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Exploring Fun Places

Exploring Fun Places

Featuring Oriole Coffee + Bar (Somerset), Masizzim ([email protected]), Rakki Bowl, Kra Pow Thai Street Food, Aura, Porta, New Station Snack Bar, Foong Kee Coffee Shop, LICKERS, dal.komm COFFEE (The Centrepoint)
Alfred Tan
Alfred Tan
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For a burger place, I have to say that beef noodles was much better than the burger. Cheeseburger tasted average due to the lack of seasoning on the beef patty. #RIPpoorcow

However, the beef noodles was the hero here. Chewy noodles flooded with minced beef. Even the soup was overflowing with beef slices. This 🐄 didn’t die in vain.

It’s so hard to screw up Mac and Cheese. The cheese wasn’t overpowering and surfeit, and those crunchy bacon bits are flavour explosions waiting to happen in your mouth!

Purchased Chope vouchers which included the Truffle Beef Bowl with a serving of their fried chicken. Indeed an awesome deal!

Beef was well seasoned, truffle taste wasn’t overpowering the beef, and that fried chicken gurl! That fried chicken is so good, it’s sinful!

Great place to chill around after a tough day of work!

This pasta is indeed UMAMI! Pasta well cooked, served with 4 giant prawns! It wasn’t too dry as well!

Ordered the Laksa Pizza as well but the flavour was a little underwhelming. Was expecting a stronger Laksa flavour and maybe a tinge of spiciness, but that was lacking.

The items there are a little pricey. More worth it if you use the Beyond App.

Beef was well seasoned and the stew was a generous portion packed with ingredients. Price wise not expensive, but there are other substitutes you could try (Concorde hotel Korean).

Army stew doesn’t come with rice though. Had to buy a bowl of rice to satisfy my hunger :((((

This is by far one of the best chicken sandwich I have tried! The sandwich was freshly made, and the chicken is oozing with oily greatness!

Tried the mushroom sandwich as well, and the fillings were thicc, loaded with cheesy goodness.

The only downside is that the sitting area is limited. Do go on a weekday!

The best way to end a dinner at ABC Brickworks Hawker? Having dessert at Geometry of course!

Many options to choose from in terms of gelato, even orh nee (but we tried it and the taste was a little too “funky”). The baked tart added a nice touch to the gelato we ordered, tho the floss on top was decorative but too hard to eat.

Recommend that you don’t overeat at the hawker since the walk over is too short to digest your hawker food! :P

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Yup, ramen is indeed love. The soup here is thicc af and the noodles are springy to my liking. The best part of all this? FREE FLOW TAU GHEY! You are gonna be full even before the noodles come.

The only downside here is that it is of limited seating due to space constraint. Might need to queue as well during the meal hours. Suggest that you come earlier to avoid the human traffic.

If you are a fan of pasta then do try their Tom Yum seafood pasta! The sauce ain’t too spicy but it is still flavourful and the seafood is plentiful.

Good place to chill during the weekends, especially with their gelato!


Our dessert was served with the vanilla ice cream already melting. Hence we were rushing to finish it before the ice cream turned into liquid.👎 Crepe was pretty small for the price. However I like that there were fruits by the side to balance the sweetness of the chocolate and ice cream.

One of the best chendol I had so far, might be even better than the Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendol. The azuki red bean filling is one of the best I had so far, and much preferred over the kidney bean filling of other chendols.

The only feedback will be for them to add more gula melaka as it wasn’t that strong in the flavour. Other than that all is good!

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Finally visited this place with my other half for our anniversary. I have to say I’m truly impressed with the food, service and ambience.

Ordered the weekend lunch set thinking that the serving will not be big. Man were we so wrong. The appetiser was 4 dishes, 2 dishes of pasta, cold dish and fried cuttlefish. And all tasted great. The mains were both well cooked and seasoned too.

The passion fruit tart was awesome as well. Totally worth it. Do also go to the rooftop for some nice views and photo opportunities!


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