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Exploring Fun Places

Exploring Fun Places

Featuring Rakki Bowl, Chye Seng Huat Hardware, Masizzim ([email protected]), Columbus Coffee Co., New Station Snack Bar, dal.komm COFFEE (The Centrepoint), Wasabi Tei, Seow Choon Hua Restaurant, Uncle Ho Tuckshop, ANDES by Astons (Downtown East)
Alfred Tan
Alfred Tan

Cheeky indeed. The umami pork burger is well seasoned and well cooked. Looks simple but taste great! The curly fries complement the burger well too!

The chilli crab scrambled egg is great as well! Not too spicy, slightly sweet and flavourful. Goes well with the toast provided.

Great place to visit and chill!

Decided to have a sinful day by going for the ice cream bar deal. The ice cream bar consist of a scoop of ice cream, with some cookie bits and sauce.

Sinful yet satisfying. Yumz.

A great meal after a long day! Udon is such a comforting food to end the day. Soup is light and refreshing, while udon is thick and well cooked.

The deal is quite worth it as well, with drinks included. If you are super hungry, go for the sides as well!

Just had lunch a week ago here, but have to come back here again for this $9.80 deal!

The mega mazesoba has charsiew added to the normal mazesoba! Thus, the $9.80 deal is more worth it than normal!

Always a big fan of mazesoba!

Springy noodles with great char siew. However, might be a little overpriced if you are ordering the BCM. Nonetheless, great place if you wish to satisfy your noodles craving.

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Chance upon this at Northpoint Shopping Mall. Decided to give it a try, with the individual set meal.

Chicken rice was fragrant, and the chicken is tender. Great food for good value!

I have to say, for that price point, Took Lae Dee does serve decent Thai food. Had the fried rice while my partner had her usual basil chicken.

Wok hei was good, served piping hot and tasted great! I believe the lunch crowd is more than the dinner crowd. Nonetheless, if you crave for Thai food around the area, do give it a try!

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Mad fan of mazesoba here! So I decided to try the curry mazesoba instead of the original one. Curry added a layer of spice to the taste, making the experience much richer. Not too spicy tho.

Well, I Guess you could still proceed with the original and not miss out much. Still, good mazesoba here!

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First time trying and lucky I was going alone. There was a Long lunch crowd queue and I was lucky to get a seat fast.

The laksa is indeed rich and flavourful, yet not too jelat so you could actually enjoy the broth itself. The hum was fresh too!

The curry chicken and chicken cutlet rice looked great too. Shall try it next time!

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Even though it’s no longer on Beyond, we still decided to try it as the food here is really good. Tried the pork katsudon instead of my usual tendon.

Pork is succulent and plentiful! The sauce was flavourful and combining it with rice was the best combo. Finished the whole bowl without a single grain of rice left.

Please bring it back to Beyond!!!!


Ah Chiang’s porridge just opened at JEM. Was excited to try it as we loved the one at Tiong Bahru.

Porridge was good, though I felt the one at Tiong Bahru is richer in taste. Seating area is quite small though.

This is a good alternative as it is in an aircon environment compared to the one at Tiong Bahru. :)

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Wow, their noodles are indeed good. Springy and bouncy.

However, Tom yum taste wasn’t as strong and it tasted more like normal chilli. I will suggest the wanton mee instead which my partner had.

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