The hipster in me decided that today was the day I gave this a shot since there was no line up at all this early in the day. Had their Sanum with kiwi, bananas, strawberries, almonds and mango. Good? Yup, like the toppings offered. Healthy? Maybe without the sauce. The thing that surprised me the most was the spoon. Great design and it makes digging up the yoghurt and toppings a breeze


Lazy brunch on the day off at a new spot in our hood. Might have found a place that could give a run on our scrambled eggs at @seasonsbistro. Great recommendation on the tea from the owner. Overall two happy bellies were filled.


First thing we had to get as soon as we checked in was dumplings ! Taiwanese 鍋貼 and meatball soup ! Though it is not the food Taipei is famous for, I find it the best style of Chinese dumplings. The combination of the salty bean chili paste and taiwanese sweet soy makes the flavors very unique and darn tasty !!

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Chargrilled seabass with eggplant caviar at Moosehead kitchen-bar. My favourite dish out of the 5 we had. Simple and cooked perfectly. The herbed citrus sauce complimented the moist and charred fish. Eggplant caviar done nicely, a side that is hardly done in Singapore.

Do take note though, CHARRED is not BURNT eh people..


Set lunches ranges from $12.99 onwards with options from Japanese inspired yakitori to executive lunch sets. Good value for what it's worth but we found a couple of skewers either too heavily seasoned or under season.

Loved the iPad ordering system that they have to fight the manpower crunch. Decor was pretty cool with a Manhattan feel to it.

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One thing I really missed after moving back to Asia was not being able to enjoy chicken wings and fries with my pizzas. Most pizzerias here are Italian inspired. Not that I have anything against em, but I need my fix of wings and a cold pint !

AltPizza brought me back to the good 7 years I've spent in the great white north ! Good food, good pizzas and a north american price ! Affordable !

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Decided to pop by ALT pizza after hearing great reviews of this pizzeria whom ABC opened. Great NYC styled pizza, loads of different styled pizzas offered at a very affordable price. It reminds me of my days up in Toronto. Pizzas were affordable for the masses !

Loved the dough and the good ingredients used here !

Interestingly they serve yoghurt which makes it a lil more diabetic friendly. Finally got a chance to see what the hype is all about.

Here's the dish that keeps making me come back for more. Very well made and cooked Baccala with uni sabayon ! Has to be the best dish on their menu..


Should anyone who is dining at &SONS, this is definitely a must have dish on the table. Al dente pasta with the right amount of crab, nduja and sauce. Did I mention the price ? $10 !

Back at on of my favourite lunch spots.. I've got a love hate relationship with this dish.. 4 time having it, love the idea of Guanciale but for some reasons, I'm not digging the use of bucatini over here..

This dish is part of their set lunch..