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Exploring Fun Places

Exploring Fun Places

Featuring Rakki Bowl, Chye Seng Huat Hardware, Masizzim ([email protected]), Merci Marcel (Tiong Bahru), Columbus Coffee Co., New Station Snack Bar, dal.komm COFFEE (The Centrepoint), Wasabi Tei, My Favourite Cafe (Lucky Plaza), Seow Choon Hua Restaurant
Alfred Tan
Alfred Tan
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Great place for the CBD folks to chill and catch up with friends after a long day of work. Food was great, with snacks to go well with your drinks.

The Norwegian Salmon was a perfect medium, well seasoned and complemented by the zucchini noodles. Great stuff! Even their pasta was cooked al dente.

Come chill with your friends!

Eggs Benedict was disappointing. Poached eggs were overcooked the yolks were hard. The guacamole serving could also be more generous. Overall, the dish was bland. Service was also rushed the waitresses served all mains and drinks to the wrong person (We dined in a group of 4). For the price, Wild Honey upstairs is a much better choice for brunch!

Even though the softshell crab curry received much reviews and hype, I will say the star here is the Salmon.

The curry was no doubt aromatic and flavourful, but it was not as satisfying. The serving of the crabs were also not much to begin with. Call me Asian, but if rice was provided it would have been more satisfying.

The salmon on the other hand was well seasoned and cooked. Furthermore, there were many ingredients as well which made the dish wholesome! Do give it a try next time!

We have officially found another gem! Even though we have never tried the original Thailand version, the one in Singapore is darn good!

Special shout out to the dark sauce which have such strong umami taste. Also, while you are there do also try their prawn omelette. One of our favourites as well!

I have to say, this might not be the most ideal place for the first date. The food is strong with garlic which might affect your breath.

Nonetheless, food is good! Sadly you can't mix the pizza with pasta for the Burpple Beyond deal.

Steak and eggs will never go wrong. Fluffy egg, with perfectly seasoned medium rare steak!

Second option to the chilli crab pasta!

Keisuke never fails when you want to have good Japanese food! The space is small though so do expect a queue during meal hours.

You have an option of combo (omurice and pasta) or just omurice. You even get an option to have a regular or large serving at the same price. My advice is to cut down on the bean sprouts if you ordered the large serving. It is HUGE!

I liked the mentaiko pasta which provided a refreshing taste. Having too much omurice might be too surfeit so the pasta balances that well. Egg was cooked to perfection and the demi glace sauce is to die for!

Finally have a chance to visit this place on a weekday afternoon. As usual, you will need to leave your contact details on the clipboard while waiting for your turn.

The coffee is indeed strong and aromatic. Strongly recommended for coffee lovers!

Food wise it was great as well! Laksa pasta was rich but not too spicy, while the smoke salmon pasta has a generous portion of smoked salmon!

Strongly recommended for cafe lovers!

Been dying to try this place as I’m a fan of traditional Korean Jjapong. Indeed, noodles are chewy and thick, while soup is rich and spicy!

The cheesy version might be a little surfeit for some, but a good modern twist to this traditional dish! Do give it a try!

I finally get the hype over this ice cream boutique. The strawberry basil flavour is really refreshing and light, especially suitable under the hot tropical weather of Singapore!

I’m going to visit this more often!

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Something about pork belly just makes you love it. The balance between lean meat and fat, mmmmmm.

The pork belly was soft and tender, and also well seasoned. You will love this if you love braised pork!

Finally tried the new menu item! I have to say that it surprised me more than expected.

Even though it looked plain, it was indeed flavourful with a strong miso stock. The chasu was also well cooked as well!

It could have been perfect if there was more sauce/stock or if miso soup was served with the pasta! Nonetheless great effort! 👍🏻

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