.

Downside? Small sitting area. You might have to queue while your partner hunts for a seat. Good thing is you will enjoy the fragrance of the sandwich being cooked while queuing since it’s an open kitchen. 🤤


Salmon sashimi for $4 per serving every Thursday.

Nuff said, another serving please!

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First time here and it was such a great experience. The interior was nicely decorated to make you feel comfortable with your date.

Ordered the lobster burger and the chilli crab linguine. Wow that pasta gurllll! Cooked al dente with a flavourful sauce. And plentiful of crab meat (I assume one whole crab) that will leave you wanting more!

Lobster burger was awesome too! Whole lobster, with crispy bacon and cheese. The only possible downside was that the price was a little steep for the burger, but worth it!

If you want to impress your date, you know where to go 😉


Second time here with chope voucher of mains and drinks. Sadly it excludes the beef bowls but the chicken bowls were good as well. Mains were served with a side of salad. Chicken was well cooked and the sauces were flavourful.

Drinks were on point too with the cucumber and watermelon tea. So refreshing you feel like you are taking a shower. The lychee tea was a little too sweet for my liking tho.

Love the ambience of the place and good food!


The spicier cousin of the original Mazesoba! However, it wasn’t super 🌶 so non spicy eaters can still enjoy. 😉

The great thing here is there’s free up size for the noodles! Really value for money! 😂

Suggest you keep your stomach empty and come enjoy the free up size. 🐷

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Mui Kee was a delightful find for comfort food. We had the sliced fish porridge and pork ball porridge which were rich in flavour but not oily. We also ordered vegetables to share. Overall a nice experience!

For a burger place, I have to say that beef noodles was much better than the burger. Cheeseburger tasted average due to the lack of seasoning on the beef patty. #RIPpoorcow

However, the beef noodles was the hero here. Chewy noodles flooded with minced beef. Even the soup was overflowing with beef slices. This 🐄 didn’t die in vain.

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